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Time draws on in the realm of Voranta, the land known in legend as the Darklands. Time has witnessed much in this land of ancient evils and forgotten heroes, the rise and fall of the line of kings and its eventual end, the genocide of the dragons and the mage wars that warped the landscape and the tale of the Black Iron Reaver, the greatest warlord to walk the world of Caponis in all history.

Now once more Time looks upon a part of an age of peace, and young wanderers set out to join the great guilds of the land to make their fortune and find fame in the sometimes petty but often dangerous troubles that still arise in a recovering world.

Starting rules and restrictions:
1. When rolling abilities your highest roll counts as an 18, if the highest roll is an 18 the next highest roll is also an 18.
2. No ECL above 1 for reasons of balance.
3. NO evil characters, you're saving the world, neutral characters are a grey area, bonus DM happiness for good or good motivated characters.
4. All sourcebooks allowed, homebrew at DMs discretion.

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