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"Ah, ye want to be an adventurer do ye lad? Aye, I'm sure ye've heard tales of magnificent riches and glory to be had. Have ye heard the tales of sleeping in the mud, days of riding, vicious monsters, road bandits, and gaping painful wounds. Of course, ye haven't heard those! If everyone heard tell of those stories there'd be a hell of a lot less adventurers."
-- from "Words of a Wise Old Adventurer" by Lezardan of Cormyr

This game will feature a band of young adventurers from Knightswood, a small hamlet in the King's Forest of Cormyr, journeying through their adventuring career and trying to make their way in the world from humble origins to achieve their dreams. These are not hardened, experienced adventurers yet. The dangers they must face and the decisions they must make to stay alive, and for the good of the kingdom, are yet to come.

The hamlet of Knightswood is a small farming community with most of its income centered around its lumber industry. It achieved a small amount of fame as the home of the master bard Chanthalas, who composed "The Cormyte's Boast", and the famous war wizard Cauldigurn the Black, who developed offensive spells that involved not only injury to the target, but enclosing him in magical darkness, but these days, the only mildly famous person in Knightswood is Baerelus the Bold, an aloof old man who spends most of his time sitting under his favorite oak tree, smoking a pipe and reading the latest chapbook to come to town.

The characters will have grown up hearing stories of Chanthalas and Cauldigurn (although they died too long ago for any of the adventurers to meet them), and tales of the adventures of the Knights of Myth Drannor, Vangerdahast and the War Wizards of Cormyr, King Azoun and Queen Filfaeral, and even tales of the courageous Princess Alusair, who is now an adventurer herself, leading a team of disenchanted nobles around the kingdom in search of adventure.

The adventure is set in the year 1369 DR, before the birth of Azoun V and the death of Azoun IV, after the Fall of Zhentil Keep and the rise of Iyachtu Xvim to godhood, and after Velsharoon's rise to godhood.

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