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You enter your house to find that a sealed letter is lying on your kitchen table. You check the door, it wasn't forced open, and as you look around nothing appears to be missing. However, that white letter seems to have been placed their for you. You open it noticing the seal of a gold dragon reading a book in the sealing wax. This is the letter you have been waiting for, you read:

Welcome to the Academy, for you have been accepted in the worlds highest renowned school for arcane magic of all types. This letter has been sent to you with most haste and with papers arranging transportation for you to make your way here by the weeks end. However, know that by being accepted you are no longer in a normal setting of learning. You life or soul may be taken before you can graduate however if you do, the honors bestowed on you will be greater than that of the royalty. Come or do not, the final choice is yours however if you do bring this with your signature on the line provided.

Signed, the Headmaster

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