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The high Lady Sophia Iskosia, a vassal of some repute under King Dragonsbane, has sent out a formal summons for an entourage to ensure her safe arrival to the court in Heliogabalus. Located just beyond the mountains and into the territory of Vaasa, the Lady's manor is attended well by servants. But to traverse any of the lands of Toril is more than treacherous, sending the call for adventurers to her side far and wide beyond the borders of Damara. The Lady seems impatient as she is graceful; her own summons to Heliogabalus to meet Gareth Dragonsbane is of a familial matter.
The wages she promises to pay are nothing to scoff at, or perhaps it is out of loyalty towards the heroic King that you pledge yourselves to the high Lady for this task. Even the assurance of fame may have swayed you enough to arrive at her estate. All that is known is you have not arrived alone; So these are the men and women that will travel with you? You ponder what tidings this employment shall bring to you with the knowledge that your share of the job shall not be seen as a burden.

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