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An Introduction: darkness...absolute darkness. Even though my eyes are open I cannot see anything. Ugh my whole body aches, probably from lying on this rock. Wait where am I?
A chill passes up your spine. You don't know where you are or how long you have been there, and where is all your gear? The metallic smell of blood tickles your nose. Checking yourself for wounds you find none, which is a minor relief. That is until you wonder if not your blood then who is it from. From the black you can hear steady breathing revealing that you are not alone. A tightness around your neck, beyond that lump in your throat, catches your attention. Cautiously your fingers feel the cold metal band circling you neck. What is going on? Suddenly a bright light from somewhere above you illuminates your surroundings. Blinking away the momentary blindness, you asses the chamber you are in.
In this chamber of stone there are six stone slabs set four feet off the floor at the far end. Upon all but one there lays an unconscious form each wearing the sparse cloth that adorns your body and each with what looks to be an iron ring around their throats. It is then that your gaze falls upon the source of the smell all along the wall there are counters suspended by chain. It is on these counters that you see body parts in various states of decay. The fresh blood drips into a pool on the floor while the older has congealed into a viscous jelly coating the rent limbs. The urge to vomit is overwhelming, but you manage to hold it in. Unfortunately you had to take another look just in time to see writhing maggots burst their way from the eye socket of an elven lithe head.
After composing yourself, you look to the final wall of any interest, the one with a possible exit. On this wall there is an archway, and above this archway there is a haunting visage. I looks as a skull would if not all the flesh had been striped away, with two dead eyes still in their sockets, and not but a slime covered tongue where the lower jaw should be. As you approach the eyes follow your movement. A poison laced voice pierces your mind,"Welcome adventurer, I am Malik von Ester master of this domain. You must be confused, my apologies, you are here to be my test subject. As such i have plucked you from whence you were and brought you hence. You are going to show me what it means to be alive. The spark of change that i abandoned long ago. Before i leave you to your fate, i have left you a little present. The ring around you neck is special, it prevents certain magics from being used by the wearer and allows me to look in and observe your progress from time to time. Remember survival of the fittest and all that."

Game Master(s): That would be me. This is my first PbP format as DM, so if you are looking for someone with more experience you have come to the wrong place, but hey everyone started some where. I have been playing and running D&D games regularly for the last 10 years. I look forward to expanding my skills as a DM. This game is open to anyone who is interested form newbies like myself to veterans. In fact if you are a veteran I may ask you to help me out with protocol if a situation arises that i don't have experience with.

Game Explanation: This will be a Survival/Horror game in the same vein as Resident Evil and the Silent Hill franchises. While i would like a serious mood i always welcome banter, just know when enough is enough and if i say it is done then thats it no more. The game will have a classic adventure feel and i am leaving it up to player action to determine how much combat there will be (do you charge the zombies or go around them). Due to the setting of the game there won't be to many opportunities to use social skills, but there will be times when you can negotiate or use other social skills.
The end game goal is not one of "kill everything" or "Save the city" it is one of survival by what ever means the party has decided. There will be a variety of ways to survive and it will be up to the players to find and/or use them.

Any additional information or requirements
Posting requirements: I would prefer at least one post a day. That being said If you can't let me know ahead of time. i understand things popping up so one day without a post is fine every once and a while just don't make it a habit.

The Setting
the game will be set on an island, fairly small (think Hawaii) with one huge city. Since it is going to be horror based i was thinking using Undead/Aberrations in a Resident Evil flavor. As such the city and surrounding area are completely devoid of life. This will, I feel, require players to rely more on what their characters can do instead of what gear they carry. That being said there will be ways of obtaining good loot and in Eye of the Beholder fashion there will be opportunities to buy and sell. The main BBEG will be a lich who has made his lab in the tower at the center of the island, but at no time will i force the players to confront him. I emphasis this would be a survival game, meaning the end goal to survive in what ever way the party decides to do so.

I look forward to hearing back from anyone who is interested.

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