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Psionics has always been one of the more interesting casting style created by WotC. The point system makes you able to really maximize your casting selection. The augmenting makes sure that no power goes to waste. The added flare of 5 different RP effects when you manifested a power make for a more "visual" game. The only problem is, psionics don't play nice with magic.

The consent technical side of sorting out psionics and magic take a lot of fun out of the game for DM's and a group who is prepared for a magic encounter could be totally useless vs psionics. Not to mention that if the DM adds in psionic stuff for a player who then just quits now has to go and weed that all out. Honestly I get a head ache just thinking about all that work. That is why this psionic adventure will be 100% psionics with zero magic.

That's right boys and girls, no divine magic or arcane magic. That means no divine or arcane casting classes but also no magic items, potions, scrolls, etc. Instead my creativity has come up with alchemy alternatives.

"But krispy, what about divine healing? Won't our party be chopped to bits with out that divine goodness?" Good question handsome stranger! To help out survivablity the players wont die until they reach negative their total hit points. You still go unconscious at -1 as normal but your not totally dead till you reach the negative of your total hit points. Also, the first new alchemy creation is something you take so that your conscious even while in your negatives. Its like adrenaline and meth mixed to make you doubly durable.

I imagine people have a lot of questions and hopefully I have answers in my forum for it all but if I don't please ask. I want this to run as smooth and possible.

For information on how to make your character click here....
but since I don't want to waste anyone's time here is some general guidelines
Level: 3
Race: Any PHB. Ask for others but just a heads up, I don't much like the psionic races. (I may be more flexible if you can give solid RP reasons for your race selections)
Class: A very specific list but to sum it up, non-casting classes and most psionic classes
Stats: 26 point point-by
Posting Rate: 1/weekday with weekends optional

For technical information (items and world) click here.

This will be a mature game. If your not comfortable with the idea of murder, rape, cannibalism and what ever my sick mind can come up with you could have a problem with this game.

Happy Gaming

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