The Eye of Iodyne

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  • Created Jul 7 '11
  • Last Post Jul 18 '12 at 2:09am
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The Eye of Iodyne
Phase One- The Crisis of Trinity

The Reclamation has failed, or well in as much as the Ebon Dragon was concerned. The Yozi thrashed and many first circle demons and human slaves were destroyed in their anger at the Ebon Dragonís betrayal. Autochthon and Gaia returned to creation to find it falling to the reclamation and with the two Primordials returned the faltering lines of heroes were strengthened and stabilized. Once the Alchemicals entered the field and the Dragon-Blooded restored (mostly) the Five Great Elemental Dragons were roused and the Ebon Dragon was cornered. The Solars and the Lunars seriously wounded him but before the final blow could be dealt to the Ebon Dragon disappeared, no trace of his passing detected. It would baffle the heroes of Creation and the two Primordials on their side for years to come.

Ten years later: Autochthon with Asna Firstborn and the Design Weavers, have begun the final phases of the upgrades to the Loom of Fate, upgrades desperately needed if the Ebon Dragon is ever to be found. During the upgrade efforts an alarm sounds through the Loom and in horror the Spiders, Adamant Caste Alchemicals, and the Design Weavers watch as a 20 mile wide section of Creation changes! Creation has been invaded, and unlike the Fae who return Creation to the Wyld, whatever has come is slowly imposing its own Order and Causality upon Creation.

In Malfeas the Yozi still sting from the Ebon Dragonís betrayal and now the new Solar Order has imposed new rules upon the Prison, but with the deterioration of the South, Malfeas himself has felt the taint of this order as it seeps into his being. Terrified of what this means the Yozi send their Emissary to Yu Shan to ask for help. To the surprise of Creation, the Jouten of all the Yozi have been allowed to roam Yu Shan, as long as they are willing to help Creation the Unconquered Sun will allow them a small reprieve. This has caused caution to roam across Yu Shan and its corrupted elements. With the Sidereals just now recovering from the massacre that killed most of them, the Loom remains blocked to all of them. The Games of Divinity are for the time being accessible to the damaged Primordials and its enough to keep the crazed tendencies of Yozi calm in the face of this new threat.

Unseen by those that tend the Loom, the Nocturnals have begun to return. And the mad whispering of Nox has brought some of them to the Blessed Isle. Here they have been guided to join the efforts to learn what it is exactly that threatens Creation.

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