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This is a Horror & Survival Campaign!

The world of Kerth is a horrible and miserable place. The gods have basically abandoned the world so divine magic is scarce or even decimated. Arcane Magic is used mostly for destruction and death. To make it worse evil and taint surround every corner. No place is safe from the corrupting touch of evil. There is never a happy ending without sacrifice.

The country of Seloth is no different. The tyrant king is making sure his power is secured in stone. Any sign of rebellion is terminated, any help from opposing countries has been cut off, any contact with other countries is unheard of, and the calm before war fills the air with it's deafening whispers.

You are a band of adventures seeking a new life. Whether you're doing this because you need out of the country seeking a better place, for personal gain, or even to try to start a rebellion is up to you. One thing is for sure though. Evil and taint have a grip on the world. All you can do is hope that you don't become a victim of the taint.

Plot: I have one but it's up to you guys how deep you go into it.

Available resources/Additional info: All resources for dnd 3.5 and books from 3.0 that don't have an upgraded version are allowed. Setting specific books should be passed by me so I can look at it before it's approved. Also I am in the Navy and right now my date for boot camp is Oct. 26th so I will be gone for two months. I will be back mid January and the game will continue. I am looking for a DM to replace me when I'm gone but no promises I'll find one. I am on very frequently and am available any time. A map will be made.

Now for the juicy character creation.

Character Creation:
1. 6 1d10+8 for stats. This is to give you guys a better chance at getting a high stat. If I see your stats are very low I will allow 1 re roll. The things that will not let me give you a re roll are at least 18 has been rolled or you have more then 3 stats above 15.
2. Flaws and Traits. Up to 2 flaws. For each flaw you get you have to grab a trait, but if you get a trait you don't have to get a flaw.
2. Banned Classes: The big 5, Warlock, Psion, and Warmage. No exceptions.
3. Since the world is so dark and evil EVERY character has 1 point of corruption and Depravity. You have not developed a mild symptom yet. I'm working this as you get the symptom when you reach the max number you can have in that score. Info is on pg 63-68 in Hero's of Horror.
4. Everyone is lvl 4. Single Class not gestalt.
5. Starting gold is the same as in the DMG but you can only buy 1 magic item. Buying a +1 weapon, or armor does not count towards the magic item. Magic is rare so magic items will be rare as well.
6. No items that give you unlimited food or water, also no ring of sustenance or anything like that.
7. Three phobias. One of each degree. All have to be connected to your back story. Sever phobia can not be cured by magic it has to be done through role playing. Post them in a private tag so no one else sees them.
8. Variants are allowed just post them in the variant thread.
9. Any classes that involve divine magic please post them in the divine thread. An any arcane users post in the arcane thread.
10. Alignment is going to be Behavioral Alignment from Hero's of Horror pg 76. Detect good, evil, chaos are going to be altered to detect 'intention'. Such as a cleric of Vecna will not register as evil unless he has evil intentions at that moment. Monsters however that have the evil or good subtype can not be hidden from the detect spells. Unless they are hidden by undetectable alignment. Smite good and evil are going to be turned to generic Smite.
11. Any divination spell is banned. Besides the Detect spells like good, evil, secret doors, ect. As well as Conjuration (teleportation)
12. Any questions Consult the question thread.

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