Amongst the Fields of Poppies

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Rokugan. The Emerald Empire. A land where honor is sharper then steel. Eight mighty clans maneuver and clash with each other in an effort to fulfill their duties to the Empress and the Empire. The mighty Crab stand on the Great Kaiu wall to defend the Empire from the constant threat of the Shadowlands. The beautiful Crane seek to defend the arts, culture and aspects of civilization form those that would seek to being them down. The enigmatic Dragon watch over the Empire form their mystic mountains. The brave Lion are the Right Hand of the Empire defending the Empress and the Emerald Throne. The young and brash Mantis patrol the Seas and waterways. The powerful Phoenix embrace philosophy and learning and are unmatched in the ways of the kami. The Scorpion serve as the Underhand of the Empire keeping and maintaining the secrets of the Empire and itís Empress. The Unicorn were once charged with seeking out the wonders of the world beyond itís borders and they have returned and are still teaching the Empire what they learned today.

It is the year 1170 of the Ikoma Calender and the Empire has once again emerged from terrible war where the Heavenís themselves intervened to end the foolishness of man. It is in the city of Royko Owari Toshi that our tale takes place. A city only surpassed by the Imperial Capitol itself in size and scope. A major trading city for both the Scorpion and the Unicorn, it is a city of splendor. It is a city that has been in the hands of various clans but always managed to come back into the hands of the Scorpion as apparently only their steady hand can manage it. It is the city of Green Walls, It is the City of Secrets.

Royko Owari Toshi, a city known for itís corruption. Sitting on the largest poppy field in all of Rokugan it is the center of the legalized opium trade. Few openly discuss how the number of fields would produce enough legalized opium to supply the entire Empire for 25 years and yet each year a new crops of poppies is grown. Crime is rampant and gangs run various section of the city as the Cityís Governor and itís guard turns a blind eye. It is in this city that young and noble samurai arrive against these formidable odds to bring honor to their families and clans. They have come here, to Ryoko Owari Toshi, the City of LIES

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