Arena of Interest

Game Description

[Arena of Interest]
An Arena with more than just PVP.

[Game Type and Setting]
Arena using standard D&D 3.5 SRD.

[Game Master]
Nickbeat for now, though I will likely hire other DMs.

[Game Explanation]
This will be a low level arena designed for simplicity and balance.
Not all fights will be to the death!
Players will be expected at least daily while in a 'fight'.

[Application Process]
Post a character, background fluff is optional but encouraged.

[Character Creation]
Just post the name, race and class of your character.
Link the name part to your sheet.
Characters start at level 3 with 1000 gp.
Use 32 Point Buy for stats.
Full HP at first level then take average rounded up from there:
d4 = 3 hp, d6 = 4 hp, d8 = 5 hp, d10 = 6 hp, d12 = 7 hp

[Acceptable Source Material]
3.5 SRD, Player's Handbook 2, and Complete Series.
No psionics for now. No variant races. Class Variants and Expanded Classes are OK.Flavor will vary from fight to fight, but mostly arena situations.

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