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This game is to help teach anyone unfamiliar with Myth-weavers or Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e that is willing to learn. I'm also looking for experienced players to help me teach those that want to learn.

This will mostly be a dungeon delving game but there will be a good amount of role-play involved.

Character CreationStarting at Level 1
Sources Allowed: Core including PHB II
Stats: Roll 7m4d6v1 and drop the lowest score.
Race: PHB core races only
Starting gold: 150 gp
Max HP at level 1, roll all other levels and re-roll 1's.
No penalty for multi-classing.

Please include personality, description, and background. I'd like you to also state your experience with DnD 3.5e, play-by-post, and myth-weavers. It is optional to put any experience you may have in other tabletop rpg's. I leave it up to you to decide how you want to format it.

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