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  • Created Jul 21 '11
  • Last Post Oct 3 '11 at 5:30pm
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS

Game Description

Spring Creek, where it all begann

This game is a branch of, from another game that took the dive early on. Your chars are teenagers (age 15-17) from a very small town in rural South Dakota. Spring Creek is situated in the Black Hills, in a rather deep valley. As could be experienced in the game that took the dive, an accident (more or less) happened, that changed you. From mere teenagers (if very exceptional) that where thinking more about where to go for College, you where changed into superheroes to be.

BUT: this was only the very first of a chain reaction of events, that will turn the world as you know it upside down very quickly. Expect a strong genre shift, that will place your chars in the middle of an evolving universe. Nothing will ever be as it was. Be ready for everything, and you'll not be shocked with what happens.

Chars: 150/75/5 CP for the base char, and a further 500 CP for the "superpowers". SO yes, you might apply with your chars from the old game. I'll not limit powers as much as Silver did. BUT: Jumper is out, as this is not intended to evolve into an Infinite Worlds campaign. Away from that, most about everything might be worked out with me. From the 500 CP you are not allowed to buy skills, as I'd prefer if you not all of a sudden increased your knowledge explosively. More creative ways around this (which incidently will need more time ^^) might work. Ask, and I'll answer.
Where I limit you more than Silver, is personality. You'll need strong teamplay to cope with what's heading towards Spring Creek, so if your chars do have anti-social tendencies, we'll have to work out something. I know, it's fun to play a "frey-character" but please accept that it's making life unnecessary hard for an inexperienced GM like me.

If you are interested, just tell me. Once I got 4-6 players, I'll get this game going.

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