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  • Created Jul 23 '11
  • Last Post May 28 '12 at 2:32pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Anime D20

Game Description

For those who know Battle Vixens / Ikki Tousen, well the idea is based around the concept behind this manga / anime of great warriors being reborn in to a new age based on "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". The setting is a Fantasy setting so there will be the usual fantasy elements in this world that I have created. First, I'd like to start off with an intro sequence I created to set the mood........

"History has forgotten them.
Their time is set to rise again.
The World will become a sea of blood once more."

"It was a time long ago.
An age of conquest and war.
Rulers wanted only power."

"With bravery and honour.
For fame and glory.
Warriors took up their arms."

"All around was death and blood.
Consumed in war and chaos.
The God of War was pleased."

"Warriors fought and killed.
For some their superior skills and prowess were unrivalled.
Their determination and ferrocity unmatched."

"The inescapable fate of life always present.
Death is a certainty for all life.
The God of War had other plans."

"These legendary warriors fell.
They did not receive death.
They received immortality."

"Their weapons enchanted.
Their spirits confined within.
The God of war prophesised their return."

"These trapped spirits wait.
For the time they will fight again.
For the time their spirits will be reborn."

"Time moves forever onward.
For them, the call to war never fades.
For them, the hunger for battle only intensifies."

"A time of peace is achieved.
The desire for war fades from the hearts of people.
The God of war is cast to Oblivion."

"Ages can come and go.
Yet history always repeats itself.
A new cycle is about to begin."

"It is the dawn of a new age.
War is taking root in the hearts of people again.
Brave warriors will be needed in this time of chaos."

"The time for legendary warriors has arrived again.
Those trapped spirits can feel it.
The time of rebirth is upon them."

"These legendary warriors will take up their arms.
With their enchanted weapons they will fight.
To the world they will be seen as Gods."

"This time they will succeed.
This time people will acknowledge their deeds.
This time history will remember them."

"The Gods of War."

Over two thousand years ago war gripped the Kingdoms of the world, a war that encompassed all the people of the world, nobody was spared from experiencing it in one way or another, a war sparked by greed and the lust for power, a war that would define the age and reshape the lives of some forever.
The war would come to an end though nobody could have really been considered a victor as diplomatic talks began to take hold when no one person had the power or resources to achieve total victory. In this time of war, most people took up arms for one reason or another but there were some who stood out more on the field of battle than others, who had skills and battle prowess that seemed to surpass the skills of many others. The God of War took notice of these warriors and gave them a fate that would forever change their lives.
When these great warriors died, the God of War enchanted their weapons with his power and trapped their spirits inside. Ages pass by, an everlasting peace seems to have taken place, people turned their hearts from war and the God of War faded from existence, though his last words were a prophecy to all, that a time of war would come again and that those warriors trapped inside their weapons would be reborn in to the world and that they would carry on his work and become like Gods in a world that would once again be ravaged by war. Over time, the spirits trapped within the weapons became consumed by their hungers and desires for battle and war.
In the present, tensions have been rising between Kingdoms while conflicts and wars are steadily increasing though there are still those that belive it can be prevented from escalating out of control. The characters will be some of these warriors reincarnated in to the present. As babies the characters would be found at an Ancient Ruined Temple by members of a nearby small village. In this village the characters would be raised with no memories, thoughts, feelings, experiences of their past lives and no desire for battle. All of these things would remain within their weapons. The characters will grow up with normal lives in a relatively quiet and peaceful village but they will always feel as though there's just something not quite right about their lives and the feeling that their lives are not complete. As they are raised in this village, they will develop different personalities based on their present lives even though they feel incomplete and different.
The characters will not start off with their weapons and will only learn of their past lives upon finding their weapons, which will happen in game. The characters will be drawn in to a world that is descending further in to war, there will be other reincarnated warriors in the world who may or may not have already rediscovered their past lives, also, they may or may not be allies or enemies.
As you try to live out your lives in this world that is descending in to chaos the characters will need to make choices that will affect not only their own lives but the lives of everyone in the world as the struggle between past and present, war and peace will cast a shadow over everything. Upon finding the weapons the characters will attain everything of their past lives as well as the spirit's hunger for battle as the warrior's personality will take root in your mind along with your present day personality. The characters will be drawn towards war and becoming the great warriors they once were and this will always be a part of the characters. This internal conflict will be integrated in to the game through a chart I created that will determine the dominant personality at any given time as well as the strength of will of that personality. This will change throughout the game, therefore, the characters will be forced in to making choices to give in to their past lives and descend in to the chaos of war to satiate their lust for battle or to try and keep their past lives at bay, strive to maintain a path of peace and not give in to their hunger for battle.

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