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Mighty Marvel Mayhem

Mutants Amp Masterminds Mighty Marvel Mayhem - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Ad Closes: Oct 28 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Face Front True Believers! I am looking for a few good heroes for some Old School Action.

I am recruiting 5 players for an M&M3e game. Characters will be original heroes built on PL 10/150pp.
I enjoy seeing cool tie-ins to the Marvel Universe. So that means the whole realm is at your disposal for your character.
Renegade Asgardian, Gamma-Spawn, Mutant, Super-Soldier, Kree Warrior; all of it and more is fair game for your hero...If it is cool!

Characters should be true heroes looking to make it in the big leagues and the game will be set in NYC.

I will also be looking to keep character niche protection. So if you submit a Powerhouse character you are directly competing with any other Powerhouse submission because I will only likely be taking one of you.

While knowledge of current continuity is not required to play you must be at least somewhat fluent in Marvel Comics. I do not want to have to explain who Doctor Doom or the Avengers are. ~Nuff Said!

Please submit any questions in this thread and not via PM as the answer may benefit everyone reading.

Until then

PS: Pictures of Characters are heavily encouraged.

Players accepted
Buscadera playing Leviathan (Powerhouse)
Corellon playing Captain Tarnax (Super-Soldier)

Game Description:

This is a Marvel Universe game using the Mutants and Mastermind Third Edition Ruleset.
This game features an "Iconic" version of the MU that is free from the Metaplots of the past ten years, but will still draw upon the rich history and details of the setting.
Players will be running their own original heroes for some Mighty Marvel Mayhem!

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GM Note:
Both DC and Marvel Originals tied (13 apiece) in my Poll of what new game to recruit for. So the tie breaker was the amount of votes Marvel and DC got for Canon characters which was 2 DC and 3 Marvel. Cannot get much closer than that!

Looks very cool! I've got a few concepts in mind (Spiderman-esque Plant Controller/Aquatic Powerhouse/Blind Zen Archer). I'll have to pick one and stat them up, but definitely count me as interested.

Count me in!

You have my interest for sure. I'll brush up on the system, most of my familiarity was with previous versions.

Where would you like applications to be made, in this thread or will you have another area?

Also, real nice pic.

Thinking on a character that can summon a small dragon. I can tie it into the universe quite easily and he'd be a character that is mostly good, but slightly bad and finally becomes decent when he's offered the job as a big time super. Would you be willing to allow the summoning of a small dragon? The rest of the character would be kind of a mystic like personna, all flash and show and very little bite.

I am also interested in joining your superhero game. I am familiar with MM2 but not 3. I can probably find the book somewhere. Until then I can work up a character background. Just let me know where to send it if you are still looking for players.

I collected comics for many years (Marvel and DC through 1995) and am very familiar with the Marvel universe.

Concept: Shadows (damage power and teleport travel power through shadows). A man with a heart of gold constantly struggling with the draw of evil that is the apparent basis of his powers.

"There can be no shadows without at least the barest glimmer of light"


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