Adeptus Evangelion: The Tower of Babel

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Adeptus Evangelion: The Tower of Babel

Adeptus Evangelion: Tower of Babel - Forum
Ad Closes: Jun 20 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 6


H.P. Lovecraft-edition Tower Defense with Giant Fighting Robots.

~Campaign Premise~

~What You Should Expect, and What I'm Looking For~

Neon Genesis Evangelion (hereafter, simply 'NGE') is, mildly put, subject to viewer interpretation. It has one of the most unusual and confusing plots in anime, let alone plenty of other media art forms. So I'll start by telling you what I see in the show. Arguable creator intent aside, I prefer to think of NGE as Japan's sick, sick love letter to H.P. Lovecraft. The pieces are all there: The ultimate foe is a cosmic, un-reasoning evil that has been sleeping beneath the Earth's surface since before mankind. Central characters routinely stumble across terrifying secrets and terrible monstrosities and suffer from a gradual descent into madness. The enemy is utterly alien, completely impossible to reason with, and regards mankind as an unfortunate and annoying by-product of it's existence, as one might consider the ant colony that's in your house after you come back from vacation. The entire narrative eventually breaks down into insane ramblings as characters routinely question reality or apathetically give up on it all. And in the end,
...all my tales are based on the fundamental premise that human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large.
--H.P. Lovecraft
everyone's desperate struggles to preserve humanity are simply worthless.

Except, rather then brainy New England professors and hard-bitten gumshoes, NGE relies on already-unstable anime teenagers as the driving force of it's cast. And finally, there is an ultimate horror that even Lovecraft never quite worked into his own stories: that to survive in the face of our destruction, we will turn to reverse bio-engineering the very enemies that seek to annihilate us. And then previously-mentioned teenagers will be forced to mind meld with these shackled eldritch abominations (which might have the souls of their tragically-deceased mothers, maybe) and wield them as a weapon of equal terror to the Angels themselves.

So yeah, I guess this is what you can expect from me. I'm looking for a team of players that consists of 4-5 Eva Pilots, and one Operations Director. I'd also like to have a co-GM (or a player who thinks they could eventually become a co-GM), in order to ensure the longevity of the game.

Feel free to style your characters as any of the following:
  • Neo-Spartan military kid from special programs run by a branch of the US military or the UN, or Russia, Japan, or any other nation you can think of. Perhaps you even were a child soldier in disaster-struck Africa or Indo-China before NERV discovered you.
  • Manufactured lab rat genetically crafted by a cabal of NERV bio-technicians working in Germany, or by the Prometheus Facility (see "What is Ankh-1" below), or a US-government conspiracy operated out of the Nevada desert (the classic option), or any other weird and mysterious organization of your own creation (give the GM something to work with by identifying the goals/resources/motivations of said agency).
  • A Prodigy recruited from just about anywhere you'd like.
  • An Impact Survivor military commander whose tactical abilities were recognized to the UN and was seconded to NERV as an operations director. Or perhaps, your connection to the EVA project made you a test pilot who has incredibly managed to survive and continues on as a combat pilot (I am perfectly willing to consider such applications).
  • Something else...? If you think you have a good idea that's not yet a possibility in the rules, ask. Maybe we can forge something together.

~Rules and Stuff~

Adeptus Evangelion is a campaign setting based on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and composed using the core rules of Dark Heresy as it's base. If you're familiar with either of these already and this sounds like a stupid mash-up, well... only taking the time to study up on it might be enough to convince you of your error. If you already know of NGE or Dark Heresy or both, then you probably want to see the Introduction PDF, which provides a good hand-hold on the intentions, tone, and place of the original series in the setting of Adeptus Evangelion. It also provides credit to the development team of the rules (headed by the sublime Black Mesa Janitor). The rules (which are in their 2nd Version now) were crafted by a team of homebrew developers who meet regularly via IRC, and have been undergoing constant playtesting for some time now.

Dark Heresy can be run as a grid-based system, which is what I plan to do. Google documents will be used as an integrated combat noteboard during battle, and the Ditzie map-tool for the map (example ditzie map shown here).

The Dark Heresy basic rules framework
Private Message me. Do it!
isn't hard to find, and Dark Heresy itself is a fairly uncomplicated system.

If you are unfamiliar with the setting, or wish a refresher of basic facts and relevant data, then it is recommended that you begin with the 'Welcome to NERV PDF'. Further player-relevant chapters of the rulebook are to follow. If you really don't care for all the extra rules stuff and setting fluff, I've marked the chapters directly needed for Character Creation only below with *. The other stuff is just good to know so you can, like, play the game. Whatever. Oh, and the Chapter cover pages. I only included those because I like the artwork on some of them and I wanted to share. Seriously, that's the only reason.

A link to the Battle Rules Reference PDF (I actually put this together myself, yay)

Three turns of sample combat!

Adeptus Evangelion cover page
Character Creation (cover page only)
*Character Creation chapter
*Character creation chapter Errata, and Dark080matter's handy newbie guide to Adeptus Evangelion character builds
Evangelion (cover page only)
*Evangelion chapter
Modified Rules (cover page only)
Modified Rules chapter
Combat chapter
*AT Field chapter
Life on the Ground (between battles)

I hosted these PDF uploads at the Interest thread for this campaign, which can be found here.

~Character Creation~

Go to this thread to make all of your Character Generation dice rolls. Detailed instructions can be found in the first post of the thread. You may take the "Speak Language" skill once for free to represent your nationality (everyone still starts with English as well). Once you have generated your stats, you can now create your character application. The character application goes in this thread, and is formatted as shown below.

Character Application
Background/Career Path

Game sheet
Link to my character generation rolls

Weapon Skill:
Ballistic Skill:
Synch Ratio:

Fate Points 1/1

Background Traits



Trained Skills


Career Advances

Ego Barrier 100%
Insanity Points 0

Evangelion Sheet
Evangelion Unit 08 (Dark White/Bright Black)

Movement 6/12/18/36

WS 45
BS 45
Str 35
T 35
Ag 30

Cranial Horn [1d5+1 R, Pen 0]

Prog. Knife [1d5+6 R, Pen 3, Progressive]

Pallet Gun [Basic, Range 30, RoF S/-/3, 1d10 I, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 1Full, Inccurate, Unreliable]

Current Synch Ratio 44%
ATS 0 / 0 / 5

Distinquishing Features

Angelic [Berserk Evas treat this Eva as an Angel, and attack it whenever possible. While it’s Synch Ratio with its pilot is 1d5 less, it has +1 ATS.]
Cranial Horn [The Evangelion has a large horn on its head that may be used for a mediocre gore attack, dealing 1d5-2 rending damage]
Heavy Armor [+1 armor bonus to all areas. Reduce its agility by 5]
Flagship [In any battle where the Evangelion is defeated, subtract 2 collateral from the pool as the Eva’s home country chips in to repair it.]

Hit location (AP) Wounds/Current:
01-10 Head (2) 3/3
11-20 Right Arm (2) 3/3
21-30 Left arm (2) 3/3
31-70 Body (4) 9/9
71-85 Left leg (2) 4/4
86-00 Right leg (2) 4/4

Biological Upgrade Points / Spent

Structural Upgrade Points / Spent

Weapon Upgrade Points / Spent

The Game Ad thread will close on June 19th, at which point players will be chosen.

~Setting Details~

Essentially, the plot of the campaign will run as a sort of parallel 'elseworld' to the show. Rather then being beneath Tokyo-3, the Geofront is actually located at a sub-oceanic location within the Marshall Islands chain. Vague references may be made to Tokyo-3 or other sister NERV installations in Russia, Japan, or Germany, but the center of the storyline will revolve around Ankh-1. You are unlikely to encounter any Angels that are quite exactly like what is seen in the show, as I am going to use the game's Angel Generator system to bring to bear the full emotional uncertainty of an unknowable cosmic enemy. Be afraid!... or you know, mildly uncertain as the case may be.

Game Description:

"And they said, Go, let us build a City and a Tower, whose top may reach unto Heaven; and let us make of Ourselves a name, lest we be scattered...But the Lord came down to see the City and the Tower that the men were building... and from thence did the Lord sunder them abroad upon the face of all the Earth."

--Genesis 11: 1-9

The news reporters call it a technological marvel, the Eighth Wonder of the World.
The nations of the slowly-flooding Earth look to it for their salvation, their Ark.
Those apocalypse-welcoming religious freaks would rather have it remembered as Babel, Mankind's Folly.
To the U.N. it is known by the code-name ETEMENANKHI (Sumerian, lit. 'Temple of the foundation of Heaven and Earth'), or "Ankh-1" for short.
To you, it's simply your home.

A home which you occasionally have to defend from nightmarish cosmic horrors by taking command of the mighty weapon EVANGELION as the whole world watches and prays. Why is it that you bear the singular burden of mentally communing with a cybernetic alien warmachine? Why, indeed, is nearly every pilot less then fifteen years old? Maybe these are questions best left unanswered...

...Too bad none of this ever seems to excuse you from your Algebra homework.


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I never asked this in the original thread, but is the tone going to be most like:

The TV series: "You suck, your friends suck, everyone around you sucks, and the only reason you shouldn't kill yourself is because you'd doom the rest of the world to destruction."

EoE "*fapfapfap*...I'm so hosed up, and so is this game."

Or a new movie "Oh hey, I'm on my happy pills so let's play this Super Robot genre thing a little straighter."

Originally Posted by Mask_De_H View Post
I never asked this in the original thread, but is the tone going to be most like:

The TV series: "You suck, your friends suck, everyone around you sucks, and the only reason you shouldn't kill yourself is because you'd doom the rest of the world to destruction."

EoE "*fapfapfap*...I'm so hosed up, and so is this game."

Or the new movie "Oh hey, I'm on my happy pills so let's play this Super Robot genre thing a little straighter."
Good question Mask.

As I said in the Interest Check thread:

Originally Posted by Me, Myself, and Iruel
I don't have a real preference one way or the other about the exact tone of characters submitted... be they angsty and pseudo-philosophical or 'crazy-awesome' aspiring action heros. Or even more of a normal middle ground between those extremes. However, I DO ask that they be well-written. Simply justify in a believable manner why they are the way they are.

And equally important, be ready for them to change. It's quite possible to put together a character who is almost totally normal and well-adjusted or one more like the characters from the anime using the character generation; but recognize that we're basically playing a game of Lovecraft Tower Defence. (Mythos X-Com with Giant Fighting Robots, if you prefer) Everyone is ultimately headed to the same destination. Not even the Fearless character trait is likely to save you when, at the end of the day, your Ego Barrier begins to break down and you gradually lose your distinct sense of human self-identity (this games' highly altered version of DH's Corruption meter). God help me, I love the mechanics for that.

In that vein, expect the Angels to be horrifyingly inhuman in their interests (as seen on the show, if not even more so). They are not going to attempt to have a conversation with you. And, if they do, you are probably never going to be the same person again.
So what that means is, submit the character you want to submit. Frankly, the idea of an interacting cast of characters who all fall into different positions on the Sliding Scale of Super/Real Robot Protagonists makes me happy... maybe I'm alone in that.

Contrary to what it might sound like, I am actually not an anime genre-addict. I understand what people are talking about when they say "Real" or "Super" robot, but honestly the only shows I've ever really watched are Evangelion and, like, Code Geass. Since I'm the GM and therefore forced to self-analyze in order to let you know what to expect from my storyline, I suppose I'll try to work the potential theme in those two: I guess that I like grand stories with sinister conspiracies and supernatural weirdness, where the threat of death is real. The actual need for any giant killer robots is kind of a secondary trait, although kick-ass military hardware never loses points in my book. So let me summarize this for you:

For the purposes of the GM's storyline alone Look at this not as an anime genre, but as a science-fiction horror story, like if H.P. Lovecraft was born japanese and lived today. I'm going to try to creep you out by the sheer unholy power of your enemy and give you Insanity Points, not psycho-analyze you or your character. Maybe by saying this sort of thing I am actually going too far in the opposite direction and am going to scare away all the anime fans... Oh well.

For the purposes of character applications and the things you do in the game Feel free to be just as much like or unlike the characters in the show as you want. Be prepared to interact with other players who maybe don't have the same conceptions you do of what Evangelion is "actually about," or whether what it was originally 'about' was even that good of a show/movie/video game/product line of sugary breakfast cereals (I'll take the Arael-O's with my chocolate milk, thanks). Be prepared to go crazy.

On another note, I promise that unlike Hideaki Anno I am on all of my doctor-proscribed 'happy pills'.

From the Interest thread to here, still interested. I'll put up my OpsDir tomorrow. Just got back from the public pool

My sheet will take a fair bit, but I've got a great idea for an AT tactician. I should get the character submission out soon.

The fact that i can say Dark Heresy and Evangelion in the same sentence makes me want to explode with enthusiasm; ive got an idea for that nifty Pointman career, cant wait for a complete character sheet


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