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Using the Sheetlist Page

The Sheetlist Page contains all your current and allows you to manage and modify them. If any sheet which you own is not modified for a year and you do not log in for a year it will be deleted.

Creating New Sheets

To create a new sheet, click on the "New Sheet" button. A message should appear, where you need to enter the sheet name (don't worry, you can change it later), the type of sheet, and whether you want it to be publicly accessible at creation.

Renaming Sheets

To rename a sheet, simply double click next to the sheet title. Note that some browsers that don't support web standards (namely Internet Explorer) might have issues with this. We recommend upgrading to Firefox, Chrome or Opera in such a case. If it opens the sheet instead, hold down whatever button you use to open a link in a new tab(Ctrl in some cases), and, while still doing this, double-click the name.

Sheet Based Dice Rolls

Some Myth- (mainly D20 based systems) can use sheet values directly in posts using sheetroll tags. Details are in the dice roller help *here

Sheet Permissions

When a sheet is added to a game the GM of the game is assigned edit permissions to that sheet.

Public Sheets
To make a sheet publicly available, click on the little eye icon to the left of the sheet name. A :black icon means it's a public sheet, a grey icon means it's not publicly available.
Edit Users
Clicking edit users allows users who can view or edit your sheets. Adding edit permission will cause that editable sheet to appear in the other members sheetlist.

Adding a Sheet to a Game

You can add your sheet to a game you are a member of to enable some special integration features for you and your GM. Click the 'Add to Game' link and choose a game that you are in.

You and your GM will then be able to use the Charpic, Sheetdice, Sheetroll and Statblock tags, and your GM will get permissions to view and modify the sheet, and have the sheet listed in his GM Screen.

Deleting Sheets

To delete a sheet, tick the checkbox to the left of the sheet title, select "delete" in the dropdown list at the end of the page, and click the "Go" button. You can delete several sheets at once in this manner.

Creating Sheetgroups

Every sheet belongs to the "All Sheets" sheetgroup, but you can create new sheetgroups to classify your sheets as you see fit. To create a new sheetgroup, simply click on the "New SheetGroup" button at the top of the list and enter a sheetgroup name on the dialog that will appear. Optionally, you can also select another sheetgroup to be its parent group. Sheetgroups for games are added automatically where relevant.

The "Shown in Dropdown" Sheetgroup
There's a special sheetgroup named "Showed in Dropdown". When you add sheets to it, every Myth- user will be able to see them listed on the menu that appears when they mouseover your username! If you ever delete a sheet and forget to remove it from the "Showed in Dropdown" sheetgroup, simply add another sheet to it and it'll update.

Adding Sheets to a Sheetgroup

To add a sheet to a sheetgroup, tick the checkbox to the left of the sheet title, select "Send to Folder" in the dropdown list at the end of the page, and click the "Go" button. In the pop-up that opens, select the sheetgroup you want the sheet added to and click the "Send to Folder" button. You add several sheets at once in this manner.

Deleting Sheetgroups

To delete a sheetgroup, mouseover the sheetgroup name. A trashcan icon should appear. If you click it, that sheetgroup (and every sheetgroup under it) will be deleted. Sheets themselves will be unaffected and still available under "All Sheets".

Copying Sheets

Sheets can be copied; mark the checkbox next to the sheet(s) you want to copy and hit the "Copy Sheet" button. The copy will be named the same as the original sheet with "Copy" added behind it.

Sheets can be copied by any user having editing rights to the sheet to be copied. This allows, e.g. GMs, to easily share a sheet template by granting their players editing rights to the template.

Sheets after being copied lose a lot of stats so it is not recommended!

Up/Down Loading Sheets as XML

This feature is currently suspended; it might return in the future.

This facility is provided primarily for keeping personal backups but is also useful for making copies. The format is used only for Myth- sheet data. Whilst the XML can be edited using a text editor it's not advisable unless you are familiar with writing XML code.

Available Character Sheet Templates

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In Progress

Please see HERE for current requests and bug reports.

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