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RPG Content Generators

Myth-Weavers is home to several roleplaying-games content generators. Since Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 is the most popular gaming system, these generators are geared towards it, though they can be used as inspiration for any sort of game.

Currently, we have generators for Adventure Hooks, Dungeons, D&D NPCs, Towns, and Treasure.

All of the generators can be accessed by clicking on the RPG Tools menu on your main menu bar near the top of any Myth-Weavers page and then selecting the generator of your choice.

D&D Dungeon Generator

The dungeon generator has a wide variety of parameters that you can control to produce a random dungeon map and text explanation that fits your specifications. Select the parameters you want, and press 'Generate Dungeon' Any dungeon you make will be associated with a random seed, listed in the upper right hand side. If you want to see that same dungeon again, copy down that seed number. Next time you wish to view that dungeon, insert that seed number into the "Seed" field in the control panel and press 'Generate Dungeon'

D&D Town Generator

The town generator produces a basic description of a Dungeons and Dragons-style town and its most powerful characters, organized by character class. Pick the type of town you want and press 'Generate Town' Depending on the town parameters you choose at the start, the level and number of these different sorts of characters will change.

Each town generated will appear with a web address at the top of the results. Again, copy this URL down and use it if you want to see the same town in the future.

D&D NPC Generator

The NPC generator allows you to pick the basic components of a D&D 3.5 character (such as alignment, race, class, etc), and then does all the work of cranking out the numbers for that character. It uses only information available through the Open Gaming License, as is required by law. It can also produce character motivations and a little about their past.

You can also make groups of NPCs and control what sort of ability score generation method is used.

D&D Treasure Generator

The treasure generator allows you to create random groups of treasure, based on specifications like encounter level, number of items, and the relative type of the items.

You also have the option of using either D&D 3.5 items or D&D 3.0 items, depending on your preference.