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  • Created Jun 15 '12
  • Last Post Sep 22 '12 at 2:52pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

It's a dangerous world out there, these days...

But then, I suppose it always has been. I've traveled this land more winters than I can remember, but I am not the oldest, and by far not the wisest you will meet on your journey. I can tell you much about this land, but I cannot teach the most important lesson: how to look inside yourself, and come to terms with what you see. All the stories and all the maps leading to all the buried treasure in the world won't help you come to know who you are and what you stand for. If you heed nothing else I say, listen at least to that. You must face the perils within before you can hope to defeat the perils without, for we live in dangerous times...

The greatest dangers in this world are not the obvious ones. Fierce dragons wage millennia long blood feuds in the skies above us. Savage tribes of orc and goblin kind wash across the landscape in a tide of bloodshed. Powerful mages lock themselves away in their ivory towers, ready to unleash dark and terrible magics upon any foolish enough to come near. And yet, these are not the most sinister foes you will face. Heed me: Faerun needs its heroes, now more than ever before, for we live in dangerous times...

I was once one of those heroes, if you can bring yourself to believe that. I am old now, and bitter, and filled with sadness at all the bloody and terrible mistakes I have left behind me. Our homelands are threatened by far worse peril than they have ever faced. Ancient evils awaken, and plans are set in motion, and dark storm clouds linger on the horizon. We have all seen the signs, from the lowliest hedge-witch to the great seers of Candlekeep. Faerun needs you, or we shall fall to dangers all around. Truly, young one, we live in dangerous times.

Recent HistoryIt is the Year of the Staff, 1366 in the Dalereckoning calendar, and it has been less than a decade since the gods themselves walked the land. Wild and dead magic zones still dot the landscape, symptoms of the death and rebirth of Mystra, goddess of magic. The tyrant Bane, has been overthrown by an even worse threat, Cyric the Mad, Prince of Lies and god of murder, strife, and death. The Tuigan Horde, fierce warriors from beyond the unapproachable east, swept across the whole of the eastern reaches of Faerun, and were only defeated by an alliance of nations under the Cormyrian King Azoun IV. And yet, all signs predict that worse is still to come.

An entirely new continent has been discovered on the far side of the Trackless Sea, full of new wonders and dangers never before imagined. Ancient evils, those that are even remembered long thought dead, are beginning to stir. The best intentions of heroes lead to power vacuums quickly filled by worse evils previously held in check. On the frontiers of 'civilized' lands, people live in fear of the beasts and men that roam in the darkness. There are stretches of land that have not been explored in centuries, if, that is, they have ever known the footfalls of an organized venture. Ancient magic, some of it malfunctioning and most of it unknowable to modern sages, lies forgotten, waiting for those foolish enough to disturb it. Yes, these truly are dangerous times.

What type of game is this, anyway?That is a wonderful question. It is, at its core, a Pathfinder game. However it borrows quite heavily from 3rd edition sources and mechanics, and is set to begin in what I consider the height of the 2nd edition Forgotten Realms- only 8 years after the Time of Troubles and roughly six years before the 'start' of the 3rd edition campaign setting. Under the surface, I'd like to try to run a campaign that can best be described as gritty high fantasy. Power always comes at a price, one most often paid in hindsight, and sometimes the best you can hope for is to die trying. If you're looking for a light-hearted game of "I win", this is probably not what you're looking for. While I don't consider myself to be a Gygaxian "Me vs. All of You" style DM, I make it a point to provide you with enough resistance that you genuinely feel you have accomplished something when your characters succeed.

So you think you have what it takes?Great! All I ask before you submit your application is to take a look at my list of House Rules (which includes allowed sources) and my Character Creation guidelines. If this still seems like a game you would be interested in, then please post your application below. I would prefer that applications be kept in private tags. An application may include more than one character idea (although only one character will be allowed per accepted player). There are no restrictions on alignment or class, the only requirement is that your character be willing to work together in a group with people he may not particularly like, in order to accomplish a common goal. Just like in real life, there is no reason for the party to keep people around who aren't pulling their own weight.

Example of Private tags[PRIVATE="Mystic Lemur"]I want to play a Chaotic Good Rakshasa Bard with only one arm and who plays the fiddle.[/PRIVATE]

What I'm looking for
All applicants should provide, at a minimum (and again, I would prefer this to be in a Private tag):
  • Name:
  • Race:
  • Alignment:
  • Description: At least good enough to pick your character out of a small group. Pictures are fine)
  • Background: Just the highlights is fine. You'll have plenty of time to flesh it out as you become more familiar with the setting. On that note, familiarity with the Forgotten Realms is a bonus, but not at all required. In fact, if your only experience with the setting is D&D 4th edition, you may find that what you think you know isn't always true.
  • Goals and Motivations: I want you to list at least one major (long term) goal and one minor (short term) goal. Make them as simple or as epic as you like, so long as it gives me a good idea of what drives your character.
  • Why this game? I'm not looking for you to stroke my ego, I just want to make sure this is really the game for you. "This was the first game I saw" or "I'm applying to every game hoping to get in" are perfectly valid answers to the question.

You'll notice I didn't ask for Class or Build. You can provide that information if you want, but it isn't strictly necessary. I'm looking to pick characters that will tell a good story, filling the "four roles" is of secondary importance.

Once again, don't forget to have a look at the House Rules and Character Creation guidelines.

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