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  • Created Jun 8 '18
  • Last Post Mar 21 '19 at 2:22am
  • Status Running
  • System Gumshoe

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Flow Without Ceasing is a one-shot Fear Itself (2nd ed) adventure for 4-5 players, set in current times using normal characters. It is based roughly on the published adventure “The Seventh Circle,” by Matthew Sanderson, transported to the Hudson Valley and rearranged a bit. It is partly a way for me to get a feel for the system.

Fear Itself is a GUMSHOE variant, very streamlined and focused on investigation. You do not need to be familiar with it to play, although some basic understanding of the GUMSHOE systems will probably spare you some headache.

Characters will be normal, modern people. You have the option of playing a psychic with a single power of detection, but this makes the character more vulnerable.

As this is a small, short game I'm setting a quick deadline for applications followed by a week of character creation. So applications will be due on June 25th, and we will hopefully begin gameplay around the 5th of July. Read the character creation guidelines and start a new thread in the Character Creation thread group.

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