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Closed Game

This is a closed game, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Game

A D&D 5e/Amazing Adventures game set in a homebrew world called Ivalis that is an analog for Europe circa 1400 CE.

Game System

D&D 5e



Detailed Description

This is a D&D 5e game though I may incorporate Amazing Adventures 5e from Troll Lord Games as well.

The setting for this game is in and around the port city of Anchorhead, in a homebrew setting roughly parallel to Europe around 1400 CE.  The city is on the northern coast of the continent Ivalis, and the region is the Grand Duchy of Sauscony, though Anchorhead is an independent city and a member of the Mercantile League.  Characters that do not share a “European” cultural analog or flavor will be rare, though not unheard of.

Anchorhead sits on a rock island at the mouth of a river.  The river flows North on either side of the city and into the bay, which curves gently to the North on the East and West banks of the river.  There are towers on the Northeast and Northwest tips of the bay for defense and they also have lights for navigation.

On the island is the Old Town with a few docks, and the usual city buildings plus the Citadel; on both banks of the river around the Old City is the new city, poorly organized new construction including two larger dock areas: the East Docks are commercial and are surrounded by warehouses and other businesses; the West Docks are part of a shipyard with lumber mills and other craftsmen surrounding.  Timber comes down the river from a forest a few days ride to the Southeast. 

The city is governed by a council of guild masters.  The Guild Guard provides policing and the Black Legion provides defense from external threats.  The Legion is headquartered in the Citadel, a castle on the Southern-most tip of the rock island, facing inland.  This is a world in which the civilized lands are ordered, society functions, and wanton violence or lawlessness is not tolerated.

I am hoping for a fast-paced game, please look at the expectations post as well.  Character creation will be limited to conform with the European flavor.

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