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  2. Welcome to Shipbuilding Round 2! As we have 10 players, there will be two separate, independent ships, each with five players. I have made two sets/teams of players based on the character interactions so far and what seems like it would be the most fun. This means I didn't necessarily make groups to make sure all types of posts are covered, but instead primarily based on what player personality/backstory combinations sounded like they would be the most fun. If either ship loses enough players to drop below 3, the two ships will reunite. Though you will be on two separate ships, you will be able to communicate and coordinate from across the waves via Skappbeetles, and will likely meet up before the Bloom is found. This will give you an advantage over other searchers who are limited to one ship. The overall way this will work is I am asking everyone to select their favorite choices for the Design elements of the ship (which are selected collectively), after which I will see what choices/themes are most popular and use those, and break any ties with my own preferences. You have free reign for your individual stakes. If you have any questions, please ask in the OOC thread! This is the shipbuilding thread for @TheObsoleteMan, @Nightshyft, @Diceros, @Passione, and @Abalon. Your crew includes a raveller, two wordbearers, an alchemist, and a corsair. You have good close combat (through Kryk T'k and Helena), social (through Slip and Kryk T'k), exploration (through K and Helena), and creation/support (through Ham) abilities. Your ranged combat abilities, while not bad, are somewhat lacking, as well as your repair abilities (relatively speaking). Ship Options (those options that are struck through are not available for this game). Ships are built semi-collaboratively by the players by spending Stakes on various Design elements, Fittings, and Undercrew. For this game, we will be using a modified version of the ship-building rules. You five will all collectively allocate 6 Collective Stakes to the Design elements (in addition to the size, which is determined by the number of players), and then each individual player will allocate 3 Individual Stakes to pick their own personal additions to the ship's Fittings and Undercrew. Keep in mind that you will probably want your ship to be able to handle a variety of challenges, from combat to rough seas and rougher weather. Tilt and Saws are especially helpful for navigating the rough and dense seas of the Sepulcher, respectively, while Speed will help ensure you stay at the front of the pack. Seals can help keep out the omnipresent pollen and Armour the sometimes-present cannonballs, while Stealth can help you evade foes if you are feeling less confrontational. Collective Stakes: Design Elements As a crew, you have 6 Stakes to spend on the Design of the ship. You must select one Design in each of the following categories: Size: How large your ship is. For this game, this is simply determined by the crew size. Your ship is Standard (1 Stake), granting it +1 Armour. Frame: This describes the general shape of your ship. All frame options cost 1 Stake. Frame Options Sturdy 1 stake Armour +1 Built to last and weather strong assaults. Moulded 1 stake Seals +1 One unbroken structure throughout the ship. Light 1 stake Speed +1 Lightest possible materials in the smallest amounts. Scything 1 stake Saws +1 Wedge or blade-shaped, efficiently cuts through waves. Sleek 1 stake Stealth +1 Rides low on the waves. Flexible 1 stake Tilt +1 Jointed or multi-segmented, adjustable and responsive. Hull: This describes the primary material your ship is made from. The available options cost 1 or 2 Stakes. Hull Options Reef-Iron 1 stake Armour +1 Salvaged metal plating from derelicts. Durable. Leviathan Bone 1 stake Seals +1 From the skeleton of a long-dead monster. Solid. Broadwood 1 stake Tilt +1 Wooden planks. Flexible. Rough Bark 1 stake Stealth +1 From ironroots; tough to maintain. Camouflaged. Chitinous 1 stake Speed +1 Collected shells of large insects. Smooth. Razorscale 1 stake Saws +1 Interlocking, sharpened scales from a beast. Slicing. Ceramic 2 stakes Armour +1, Seals +1 Baked clay, needs maintenance. Sealed and sturdy. Chrysalid 2 stakes Seals +1, Stealth +1 Ship is built in an abandoned pupa. Sneaky and sealed. Ghost-Oak 2 stakes Armour +1, Tilt +1 A rare wood from the Drown. Flexible, yet durable. Exile's Copper 2 stakes Armour +1, Speed +1 A rare metal. Light and durable. Bite: This describes how the ship moves across the waves (while chainsaws are the most common, and my favorite, there are other Bites). The available options cost 1 or 2 Stakes. Bite Options Sawprow 1 stake Saws +1 Chainsaw on the prow. Serrated damage. Impellers 1 stake Speed +1 Jet-like engines. Blast damage. Crawler 1 stake Tilt +1 Finger-like mechanisms at front. Blunt damage. Underscales 1 stake Stealth +1 Flexing scales on bottom. Keen damage. Jag-Tracks 1 stake Armour +1 Grapple tracks on keel and sides; slow. Hewing damage. Sluicejets 1 stake Seals +1 Pressurised phytophobic chemical release. Acid damage. Longjaw 2 stakes Saws +1 Speed +1 Chainsaw across whole ship bottom. Serrated damage. Propeller-Cage 2 stakes Speed +1 Armour +1 Cage housing propellers. Blunt damage. Navapede Limbs 2 stakes Stealth +1 Tilt +1 Centipedal limbs letting the ship scuttle. Spike damage. Voltaic Runners 2 stakes Seals +2 Lightning makes ship float. Volt damage. Mulcher 2 stakes Saws +2 Armour +1 Stealth −1 Grinding teeth like a lamprey. Serrated damage. Tentaculari 2 stakes Tilt +2 Living cluster of tendrils. Salt damage. Engine: This describes the power source of your ship. The available options cost 1 or 2 Stakes. Engine Choices Chemical Compressor 1 stake Speed +1 Fueled with fruit and insect husks. Springwork 1 stake Saws +1 Releases kinetic energy wound by hand. Parasite Pitcher 1 stake Stealth +1 Large pitcher plant in engine housing, roots entwined with ship systems. Fueled by organic matter... preferably living. Steam Piping 1 stake Seals +1 Pipes, chemicals, and steam. Fueled with (cleanish) water. Ratwheel Exchange 1 stake Tilt +1 Rats running in a wheel. Rats need to be fed and rested. Pulsing Cocoon 1 stake Armour +1 An unknown insect pupa, feeding on dreams. Jawbox 1 stake Saws +1 Speed +1 Stealth −1 Wood-fueled engines with minimal flammability. Solar Compressor 2 stakes Speed +1 Stealth +1 Stores, liquefies, and pressurizes sunlight. Magnetic Coils 2 stakes Stealth +1 Tilt +1 Spinning cylinders in perpetual motion. Fueled with magnetic scrap. Ceramic Batteries 2 stakes Saws +1 Seals +1 Batteries fueled by lightning strikes. Acid Maw 2 stakes Saws +2 Open chemical vat melts down metal. Salvage-fueled. Tamed Hive (Special) 2 stakes Speed +1 Seals +1 Stinging insects create energy-rich honey. Fueled with flowers and pollen. At sea, can use task to get Fresh Engine Honey. Reclaimed Burner (Special) 2 stakes Speed +3 Seals −1 Ancient burner running on ancient chemical fuel salvaged from pre-verdant ship. Runs on specialized rare fuel. Can explode. Needs ventilation. Logistically, please select one Frame, Hull, Bite, and Engine option that cost a total of 5 stakes (as Size is already accounted for). This means that three of these can cost 1 stake, and one of them can cost 2. When everyone has posted, I will look to see what elements were most commonly selected and break any ties or stakes overages we might have with my own preferences or else run a short poll for you all to select a design. Feel free to coordinate your choices of collective stakes with your crew mates below. If you truly have no preference for the Collective Stakes, you can elect to only select individual stakes. If you wish to donate extra points to purchase better Design elements, note this in your reply below and feel free to coordinate with your fellow shipmates! Individual Stakes: Fittings and Undercrew You have 3 Stakes to spend on Fittings for the ship and any Undercrew. While coordination of the individual stakes is encouraged, it is not required. Fittings are rooms, additions, features, ship weapons/artillery, equipment, or outriders. Your character may not be the only one to use the fitting you choose, but you will have priority over their use in most cases. In most cases, a ship only needs one type of fitting, so read through the posts before yours to make sure you aren't purchasing the same thing as someone else. Additions Additions are extra tools and equipment added to the ship. You can have multiples of most additions, but in most cases it is not recommended (as one is sufficient). Anchor System 0 stakes Curved hook anchors ship to branches below. Standard on most ships. Rig-Ropes 1 stake Ropes strung above the deck for drying clothes, safety lines, or gymnastic travel. Firefly Lanterns 1 stake Network of lanterns filled with fireflies, woken or set to sleep with taps on the glass, for illumination. Luminous Blooms 1 stake Patches of moss or flowering plants that glow. Chemical Spotlight 1 stake Bright spotlight. Survival Station 1 stake Chest with flares, flags, grapples, wraps, and emergency rations. Cargo Crane 1 stake Sturdy crane for cargo and managing heavy objects. Wrecker's Magnet 1 stake Electromagnetic crane used for heavy metal management. Signal Flares 1 stake Colour-coded flares for distance communication. Need Signaling language to use effectively. Shutter-Lamps 1 stake Bank of lights and shutters for distance communication. Need Signaling language to use effectively. Steam Whistle 1 stake Shrill whistle for announcing presence or frightening beasts. Vox-Horn 1 stake Deep, blaring horn and voice amplifier. Tethered Kitesail 1 stake Glider tethered to deck, allowing for aerial views during wind. Trained Messengers 2 stakes Flying creatures trained to seek out ships and land, deliver messages, and return with replies. Fixed-Band Radio 2 stakes Short-range radio system that can send and receive staticky signals through fragile antennae. Fruiting Tree 1 stake Acquire fruit when using a task to tend this tree growing from your deck. Night Farm 1 stake Acquire mushroom specimens when using a task to tend this dark, fungal soilpit. Lightning Rod 1 stake Acquire a charged ceramic battery during a lightning storm. Water Purifier 2 stakes Acquire barrel of pure water when at anchor or when cutting a path in the rain. Trawler Nets 2 stakes Reinforced nets that let you acquire one normal specimen when cutting a path. Rooms Rooms are spaces on a ship that serve a specialized function. A galley is highly recommended, and having an extended cargo bay may not be a bad thing. Please note that rooms cannot be duplicated (i.e., a ship can only have one of each room) unless otherwise noted. Galley 1 stake A room for cooking and eating, with chemical stove. Medical Bay 1 stake A clean room with tables and beds, and some bandages and the like. Workshop 1 stake A room with smithing and repair tools, including a workbench. Navigational Suite 1 stake A room full of charts, maps, and related equipment. Butchery 1 stake A clean room for rendering and preserving specimens. Tap-Room 1 stake A room for the creation, storage, and drinking of booze. Panic Room 1 stake A triple-locked room stocked with supplies and reinforcement. Cooling Facility 1 stake An insulated cold room for storing perishables. Luxury Quarters 1 stake Individual rooms for each crewmember to sleep. Lens Room 1 stake A room of telescopes and magnifiers inside the ship. Brig 1 stake A ship-borne prison. Cargo Bay Extension 1 stake A large cargo bay, complete with cargo webbing and reinforcements for dangerous items. Underdeck Gymnasium 1 stake A room of weights, ropes, and fitness equipment. Lounger's Tent 1 stake A rest area on the deck of the ship. Observation Platform 1 stake A crow's nest of sorts, with communication line to pilot. Underthrash Platform 1 stake A sturdy door leads to an open platform at the bottom rear of the ship, under the treeline. Cupola 1 stake A blister of glass or amber with a seat at the ship's rear or side. Can be duplicated. Weapons These are weapons attached to your ship used for ship-to-ship or ship-to-monster (or eventually, ship-to-flower) combat. You can have duplicate deck weapons, but only one of each type of hull weapon or boarding equipment is permitted. It is highly recommended that you purchase at least one or two weapons to ensure your ship can fight back. Deck weapons are weapons mounted on the top deck of the ship. Hull Weapons are weapons mounted on the outside of the ship's hull or are located inside the ship that fire from portholes. Boarding Equipment consists of collective racks of weapons the crew can borrow for hand-to-hand combat. Deck Weapons Trebuchet 2 stakes Lob anything at foes. Deals LR Blunt damage. Harpoon Turret 2 stakes Fire barbed spears. Deals LR Spike damage. Shrapnel Cannon 2 stakes Fire clouds of sharp metal. Deals LR Serrated damage. Viper's Tooth 2 stakes Unstable gun that fires acid. Deals LR Acid damage. Grand Blastbow 2 stakes Giant crossbow firing chemically-explosive bolds. Deals LR Blast damage. Storm-Rail 2 stakes Two brass rods hooked to a voltaic generator. Deals LR Volt damage. Hull Weapons Winch-Claws 1 stake Bank of short-range grappling claws to draw enemy ships closer. Broadside Cannons 1 stake Banks of cannons that fire only to the sides. Deals LR Blunt or Blast damage. Ramming Prow 1 stake Ram without hurting your own ship. Deals CQ Blunt damage. Spearing Prow 1 stake Reinforced spikes for safe ramming. Deals CQ Spike damage. Bladed Prow 1 stake A wedge for slicing into enemy ships. Deals CQ Hewing damage. Ripsaw Prow 1 stake Serrated edge to cut down enemy ships. Deals CQ Serrated damage. Boarding Equipment Armoury Rack 2 stakes A rack stocked with 2-track weapons with either Blunt, Keen, or Spike LR or CQ damage. Wrecker's Rack 2 stakes A rack stocked with 2-track weapons with either Hewing, Serrated, or Blast LR or CQ damage. Outriders Outriders are miniature ships (like motorcycles or jet-skis) that your character will dock within the larger ship. If you purchase an outrider, you are the only one that can use it unless you grant permission to another. To make an outrider, you must purchase at least one outrider launching system (which is how your outrider gets on and off the ship). To make the outrider itself, you must purchase a chassis and then any number of fittings. It is highly recommended that you use the Workhorse chassis if you want an outrider, as this offers the most flexibility for the lowest cost. If you choose the workhorse chassis, you can select two fittings for your outrider for a cost of 0 stakes. The other chassis have higher statistics but are less flexible and more expensive. Each player may only have one outrider. Outrider Launchings (must choose one) Tow-Line 0 stakes Tow outrider on a thick rope or chain. Docking Crane 1 stake Lower and raise outriders (and maybe more) from the waves. Wild-Bay Doors 1 stake Doors that open directly onto the waves, allowing Outriders to be stored in the ship. Hull Clamps 1 stake Docking clamps on side of ship to hold an Outrider in place. Catapult Track 1 stake Spring-loaded platform that launches Outriders at speed. Outriders (choose one chassis and any number of fittings) Workhorse Chassis 1 stake Armour 2, Seals 1, Speed 2, Saws 1, Stealth 1, Tilt 1. Two free fittings. Highly recommended if you are making an Outrider. Skipper Chassis 2 stakes Armour 1, Seals 1, Speed 3, Saws 2, Stealth 3, Tilt 2. Sleek and compact. Chopper Chassis 2 stakes Armour 3, Seals 1, Speed 2, Saws 3, Stealth 1, Tilt 2. Cuts through anything. Sidewinder Chassis 2 stakes Armour 2, Seals 3, Speed 1, Saws 2, Stealth 1, Tilt 3. Mobile and sturdy. Windglass Fitting 1 stake Protective shell of amber or glass. Armour +1, Seals +1. Overburner Fitting 1 stake Chemical battery. Speed +1, Saws +1. Mucoid Rub Fitting 1 stake Slimy adhesive coating for stealth and turning. Stealth +1, Tilt +1. Personal Mod Fitting 1 stake +1 to any three ratings, and −1 to another. Weapon Housing Fitting 1 stake A deck weapon hooked to steering column. Choose LR Blunt, Keen, Spike, or Blast damage when taking this fitting. Flatbed Fitting 1 stake Allows for carrying small amount of cargo or small number of passengers. Camouflage Fitting 1 stake Paint and vegetation used for disguise. Stealth +3 when still or at anchor. Skiffs Skiffs are, essentially, large outriders that can comfortably fit two, and uncomfortably fit up to 4. Unlike outriders, skiffs have two decks (a topdeck and belowdeck). Furthermore, skiffs must be purchased by two players coordinating, as a skiff costs more than 3 stakes. A ship may only have one skiff. To make a skiff, you must select one of the launching options below and then, for the skiff itself, select two different chassis and any additional fittings you desire for the skiff. The Skiff ratings will be calculated as follows: (Higher Chassis Rating) +0.5*(Lower Chassis Rating, rounding down; Mork reserves the right to alter these ratings pending balance concerns after seeing what you come up with). You may divide the stakes cost for these options among any players who wish to contribute. Skiff Launchings (must choose one) Hull Clamps 1 stake Docking clamps on side of ship to hold an Outrider in place. Catapult Track 1 stake Spring-loaded platform that launches Outriders at speed. Skiffs (choose two different chassis types and any number of fittings) Workhorse Chassis 1 stake Armour 2, Seals 1, Speed 2, Saws 1, Stealth 1, Tilt 1. Two free fittings. Highly recommended if you are making an Outrider. Skipper Chassis 2 stakes Armour 1, Seals 1, Speed 3, Saws 2, Stealth 3, Tilt 2. Sleek and compact. Chopper Chassis 2 stakes Armour 3, Seals 1, Speed 2, Saws 3, Stealth 1, Tilt 2. Cuts through anything. Sidewinder Chassis 2 stakes Armour 2, Seals 3, Speed 1, Saws 2, Stealth 1, Tilt 3. Mobile and sturdy. Windglass Fitting 1 stake Protective shell of amber or glass. Armour +1, Seals +1. Overburner Fitting 1 stake Chemical battery. Speed +1, Saws +1. Mucoid Rub Fitting 1 stake Slimy adhesive coating for stealth and turning. Stealth +1, Tilt +1. Personal Mod Fitting 1 stake +1 to any three ratings, and −1 to another. Weapon Housing Fitting 1 stake A deck weapon hooked to steering column. Choose LR Blunt, Keen, Spike, or Blast damage when taking this fitting. Flatbed Fitting 1 stake Allows for carrying small amount of cargo or small number of passengers. Camouflage Fitting 1 stake Paint and vegetation used for disguise. Stealth +3 when still or at anchor. Undercrew are non-player crewmembers that you will control (and who will primarily answer to your character). Each player may only purchase one Officer or Gang. Officers are a single crewmember with a brief background that plays a somewhat active role in gameplay, and will be controlled primarily by the GM outside of combat and by the player in scenes (I recommend only purchasing an Officer if you are prepared to do extra roleplaying; in most cases I recommend against using them entirely, especially if you haven't played before, but the option is here). For officers, please provide a name, bloodline, and brief background in addition to the information below. Officers Skillful Officer 1 stake A seasoned wildsailor, able to hold their own in many important tasks. Choose 2 ranks in any skill, and 1 rank in another skill. 3-Track. Well-Travelled Officer 1 stake A wide-ranging traveler well-versed in lore. Choose 2 ranks in any language, and 1 in any other language. 3-Track. Experienced Officer 1 stake A seasoned wildsailor, maybe soon to strike out on their own as a main crewmember. Select any Aspect a player character can have; they have that Aspect and a track equal to it. Gangs are small collections of crewmembers who share a specific skillset and help with a predefined task. All of them have a 3-box track. Gangs Spear-Fishers 2 stakes Automatically acquire one normal specimen when dropping anchor. Magnet-Fishers 2 stakes Automatically acquire one normal salvage when dropping anchor. Stargazers 2 stakes Automatically acquire one normal whisper when dropping anchor. Cartographers 2 stakes Automatically acquire one normal chart when dropping anchor. Deck Engineers 2 stakes Automatically clear one mark from damage ship's rating when dropping anchor. Bonesaw Troupe 2 stakes A single crewmember can repair a mark from any damaged trait or injury when dropping anchor (purchasing player's choice). Tinker Troupe 2 stakes A single crewmember can repair a mark from any gear when dropping anchor (purchasing player's choice). Scholars 2 stakes Learn a secret about the surrounding waves when dropping anchor. Marauders 2 stakes Fight in CQ combat to deal Blunt, Keen, or Spike damage. Picaros 2 stakes Fight in LR combat to deal Blunt, Keen, or Spike damage. Packs are animals (or a group thereof) that play a specific role on the ship. Sometimes they are trained, and sometimes not. Packs Lemur Pack 1 stake Keep ship free of small insects. Spring-Foxes 1 stake Dance on canopy around ship; warn of dangers from below. Stretch of Slinks 1 stake Spectral cats, hunt vermin. Brace of Hounds 1 stake Dogs to protect ship. Rig-Ferrets 1 stake Tie and untie knots on rigging in hard-to-reach places. Whirling Bats 1 stake Eat bugs around ship. Frenzy-Parrot 1 stake Warn of approaching predators and ships. Trained Pinwolf 2 stakes Fight to defend ship in CQ combat to deal Blunt, Keen, or Spike damage. Squirrel Flingers 2 stakes Squirrels armed with slings to defend ship in LR combat to deal Blunt, Keen, or Spike damage. Dragon-Tail Butterflies 1 stake Good luck charm. Spider Colony 1 stake A former tzelicrae that keeps insects and rodents away. Glass-Shell Snails 1 stake Pretty decorations, hurt when stepped on. Scorpion Set 1 stake Sting intruders and sometimes crew. Medical Mosquitoes 2 stakes Infections and viruses don't transfer from crewmember to crewmember. Glowbug Parade 2 stakes Fireflies that provide constant dim lighting. Mantis Sentries 2 stakes Automatically acquire one normal specimen when docking at port. Rust-Roaches 2 stakes Automatically acquire one normal salvage when docking at port. Etterescu 2 stakes Centipedes with good ears. Automatically acquire one normal whisper when docking at port. Library Boatmen 2 stakes Spider-like creatures that hoard paper. Automatically acquire one normal chart when docking at port. Geist Octopus 3 stakes Once per journey, one crewmember can roll 6D6 instead of their usual dice pool on any task. Please post your individual choices for stakes below. If you have any suggestions for a ship name, please post them alongside your individual stake choices. I will compile my favorite names and make a poll for you all to choose the final name from. To make this process as painless as possible, please post your Collective and Individual Stake choices below. If you wish to coordinate, please feel free to do so in this thread, but please clearly mark your post that contains your preferences (ideally, your first post should have your choices and you can just modify them as you coordinate). You do not have to suggest collective stakes or names, but you will have to select individual stakes. Shipbuilding Preference Form Preferred Collective Stakes (5 stakes total): Frame: Element (cost) Hull: Element (cost) Bite: Element (cost) Engine: Element (cost) Individual Stakes (3 stakes total): Choice 1 (cost) Choice 2 (cost) Choice 3 (cost) Suggested Ship Names:
  3. My first character got approved 🥳 Beer is on me tonight 😁
  4. I know nothing of grey hawk except an expectation for neutral colored raptors.
  5. Sorry all, i've been pretty busy and stressed - somehow I didn't realize that everyone but me had posted 😅 I'm starting to get back into the swing of things so I will post soon.
  6. To my mind, everyone is aware of their impossible quest at least on a surface level. As in, you at least know what your goal is even if you have no clue what the steps would be to accomplish it. You all are notable figures in your chosen places of residence so this was likely hoisted on you, either by prophecy (as is classic fantasy) or by an elder/leader who would have some authority to put that burden on you. You have sought out the Oracle of Stone for assistance with this task, which bring all parties together, but it is your call whether you made that choice or someone else made it for you.
  7. Works for me. Always nice to have a fun aunt.   Sending a DM about class ideas
  8. Which version of the Diabolist is going to be allowed? Book of the Damned or Book of the Damned Vol 1 Princes of Darkness? The newer version is not allowed by the PFS Additional Resources, but I wanted to make sure. Also, for this prestige class, do you allow casting the Lesser Planar Binding/Ally for requirements to be done from a scroll or must it be cast from the casters prepared list? I know this is future things, but I like having a plan for my character.
  9. General setting convention question - does every PC know, in-character, what their impossible task is? And is it self-directed or are we looking at a conspiracy of fates sort of thing?
  10.   Ah I remember that premise from reading the Adventure Thread. Those names sound like they can come straight out of Conan.  
  11. Totally new setting for me then. Player adventure as well, heh.
  12. @Kamishiro_Rin, I used the net rules for Rani's improvised lasso situation but let me know if I should re-roll or try something else.
  13. Valerie looks at Haughaloogie and gives him a smile. "Thank you for what you said but no need to go through the trouble. The shylenites around here already don't like me too much but they might be kind to you." Linizi smiles as she begins scribbling into her book. Though she doesn't noticed another individual. Coming to the table. The first thing noticeable about him is his purple hair and what can only be called a smug attitude. His nameplate reads Tartuccio. "Hello. I take it you all are here for the same reason I am. I am the magnificent Tartuccio. You may gawk at my glory"
  14. That's a lot of Shadow points in very little time... I'll be out of pocket tomorrow through Saturday for a wedding, fyi.
  15. Thanks. That was my thinking, but wanted to ask first.
  16. Ouránia 'Rani' Airgetlám High Elf Noble Fey Wanderer Ranger AC: 16 (scale mail) | HP: 9/11 (1d10+2+2) | Speed: 30 ft. Senses: Passive Perception 14, Insight 12, Investigation 10 Str:Save: +3 Athletics: +3 Carrying Capacity: 240 lb. Lift/Push/Drag: 480 lb. 10 (+0) | Dex:Initiative: −1 Save: −1 Acrobatics: −1 Slight-of-Hand: −1 Stealth: −1☆ ☆ disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks from Chainmail Armor. 16 (+3) | Con:Save: +2 13 (+1) | Int:Save: +0 Arcana: +0 History: +0 Investigation: +0 Nature: +0 Religion: +0 11 (+0) | Wis:Save: +2 Animal Handling: +2 Insight: +2 Medicine: +2 Perception: +2 Survival: +2 15 (+2) | Cha:Save: +1 Deception: +1 Intimidation: +1 Performance: +1 Persuasion: +1 13 (+1) Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, Infernal and Drow “My words,” Rani says. | ‘My thoughts,’ Rani thinks. | My actions . . .   "The kind whose pack is a good twenty or so feet away," Rani replies with unusual venom- most likely due to the pain of her injuries. After tucking the vial of acid into her waistband, the offered rope is quickly fashioned into a lasso, and she slinks forward, shoving her hair out of her face to make sure she's got eyes on her target. Not that the troll is hard to miss, but the last thing she needs is her aim going completely awry. The rope goes around, making contact with the troll- only for it to half-notice the restraint around its ankle and yank, pulling the rope most of the way out of Rani's hands. She scrambles not to let it get away entirely, but fails, and curses softly under her breath. "Gods," she mutters bitterly, reaching for her shortswords again, "it would seem Lady Luck isn't on my side this night."   OOC Movement: — Scooting up to N5 Action: — Gonna try and lasso that troll- Bonus Action: — Reaction: — Lasso Attempt Str Save
  17. Murdain Shattershield Class: Psion 5 | AC: 14 | HP: 40/50 | Prof: +3 | Init: +3 | PP: 16 | Speed: 30ft ConditionsPsionic Empowerment: On |0/3 ☠ 0/3| 5/5d8 HD| 2/2 LR| 2/4 SR| 1/1 LR| 10/10 |💼 InventoryA crowbar A set of dark common clothes including a hood A belt pouch Cloak of Elvenkind, Thieves' tools, Woodcarver tools, 1x dagger(focus) Explorer's pack(backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin. 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side Rapier, light crossbow, 20x bolts Harmonica 2x Healing potion(Minor)(Chargen2+1)(1 used) Ball bearing bag 1gp Chalk/coal 1cp Flasks x 5 10cp Bag of caltrops - 1gp(used, but will re-collect) Insect Repellant 1sp Oil Flask x5 5sp(1 used) Parchment x5 5sp Net x3 3gp Scroll Case 1gp Alchemist Fire x 2(5d8 Fire, nonmagic, Dex15 for half, 5x5 radius) 7 gp, 25sp, 7cp Potion of Heroism x1(1 used) Potion of Ghost Form x1 Studded Leather Armor x1 Horse(Glutton) with saddle x1 Wolfskull 'Staff' of Cone of Cold. DC15. Staff of Healing, 10 Charged, 1d6+4 per Dawn. Cure Wounds 1-4, Lesser Restore 2, Mass Cure 5. Murdain stepped away from the corner and shook his head. "I aint seen any presence of poison, neither. An' Souris' right. Implications are dire... But to be expected really - short step from the kinda thing it can do to a mind." He nodded at the tunnel before him, drawing back carefully. "Nothin'. But I doubt they're far. 'nother twist of tha tunnel headin' deeper in - left turn after this right 'un. Straight ahead's cat lair. Monster's either gonna go through tha tunnel there or... the floor. Maybe." He glanced at Barkvin, then Nikoletta. "If yer right, an' it moves through shadows - iffen we can deny or lessen those, we can have a good defensive position." Murdain sighed, scratching the back of his head. "Wish we could, Aaliyah. But... We've got the strength, an' tha knowledge, and the fortification. Nah... I aint leavin'. There's too much left undone, even after this. But leavin is a choice - an' if you feel like you need to, I fer one wont stop ye." Besides... Did he mind dying? Really? He still wasnt sure about that.   OOC/Mechanics Action: Minor Illusion Bonus Action: Free Action:  Move: None Reaction: OOC: 
  18. Amdiran, Son of Amdirgir | Dunédain Warden 3 AC: 15/17 | HP: 22/22 | HD: 3/3d8 | Initiative: +4 | Passive Perception: 17 | Warden's Gift: 3/3 | Discourse 1/1 | Foresight: 1/1 Shadow Points: 5 | DM Inspiration: 1/1 Amdiran's arms go rigid as his hands grasp the arms of the King's Chair. His vision sharpens, and it all becomes so clear, even as the faces of his companions grow strangely dim and blurry. He cries out, a desperate sound filled with grief and pain. "Father!" he cries. "Who would despoil your tomb? Why are you here, so far from where I laid you? What mischief of the Shadow is this? What fell spirits move here?" He leaps to his feet, anger giving him strength. He snarls as he turns to his companions. He looks each of them in the eyes, and they see a fell and fierce glow in the Ranger's usually kind eyes. He whirls toward Tomas suddenly. "What have you done, Bree-man?" he snarls. "It was your uncle who set these events in motion. Why has he disturbed the graves of the Dúnedain? Who brought Amdirgir's bones here? Was it him? Was it you? Tell me!" His hand seems to move of its own accord, grasping for the hilt of his sword. Although he does not draw it for the moment, it is clear that violence clings close to Amdiran now.    
  19. @Mick the Rogue How about an aunt, Halia Thornton. She's your father's sister. They had a falling out, though you've never known over what, some years ago. You always got on well enough with her, though. She's tough and has a sharp tongue but kind of fun too. She left Neverwinter for Phandalin after the falling out and you've heard she took over the Miner's Exchange there.
  20.    Darvin frowns in thought for a moment before shaking his head. "I do not think we will have the spare time, Vithka. We have more pressing tasks at the moment. Perhaps on the way back we can participate in a hunt. Of course, if we happen to run into one, then there is little reason to not defend ourselves, yetis do have a reputation for being aggressive." He offered with a shrug. "Until then, however. I do want to thank you for watching the top and I am glad that we were able to help. And welcome back, Roscue, and it appears that you have brought a friend with you. I am Darvin, will you be travelling on with us?" He said, holding out his hand to shake to the newcomer. Actions/OOC   Concentration: Conditions: HP: 32/32 Statblock Darvin, Scribe of the All Seeing Eye Str 8 (-1) Dex 14 (2) Con 12 (1) Int 14 (2) Wis 10 (0) Cha 16 (3) Proficiency Bonus: +3   INIT: +2 AC: 13 HD: 5/5d8 HP: 32/32; TEMP: 0 Speed: 30 ft Passive Perception: 12   Gifts: Charm of Bounty: Create Food and Water 3/3 Human: Bonus Skill/Feat Cloistered Scholar: Library Access Warlock: Otherworldly Patron: Celestial (Savras) Pact Magic Healing Light: 6/6 Eldritch Invocations: -Agonizing Blast -Beguiling Influence -Book of Ancient Secrets -Repelling Blast Pact of the Tome (Detect Magic; Identify) Rod of the Packeeper: 1/1 (1 per day, regain a spell slot) ASI: Magic Initiate (Warlock): Minor Illusion; Mage Hand; Hex lvl 4: Eldritch Adept   Attacks Eldritch Blast +7 1d10+3 Club +2 1d6-1 Dagger +5 1d4+2 Spell Slots Pact Magic: LVL 3: 2/2 Magic Initiate: Hex: 1/1   Spells Known Spells Known LVL 0: Eldritch Blast; Guidance; Light; Mage Hand; Mending; Minor Illusion; Prestidigitaion; Sacred Flame; Thaumaturgy; Mind Sliver LVL 1: Cure Wounds; Comprehend Languages; Hex; Detect Magic; Identify LVL 2: Lesser Restoration; Suggestion LVL 3: Daylight; Hypnotic Pattern
  21. Deep Humus Under Rocks - Leshy Sorcerer 3 HP: 32/32 | AC: 17 | Speed: 25ft | Hero: 1/3 | Focus: 1/1 Perception: +6| Fort: +7 | Ref: +7 | Will: +8 Conditions-None| ConsumablesInfused: -2x Lesser Antidote -2x Minor Elixir of Life Talismans: -1 PC affixed to dandpatta Items: -Bracelet of Dashing (1/day) | AbilitiesFocus Spells: | SkillsAcrobatics: +2 *Arcana: +8 Athletics: +0 Crafting: +0 *Deception: +9 *Diplomacy: +9 *Intimidate: +9 *Leshy Lore: +5 *Forest Lore: +5 Medicine: +1 *Nature: +6 Occultism: +9 Performance: +4 Religion: +0 Society: +0 *Stealth: +7 *Survival: +6 Thievery: +2 *Trained | **Expert | ***Master Hum shakes their head at the mint leshy. "We're here to save the little ones! The forest is safer than this place. We live in harmony with nature there. She's been lying to you about everything!" they say, their voice quivering with anger. OOC/Actions Other: Action 1: Cast a Spell: Electric Arc Action 2: Cast a Spell Action 3: Step 5' back Reaction: Free:  Exploration Activity: Summon Statblock (Empty) Empty Spells Primal Known Spells DC 19, attack +9; 2nd entangle, hideous laughter+, scorching ray* (1/3) 1st charm+, heal*, gust of wind, swampcall ( 4/4) Cantrips dancing lights, electric arc, ghost sound+, produce flame, scatter scree Focus Spells (1/1) faerie dust    
  22. I'll be out of pocket tomorrow through Saturday for a wedding. I'm interested in another game, but work has been so crazy lately I'm not sure I can swing it, honeslty.
  23. I was kind of weary of Psionics but Psychic Warrior might be solid Idea
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