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  2. mayyyy beeeee   Ps Sorry for absence, went on a surprise weekend getaway.
  3. You should be able to combo-ooc and a private tag to keep it neat, the only thing with private tags is you need to know who knows the langauge. But that shoudlnt be a massive issue.
  4. Sorry for the long pause folks. Moved into the new house, set up the internet, then it collapsed and had to get someone out to fix it. Looks like two of you reacted to the door opening and moved on, did we lose the other two? Are you guys still with me?
  5.  Lothar Gunther Bucheim   AC20 HP 9/18 Initiative +2 Fort +8 Ref +4 Will +5 Male Neutral Half Orc Fighter 2 / Warpriest 1, Level 3, Init 2, HP 18/18, Speed 20' AC 20, Touch 12, Flat-footed 18, CMD 18, Fort 8, Ref 4, Will 5, CMB +6, Base Attack Bonus 2    MW, Silversheen Reach, Trip, Cord Horse Chopper  +8 (+7 Power Attack) (1d10+6 (+9), x3) Weapon Cord Chakrams (2) +3 (1d8+4, x2) Warhammer  +5 (+4 Power Attack) (1d8+4 (+6), x3) Magic +1 Agile Breastplate + Kilt (+8 Armor,+2 Dex) Abilities Str 18, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 8 Condition None  Character Sheet https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=525390 Lothar, hacks at the rising rat-thing from where he is. It's a close run thing, the wall is in the way, but thankfully, it's much easier to hit due to being on the ground and trying to get up. The heavy blade on a sturdy haft slams into the things midrift. It's lycanthrope hide proves no much for Lothar's silver blade. Blood spatters the walls. It doesn't go down but Lothar's slash has done some damage it can only limp away from. The gash in its fur is visible for all to see... as is Lothar's ivory white smile and very orc reminiscent lunatic eyed expression. Lothar steps back, still grinning fiercely, and swings again, but it's only a fair swing not a good one and so fails to connect. "Yer no getting past me.", he half snarls, half laughs, the orc in his blood audible to all. Actions Lothar, in B14, swings at the prone wererat (R1) as it rises, and hits it due to it's prone AC penalty. He then 5' steps back to C13 which is not difficult terrain and swings at (R3), again with his silver bladed polearm, but misses. I used Lothar's full bonus and added 2 to the Rat's AC to take it to 20. I forgot the -4AC it has due to prone. Including this turned a miss into a hit.  
  6. I think its tied to character sheets that are linked to games so it hides the text behind fake language text and then only people with the same languages on their sheets can read them. I'm not sure if its working yet. What i might do is add private-tagged dialogue when using another language
  7. Sorry for the long pause. Things were crazy busy and I was finally able to make the time to catch up. October is still busy with High School volleyball practice and games, but I hope to still find some time.
  8. Day 9 Morning, In Brinestump Marsh Barlo moved around the outside of the shack with his whip in hand. He cracked it through the gap where Casimir had been standing and the leather end coiled around a tiny leg of the rat. He yanked the creature off its feet, leaving both of their foes sprawled on the dirt floor of the dilapidated shed.   The pair of rats were not perturbed, even though one was intimidated by the hulking half-orc. One jumped to his feet again, ignoring the free shots he would take from the larger opponents. HE stepped inside the polearm's reach and attempted to slash the man's legs. He missed. But he screened his companion from the polearm as that one also leapt back to his feet. Barlo tried to get him with his whip, but missed. The rat slashed Arradon with his blade and cut him.   Combat Information Map: Results Casimar cannot 5ft step onto difficult terrain, moved him to D17 instead Barlo moved, used Whip to trip R3 R3 Shaken 1r R1 Stood drew AoO from Arradon and Lothar, 5ft step, missed Lothar R3 Stood, potential AoO from Arradon and Barlo (missed), hit Arradon 4 dmg   Round 4 You are up   Good Guy Info Casimir 8 dmg Arradon 7 dmg Lothar 9 dmg Azgar 7 dmg   Bad Guy Info R1 [AC18] HP: 17/20, DR10/Silver R2 [AC18] Dead R3 [AC18] HP: 20/20, DR10/Silver Barlo Hawkins           Barlo Hawkins (Bard-3 LPF) :: Pathfinder :: Myth-Weavers Online Character Sheets HP: 23/23 Bard Performances (Lingering): 11/13 remaining (+1 Courage, +2 Competence) Spells: Cantrips (Message, Mage Hands, Prestidigitation, Ghost Message, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic) 1st level: 3/4 (Charm Person, CLW, Silent Image, Grease)   ** Everyone is up for Round 4 **  
  9. That would be 100% possible, and I think being spies, it might be useful in some situations.   I haven't checked what tags exist on this new site, but I recall the lang tag be interesting to use on the old site. Personally love when different langauges are used to sow a little confusion or intrigue.
  10. I also just realised that since there is another japanese pilot we can have secret japanese conversations.
  11. Today
  12. Name: Amelia Grey | Class: Fighter | Level: 1 | AC: 16 | HP: 12 | Prof: +2 Saves: Str +4, Dex +4, Con +4, Int -1, Wis +2, Cha -2 Fighting StyleArchery: +2 ranged attacks, Second WindBonus Action: 1d10+level per long rest Attacks: PistolsAttack +6 Damage 1d10+3 , RapierAttacks +6 Damage: 1d8+4 Passive: Perception - 14 | Investigation - 10 | Insight - 14 Languages• Common • Undercommon • Elvish • Sylvan • Abyssal • Deep Speech, DarkvisionDarkvision out to 60ft, Fey AncestryYou have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep. "You can just about smell it from here.." Amelia imagines she can smell blood on the air and doesn't look as she sits - casually - but keeps her voice low "I know a vampire when I see one.. I don't know how common they are around here, but where I'm from you know what to look for, or it'll be the last sunrise you see, one way or another." She has one hand wrapped around her glass, tapping one of her rings against the side, she has many of them, a single band with etchings of many eyes, an heavier band of ornate gothic swirls and a dark gem but its the smaller ring, on a very particular finger, a ring of gunmetal grey with a small but exquisitely clear red gem. It could indeed be an engagement ring though she had no other rings on that finger. It might even distract people from the fact her other hand was by her hip, where one of her guns were, no less ornate but for a much different purpose. "Mindless undead are one thing, but anything with a working brain is all the more dangerous."
  13. Placeholder [Table=3,1][R=1,1][RIGHT][IMG2=200]https://i.imgur.com/0YlPsQb.png[/IMG2][/RIGHT][R=2,1][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][CENTER][SIZE="2"][B]::[/B] [URL=http://charactersheet.co.uk/pathfinder/#/statblock/5e44f49171456c000442f5b5][B][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="2"]Vael'mira[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][/URL] [B]::[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][CENTER]『[B]Initiative[/B] 4』『[B]HP[/B] 64』『[B]AC[/B] 28』 『[B]Fort[/B] 2』『[B]Reflex[/B] 5』『[B]Will[/B] 8』[hr][/hr][/CENTER][hr][/hr][B]Condition:[/B] Normal [B]Active Spells:[/B] Mage Armor (+4), Air Stance (+3), Shield (+4), Butler Deflect (+3[soft-capped]) [B]Notes:[/B]   [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][CENTER][SIZE="2"][B]::[/B] [URL=https://charactersheet.co.uk/pathfinder/#/sheet/634267eeaf7e9400044c20f2][B][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="2"]Vivienne[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][/URL] [B]::[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][CENTER]『[B]Initiative[/B] 6』『[B]HP[/B] 72』『[B]AC[/B] 25』 『[B]Fort[/B] 4』『[B]Reflex[/B] 11』『[B]Will[/B] 5』[hr][/hr][/CENTER][hr][/hr][B]Condition:[/B] Normal [B]Active Spells:[/B] None [B]Notes:[/B]   [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][R=3,1][LEFT][IMG2=200]https://i.imgur.com/GKmCGtM.jpg[/IMG2][/LEFT][/Table]
  14. Vael'mira's signature weapon of choice is her Staff.  While it functions fine as a quarterstaff, she sees it as her symbol as a Sage.  At present, she hasn't earned the title in full, but she's working hard at it! Though not excessively strong, Vael'mira will go through great lengths to cart around whatever books/scrolls/historical artifacts she comes across in her adventures.  She has a great love of these sorts of things and will do whatever she can to preserve them. If/When she should ever own property, it will be allocated thusly: 80% storage, 10% utilities, 10% comfort, 0% decoration.  As such, expect plenty of bric-a-brac and clutter if the day should ever come; the girl is a hoarder collector. Having had a very minimal flavour palette in her previous life, Vael' will go out of her way to try local delicacies and foods/drinks at least once.  This will inevitably lead to as many good discoveries as bad, though likely to the comedy of those around her. Though she's not excessively fit, Vael' has a daily workout she does every morning; some light stretching and cardio mostly. Vael' loves animals of most any kind.  However, she's no fool; though she wants to hug anything and everything cute and fuzzy, she takes precautions and reads up on critters in advance in case of hidden dangers. https://i.imgur.com/0YlPsQb.png Header   :: Vael'mira :: 『[B]Initiative[/B] 4』『[B]HP[/B] 8』『[B]AC[/B] 13』 『[B]Fort[/B] 0』『[B]Reflex[/B] 0』『[B]Will[/B] 4』 Condition: Normal Active Spells: Notes:   Drahalk      
  15. Name: Karak | Class: Barbarian (Berserker) | Level: 9 | AC: 14 | HP: 125/144 | Prof: +4 Saves: Str +4, Dex +2, Con +2, Int -1, Wis +0, Cha +1 | GWMCleave; After critical hit, or when dropping a creature to 0, make one extra attack as a bonus action Heavy Weapon Mastery; (Prof to damage - 1/turn) When you hit a creature with a heavy melee weapon as part of an attack action, you can cause the weapon to deal extra damage to the target. Extra damage equals your Prof bonus , Savage AttackerWith the attack action, when you hit a target , roll weapons damage twice and keep best. 1/turn, Tough+2 HP per level Great Axe: +8 [1d12+4 (Cleave)] | Mace: +8 [1d6+4] | Hand Axe: +6/+8 [1d6+4 (Vex)] Rage: (3/4) +4 Damage. [Resistance to Bludgeoning, Piercing and Slashing. Adv on strength] Reckless AttackOn first attack of your turn do so with advantage. All rolls against you also have advantage., FrenzyOn first hit, roll a number of d6s equal to Rage damage, Feral InstinctAdv on Initiative and Dex saves, Tumble (4/4)Proff per day. Knock large or smaller target prone if you deal damage. "Oh i am ready..." shifting his grip on the axe he readies himself. Unlike some, he is looking more forward to the ambush, it is never better than fighting an enemy who thinks they have the upper hand, but do not...   Mechanics    
  16. I know I made my save, but I didn't catch the damage dealt. I don't have Evasion/Improved Evasion.
  17.   “Death never comes at the right time, despite what mortals believe. Death always comes like a thief.” ― Christopher Pike, The Last Vampire Or perhaps.. “Life is a dream from which we all must wake before we can dream again.” ― Robert Jordan, The Fires of Heaven Life is a time of hardship.  Youth is the hardest time of all.  The transition from a realm of innocence and wonder to the harsh, grinding reality is hardly kind, even to those that notice its effects the least.  We all have our coping mechanisms, as is our human design.  Some revel in the company of others, sharing the burden of growing and changing with those of like mind.  Others seek rebellion, shouting out at the sky for all to hear; I will never be bent!  I will stand unbroken!  Others still find an escape, be it through religion or digital realities of our own creation. I found mine in books. My Grandmother said to my mother once that my body was not made to hold a soul so pure and wonderful.  That God missed my spirit so much that he designed me flawed that I might return to him swiftly.  She meant best, but Mother had no love for a god that would blight her child with an incurable illness.  She spoke to me with smiles and a loving heart, but every moment we were together pained her.  She was very good at hiding it - father too - but by the time I'd become a teenager, I'd figured it out.  If I had one gift from the divine in exchange for my shortened time limit, it was my keen mind.  When my swift legs were taken by a quaking cough, I learned of War and Peace in older times.  When my lungs couldn't battle the smallest germ, I learned of Pride and Prejudice and what it brought to bear.  Before my eyes closed for the last time, I had stood before the oncoming tide as the Maid of Orleans, slain dragons as the great Siegfried, felled trees as Paul Bunyan and outraced a steam engine as John Henry.  The ink stained pages gave to me the worlds I was denied and even with all the pains heaped atop me, they were what I would miss the most. If God could hear me, if he cared as my Grandmother said, I have a few requests for my next life. ...Processing This time, can I have an adult's body?  One that could hold the people I love and be loved by others properly? ...Feature Added: Adult Figure I'd like to be unique for something other than sickness; a trait that would make others look at me with wonder. ...Feature Modified: Very Adult Figure I'd like to visit the worlds I've seen in my fantasies, to travel among those worlds as one of its inhabitants. ...Race Clarified: Fantasy Race I would love to read all of their books, to see the magic held in their pages, ...Class Chosen: Mystic Arcanist and have the time to read them as well. ...Race Chosen: High Elf Most of all.. I would like to have friends, to share my discoveries with, to laugh and cry with, to know the companionship I was denied in my previous life. ...Assembling Party. Features Selected, Race Chosen, Class Chosen, Party Matchmaking in Progress Loading... ... .. . Initializing Rebirth ----- Stats Prior Name: Vanessa Michaels Age at TOD: 15 Gender: Female Height: 4'8" Weight: 80lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Birthplace: New York, New York   Personality Vanessa was a young girl afflicted with a genetic disorder that caused her cells to get progressive flaws with each later division, allowing for vulnerability to illness, organ damage and, in the end, full organ failure.  Quiet and contemplative, Vanessa spent most of her days reading books from her hospital bed, dreaming of lives she could never live, worrying more about her family than herself.  After all, she was going to die; they would have to live on without her, and from how people spoke, that was going to be very hard.  Sweet, kind, and gentle were how she was described after she passed; perhaps that was all accurate.  It was hard to see from the personal perspective, after all.   Stats Name: Vael'mira Age (Rebirth): 80 Gender: Female Height: 5'11" with heels Weight: 115lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Red Birthplace: TBD Personality Vael'mira is a studious high elf if there ever was one.  Prone to collecting items, she is normally quite shy and quiet, keeping to herself with her nose in some book or another.  However, once dragged out on adventure, she is excitable, enthusiastic and often comically childish, unbefitting of her perceived age.  She is equal parts proud and embarrassed with her body, often declaring certain people perverts for staring.  However, she is able to run, jump, climb and breathe easily, traits that she revels in (much to the confusion of everyone she's ever told).  "She is the most un-elven elf that ever elved to elf.", some have said.  They might just be right.   Full Character Sheet*This is the full and editable version. It makes paperwork SUPER easy for leveling =D The only thing it has issues with are spells and traits from outside sources. It's handling Mystic well enough though. Abridged Character Sheet*If you cursor over the spells, gear, traits, basically anything, a tooltip pops up with notes and details. MV Table Plant MV: 22  
  18. Ulrica is still down some. I think Malciar is down quite a bit.
  19. Ilyrana also has healing for those that need it.
  20. The door to the next area is hot to the touch. As soon as you open the door, you are greeted by stinging white-hot cinders and choking sulfurous fumes. Somewhere nearby, you hear the slow grind of massive, ancient gears. Since Yurk mentioned machinery, Grex and Zeska go in first, carefully searching for traps. OOC @TheRaconteur @BobtheWizard please give me a Fortitude save and a Perception roll.
  21. I'm not familiar with White Star but in my experience Rules Lite is the way to go with star wars. Aside from a heavily modded d20 star wars i haven't played in a game that the rules really fit. I was in a very short lived Fate star wars game that looked like it would work out but we didn't get into a lot of mechanics, however the more loose rule-lite theme of Fate really seemed like it'd work. It sounds like it could be fun so i'll take a look at the white star stuff.
  22. A sudden burst of thunder rocks the ship, and wakes Ian. He growls a swear word that, in his native tongue Chronar, literally means "light too bright to bear." As Ian's eyes realize his brain is awake and begin to focus, he looks at the clock on the wall across from him. He decides he probably wasn't going to sleep for too much longer anyway. He pulls on the outfit he'd removed to sleep, and walks to the door... ... and mutters the same swear word, in a more matter-of-fact and resigned tone this time, as he remembers how much brighter the light in the main hallways is than he's used to. He starts reviewing the layout of the ship in his head, trying to think of where the dimmer sections of the ship are so that he can find someplace to get something to eat without needing to spend too long in what most people would consider "ideal lighting conditions." Ian would probably want to sit down and eat something in a dimmer area of the ship; what options for that would occur to him?
  23. „Hey there“ I greet the Barkeeper with a smile and a nod. As one of my old comrades put it: being friendly to your barkeeper keeps spit out of your drinks. I stride in with big strides as if I was hasting to my goal before I correct to smaller steps to accommodate my shorter companions, don’t want to run away from them after all. I still like this wholesome atmosphere in the tavern, something that is so different from my hometown, where big gatherings would likely just happen on the village square or an elders home. The many different people, sounds and odors, it’s like bathing in an amalgamation of adventure. After I sat down on my usual place I looked to my new companions. What a merry band we are I think humorously to myself and grin, just like this tavern a lot of different people with different backgrounds and personalities. My view goes to Nabbi who I call by my nickname for him with a grin (which I gave him when he first tried to steal from me) „Hey fingers, I think you still owe me a drink for the last time you tried to loot my gold“ OoC: so First playing post on this website hope this is ok ;-)
  24. Xp 1,300 + 5,000=6,300   4 gems of varying values (100, 125 and 2 of the same value, about 200gp) 5 PP 35gp A silver pocket watch 100gp A silver ring 30gp An ornate scroll tube made from horn and trimmed with gold and silver 125gp A key chain with a tiny skull of silver 100gp
  25. Ace made a displeasured noise as he was pulled out from under the cloak "ugh... we're in... good" He hummed then seemed to close his eyes and you could see twitching like he trying to reach out with his mind to connect with his body. "hmm... I feel something." A light beeping sound came from Lilly's device "huh?" She floated over towards a wall and ran the device over it "Captain... my device is picking up something odd beyond this wall Captain Prospero hummed as he walked over and checked the wall then seemed to find something "what this..." He worked with the wall and found something that could be gripped and pulled it. A click was heard and the wall panel opened up like a door. It seemed to lead into a dark tunnel Lilly pulled out a small marble and lit it and shined it into the tunnel but the light only lit up so far "I wonder what this passage is." She muttered Ace hummed "I don't know but I think that's a good starting point for an investigation."      
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