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  1. Nooo, one more round please. I can swat the VTOL, and I need the hatchet to do something useful. Demented T10 Move Run to 1405. Demented T10 Weapon Attacks Alpha strike the VTOL Demented T10 Physicals Hatchet the Peregrine.
  2. Also, you can't make it to 1611 without sprinting, meaning no weapons fire at all. The best you can manage while running is 1711. That's a heavy woods in 2009, 3 MP to enter.
  3. Yeah, the record sheets have always been a weird. They look like you're viewing the 'Mech head-on, but the sides are mirror imaged so that the left side remains on the left and right on the right. Honestly, it's just easier that way. Demented T9 Move Run 1313>1711>1912>1913>1614 end 1614 Facing S. Demented T9 Weapon Attacks Alpha strike the Caesar. Demented T9 Physical Attacks Hatchet the Caesar, on the punch table.
  4. Demented T8 Physicals Hatchet on the Caesar, no aim.
  5. Demented T8 Weapon Attacks Alpha Strike the Caesar. Physicals pending. (Sorry-I jut have too many options to pick one before the shooting ends).
  6. The TNs would've been the same either way. The only advantage the laser had was the possibility of preventing the punch from landing, which could've happened through a head hit KOing the pilot, a through-armor crit to legs, arm, or gyro knocking it down, or setting off the SRM ammo and taking out the whole left side. All of those are very outside chances, so the whole thing was just sheer stupidity on Princess' part. I was expecting a left twist to shoot the guns at something in the front arc and a hatchet attack. Which would've cleaved off half the Starslayer's guns if it had hit the LT. And no, I don't want to rear hex. I'm going in for a left-side shot. Demented T8 Move Run 1814>1815>1616>1315>1314, end 1314 NE.
  7. Yeah, I was hoping for a lot more damage. Demented T7 Phyiscals Hatchet attack on Caesar. Don't aim.
  8. I regret I don't feel comfortable putting in a physical attack order yet-I need to see how the weapon phase shakes out. Demented T7 Shooting Alpha strike on the Caesar.
  9. You know, the Banshee has that hatchet, so attacking from there is trading a 5-point punch for a 19-point hatchet. On your painfully exposed left side. I'd either jump to push the TNs up and allow you to turn to present for front table hits, or give up on physicals altogether and run through the trees to to 1412 and then extend to 1213.
  10. The Archer has medium range shots on the Caesar, so it can stay put this round. You could sprint to 2105. The woods will shield you this turn, and you'll be able to get stuck in the next. Demented T7 Move Run 1709>1508>1513 end 1513 facing SE.
  11. Demented T6 Shooting Twist left, shoot everything at the Corsair.
  12. It happened because you failed to aim the hatchet at the punch table like I said. Aside, but our shot grouping has been excellent. I actually do prefer conventional hover and VTOL units over 'Mechs for light cav purposes. That said, the Peregrine's speed and firepower come at a steep cost. Do you know how much armor the Peregrine has? Eight. No, not eight tons, eight points. Yes, an Elemental suit is tougher than it. Demented T4 Move Run 1313>1314>1716>1713, ending 1713 facing N
  13. Demented T4 Attacks Twist left, alpha strike the Corsair. Physical phase, hatchet the Corsair, aiming for the Punch table.
  14. You can't do that. Jumping has to take the shortest route between the start and end hexes (player's choice if multiple routes available). If you want to jump, 1806 is probably the best bet. I'd backpedal to 2009 myself, because all attempts to make a 5-hex run to 1710 come up 1 MP short. As for me, I'm about to get my hatchet on! Yay! Demented T5 Move Run 1511>1508>1512, ending 1512 facing SW
  15. Go for it. I don't think we'll need 12 rounds of NARC ammo for the 'Mechs. And hilariously, there's no exemption to the MP loss for rotor hits if the weapon deals no damage. New life goal: Immobilize a VTOL with frag missiles.
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