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  1. A number of GMs use the "silver standard," which functionally changes all the gp values to sp; some also the change the prices to sp as well, while others keep the prices as gp to slow down wealth accumulation. Lots of digital ink has been spilled on the topic, but I rather liked (and ). I feel like it's particularly valuable if coinage costs encumbrance. Otherwise, IMO it's just a numerical value (like credits in SF games) used as an abstract measurement of wealth.
  2. Logan easily clambers up the ductwork, reaching the top of the office structure's single story. The duct continues straight into the side of the second story of the warehouse wall. A door on the northern side of that same wall leads into the warehouse proper, monitored by a single camera. A small maintenance grate on the top of the duct allows access to its interior, which appears to be wide enough for a single person to snake through it to the exit fan. Rooftop map OOC Since we're not in combat time at the moment, I'm assuming Logan took the time to assess the rooftop before fully climbing up top, allowing him to notice the general details noted above, as well as finding a position to get up that is out of LOS of the camera. If Arm wishes to climb upwards as well, Logan can assist him in reaching the top without needing to roll.
  3. Remember that the team has a simple secure message-exchange system set up, so Arm's info can be passed on to the rest of the team without needing to return to the car. Arm and Logan are also co-located at the moment, since the dumpsters are close to the air duct.
  4. Ah, I forgot that was already in your post. The Demon doesn't notice her.
  5. Arm's search finds a stack of battered license plates deep in the bowels of a metal-scrap container, including one registered to the Rain. This jives with one of the line items from the work order obtained from Shadi's datapad. Wolf Wolf's avatar slips up the dune, revealing the ruined remnants of a settlement below. Large chunks of shattered brickwork lay strewn about the coarse, gravelly sand like a child's playblocks, little rodent-like creatures skittering back and forth between the skeletal structures. Two giant stone legs, the only remnants of what would have been an impossibly large statue, sit in the middle of the debris, a bronze plaque labeled "Ozymandias" sitting between them. As she moves down the path towards the settlement, a twinned set of long, thin antenna reach up over the peak of another dune, followed by a pair of enormous crustaceous claws. The antenna wave about briefly, sampling the parched air, then the massive bulk of what could only be a monstrous crab scuttles over the ridge, ambling unconcernedly towards the statue. Wolf's deck identifies the settlement as the security station, with two paths leading away to other nodes. The small rodents are individual network imps, helpfully carrying bits of control data and sensor packets between the subsystems of the control panel. The statue represents the security station itself, with one of the node exits located underneath. The crab is a Mastiff-class Demon, entering the control panel from another node; it rolled a 9 on its Int/Program check and won't see her. OOC We have entered combat turns, since Wolf may be interacting with another program in the network. This will limit the magnitude of any actions Arm and Logan can take. Since the crab doesn't see Wolf, we're not in combat time yet.
  6. Mickey continued his mad dash forwards and maneuvers his horse in by the eastern side of the burning wagon. Mechanics Move to the wagon, I guess on the SE corner. The objective is to stay out of LOS this turn while getting closer.
  7. As Wolf and Corvus work their way to the northern camera, Arm picks his way over to the eastern side to sneak a peek inside the dumpsters. Over his head, the meter-wide HVAC intake fan merrily rattles inside its housing. The battered containers hold the usual detritus associated with an import/export company: haphazardly bundled shrinkwrap, broken pallets with loose nails sticking in every direction, torn and stained coveralls. Nothing immediately jumps out as indicating the presence of the Free Rain, but at the same time, a lot of the trash could be packaging for the materials needed by a typical chop shop. Logan does not see any ladders that he can reach from the ground. However, a visible airduct snakes its way up the eastern side from the HVAC equipment and runs across the rooftop; a skilled climber may be able to scale it and access the rooftop that way. OOC If Arm wants to dumpster dive for a closer look at the contents, give me a Notice roll. Is Wolf going to move elsewhere in the network, or stay in this node for now? There is no penalty for the latter, unless a Demon or another avatar wanders into the node.
  8. Toktok follows Otto's lead and moves to the left side of the party, keeping his eyes on the forest.
  9. "Anak? Here?" Blen asks. "Is it just the one beyond that door, or are there more?"
  10. Before leaving the sheriff's office, Toktok takes the opportunity to thoroughly search the man's desk for other potential clues, including rifling through the stack of watchbills and "borrowing" any unfinished booze.
  11. That's fine, we're all still learning what a good starting loadout is. Ballistic methods for a rapid demating of the electronics and optics would also work, but might be a tad less stealthy.
  12. Apropos of nothing, one of my favorite matrix idioms comes from an early Shadowrun novella (one of the Wolf and Raven books by Stackpole, IIRC). Rather than anything adventurous or action-oriented, the interaction is simply a baseball game, with the main character as the pitcher and his hacking actions different pitches.
  13. Wolf disembarks and carefully picks her way through the urban debris to the northern side of the building. Not seeing any lookouts, or indeed any sign of surveillance beyond the lonely camera situated next to the roll-up door, she attaches her FMC to the underside of the housing and plugs a second cable from her deck directly into her cranial stub. Matrix time! Wolf's sense of place warps as her virtual awareness fills with the Red Sun's virtual idiom: a massive, empty beach dominated by the disk of a gigantic red sun, the ruins of buildings and detritus of a long-dead civilization scattered like broken toys along the wind-swept sand. A beaten path wends its way up to a sandy dune, leading deeper into the network, while a single albatross-like creature circles overhead; Wolf's deck flags this as the camera itself. Arm does not see any obvious guards outside the building, although the lights are visible in the upper windows of the warehouse. Conventional wisdom suggests an office like this would typically have a guard or three scattered throughout the structure: one monitoring a security office, and at least one other on patrol. OOC Is anyone else coming with Wolf? In CWN a hacker can still move in meatspace while hacking (subject to cable length or wireless range), so it may make sense for the team to stick together. At the very least, Corvus will back her up as an NPC until cybersavant can play again. We can also assume that Badge will stay to guard the car for now if Logan decides to come too. , I think your current Access is 3 (+1 scrap deck, +1 Program, +1 Int). Common operator knowledge about Red Sun suggests that it's network hardware will likely be DC 8 (minor gang).
  14. I'm totally down with installing Phaedra as a new sheriff. I mean, building an ominous stronghold for the cult of Airmed counts as spreading the good word, right? 😁
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