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  1. I think mechanically it's fine - just recall that you have a -2 to AC if you charge, and you can clearly tell that they also have clubs readied. So, while not all said bandits had bows, all of them had clubs (being, let's be honest, a fancy stick).
  2. It's funny - as I was writing that post, I was having the same idea. Not sure how it would work with hexes, as I typically use though. Happy for ideas on that front!
  3. For me, I'm all about incrementalism - I often think of the British cycling team that eventually won gold by just improving little things here and there consistently. Recently, I decided to lean on the Monstrous Manual to just roll up the encounter and see what happened, which in turn got me into a much larger scale battle than I usually run on account of the logistics of it. Today, on a whim, I decided to number the baddies for my own ease of tracking and for everyone else's ease of targeting. Everyone seems happy by the outcome, so I'll implement it in for all encounters going forward.
  4. He did - just wasn't enough to kill - that was done by the follow-up blow from Suibne.
  5. It is wild how much the dice roller loves y'all :P
  6. Day 5 - The Road North of Erilune, Late Night The bandits seem entirely unexpecting of the ferociousness of the defense. The party's blows seem to land, one after another, dropping the bandits foolish enough to engage in melee like flies. Before their morale can break and they panic, however, the Bandit Leader calls out, "Fall back! Fall back and keep shooting!" The archers, at this point the only survivors save for one bandit still engaged in melee with Otto, dutifully fire and fall back, attempting to cover their own retreat. Two of their arrows land, striking Toktok and Xan, but the injuries are far less severe than they could have been. Dungeon Master The bandits with a red X are slain. Toktok and Xan each take One (1) Damage from arrows. Bandits are additionally numbered for easier book keeping / targeting. Round 3 Map
  7. Welcome! I can't say that I know the least about Mechwarrior Destiny, but if you're looking to run such a game but aren't certain about factions, I might suggest writing up the pitch and seeing what interest there is in which factions over in the section :)
  8. Everyone should have a block of private text that they can see. For this, I am going to ask that everything is done with the private text function. For reference, it's the little dude with the + sign.
  9. A Timeless Void Karadoon diligently stands watch above.
  10. Believe I just need the actions for Suibne from and Xan from
  11. "Get the third one!" Astrid yells as she tries to clear a path with her warhammer!
  12. I actually have a character in a game by Primeval Stasis that fights in much the same manner - Tecumseh has the right of it, should be totally fine :)
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