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  1. Iphigenia breathed a heavy sigh of relief as a wounded-but still living-Stavard was deposited on deck. Such relief was short-lived though: she watched in impotent horror as the Northwind secured the Odyssey in such a brutal and underhanded manner. The only consolation was the apparent absence of captain Williamson, but she had no time to ponder it. "Do as he says!" she barked to the crew, confirming at once Stavard's orders with the utmost urgency. She then turned towards Lieutenant Riall, her gunner, and cried aloud: "They think we're pirates, damn them! They are surrendering! Make sure to fire as soon as you can-we need to rally the crew of the Odyssey while there's still time. Show them we're on their side." And then, back to Stavard: "Mr. Stavard, I hope you dealt as good as you received. Go below deck-any more fighting will be the death of you!" OOC I don't know if there are any mechanics for this, but Iphigenia would like them to engage in hostilities as soon as possible-any gesture (even rifle fire, if possible) against the Northwind, to show the crew of the Odyssey that they (the Spirit) are not with Mary Lee's pirates.
  2. I am not privy to the private texts yet, but I think the crew of the Northwind attacked him and nearly mauled him. How or why, I have no idea. Maybe it was unprovoked, or maybe there was an exchange. We may live yet to find out. Now I remember there's an interesting-looking Miró exhibition in Tokyo at the moment. First time in decades his works are displayed in Japan. Wish I could see it, but thought I'd share in case you might be interested.
  3. Bit better in Sendai though not by much. I've been in Tokyo this time of year and rode around a lot with my bike. It's... a bit tough :) Better hit those kakigoris hard!
  4. I don't have time for a proper IC post this morning, but if you want to keep things moving, please do assume that Iphigenia will confirm Stavard's commands.
  5. While Karadoon and his kin were busy with preparing the rope, Iphigenia's duty was elsewhere: to ensure that the Spirit remained as close as possible to poor Mr. Stavard, who even from this distance seemed to be in a bad way. The danger of sharks was at the forefront of her concerns now: speed was of the essence, and so she cried her commands, not having time to think much of the strange goings-ons between the Odyssey and the Northwind... As the Spirit came ever closer, Iphigenia thought of crying out to Stavard, to clearly communicate that help was on the way. But then she turned to the other ships, who were now much nearer, and thought better of it. There was a good chance Mary Lee thought Stavard already dead, or dying, or drowning. She did not want to spook her by revealing that he might be drawing breath yet. OOC Right, Sail (CHA)... Edit: That's a poor roll, so let me use my Expert ability to re-roll it. This seems rather important... Edit: An 8. Hope this works out
  6. "Stavard! Curse you, man!" thought Iphigenia upon seeing the seemingly impossible-her companion fighting off most of the Northwind sailors like a crazed half-demon. Karadoon's words confirmed it, and almost at the same instant she noticed-just barely-his body hit the waters. "You heard the good dwarf!" cried Iphigenia in response to Karadoon. "Helmsman, let us go get our friend. There!" she added, and pointed in the right direction. "I see him!" And she gave the instructions in the proper nautical terms. She spoke those words loud and clear, and tried to keep a semblance of calm, in hopes that her inexperienced crew would mirror her demeanor, and remain composed. They needed to-none had done this before. But inside, uncertainty plagued her. What if the Northwind decided to fire at them? After Stavard's deed, it would not be unthinkable. Worse yet, what if their interjection hindered the Odyssey from doing her duty? "Away with you, useless doubt!" She focused on the task. There was only the task now-nothing else mattered. She kept her eye on Stavard. If they lost him, then he might be lost-perhaps forever. She could not, would not allow it. "Hold on, you fool... Hold on, you devil... Just a little longer..." OOC I read the rules for naval warfare. They look cool, though I am not sure I understand them 100%. I am also not sure if they are in effect, but if they are, Iphigenia will take the Bolster the Crew action to give the Helmsman (I assume an NPC?) 2 Command points, ideally to spend on the Set Course action to, if not necessarily approach the Northwind, at least the place where Stavard dived. Her number one priority is to rescue him-she believes the Odyssey can handle Mary Lee. I am not sure if Iphigenia can take more actions this round. If so, she'll try to generate more CPs since Set Course is costly (4 CPs). Feel free to correct me if I am wrong with any of this!
  7. Idunn of Firienseld [Mom: 1 (9/1) | Health: 5 | Spirit: 0 | Supply: 1 | Uthred: 3 | Band strength: 4 | Fails: 33 | Shaken] The travelers were weary, having come a long way and in bad weather. Neither Lodin nor the others realized who she was until she stood a few paces from them only, with spear in hand. Then at once Lodin knew her, and a cruel glint shone in his eyes, but he found no words. Instead, she had the first say, and she spoke bitterly, in a manner as cruel as his had been when he had come to Estin. "Hail Lodin, son of Havard, warrior of the mighty Viglundings! Long must have been your way, and your work weary, for I suspect that I know your purpose. But since you have tasted the hospitality of Estin, I thought it only fitting to come here and seek the hospitality of your own folk in return." Her words were loud, and bold, and were sure to rouse everyone from sleep, even in this early hour before dawn. "And those that follow you must be folk from the Free Cottars. I see now their elders, and some familiar faces. Freely they must have followed you, friend, and freely they must have chosen to sample the same hospitality that was afforded me in winter by your chief. And freely they must speak-unless, of course, they have freely chosen Lodin son of Havard as their chief?" She looked to those miserable souls, and that very sight made her blood burn like a blaze. OOC Let me attempt a Secure an Advantage (+iron) to see if her sudden appearance and demeanor intimidates the Viglundings and/or rallies the Free Cottars a little bit... Edit: A miss. You fail or your assumptions betray you. Pay the Price. Let's see... something narrative? Or maybe: (a) some of the Free Cottars came willingly (likely, 26+) or (b) Viglar comes to lend his support (1-25). Edit: Ok, it's the former. +1 for the failure track (updated).
  8. A company of twenty or thirty folk was approaching from the same road that Idunn and her companions had intended to use. At once Cilderic and Rathdan grew uneasy, and urged the huntress to hide. But Idunn refused. She would not leave-not even when Uthred started barking towards the host's direction. Something urged her to stay and wait-curiosity, perhaps, and a strange, foreboding feeling. A decision she could soon regret. As the host came into view, Idunn saw at its head Lodin, the emissary who had come to threaten Estin. A small party of warriors-all Viglund's men-flanked him, but that alone was not important. What made Idunn's blood boil was that they were followed by others yet: all of them elders of the Free Cottars. Even old Waltheof, who, despite his age, had been forced to make the journey. At once Idunn understood the meaning, and a fury filled her. She wrapped her fingers around her spear until her fingers were white. In vain her companions urged her to go. She had unfinished business with this man.
  9. Cool cool! Feel free to make a note of it somewhere lest we forget. A few weeks ago it was this game's 8 year anniversary. Forgot about that!
  10. Probably they dislike the pirates (Mary Lee) more than us. Hopefully.... Southland is one of the kingdoms/countries in Kelmar (our island of origin).
  11. Idunn of Firienseld [Mom: 1 (9/1) | Health: 5 | Spirit: 0 | Supply: 1 | Uthred: 3 | Band strength: 4 | Fails: 32 | Shaken] She slept soundly that night, for though many concerns occupied her, the weariness of the journey had been great, and the chance for rest welcome. It was Cilderic that awake her early in the morning, before the first light, before even the cockcrow. It was time to set out: already her companions had gathered their belongings, and already they had packed what few provisions Aestid had given them. All done secretly, without knowledge of her father. "And now we must leave like thieves in the dark." thought Idunn, inwardly lamenting the rapid deterioration of her standing with the Viglundings. Could things have been different had they not sought to rebuild Estin? Perhaps, but even so, a friendship with Viglund could not last. Not like this: and not while he sought to make himself a tyrant. It had rained last night, and it was still drizzling when the huntress exited the house. She had not wanted to disturb Aestid in her sleep, and so she had only offered a brief farewell, but still Viglund's daughter insisted on seeing them through the door. In the dark that preceded the dawn, Idunn felt her boots sink in the muddy ground, and the cold kiss of autumnal rain on her face, and she took a deep breath of the chill air, that smelled of wet soil. She rubbed her eyes, embraced her host, spoke a few parting words, and set out. She had not managed to leave the village when her departure was interrupted by a new arrival. OOC No mechanics for now...
  12. I'm good with retainers. Happy to pay them, too. Might as well get something out of Thorkell's alcoholism generosity.
  13. "That's the Odyssey!" cried Iphigenia as soon as she had realised the nature of the distant ship. Soon enough, the sound of canon-fire was heard to all aboard, and she turned her spyglass towards the Northwind, to try and discern how Mary Lee would respond. The signs seemed clear enough, and most disconcerting. "They are readying their cannons!" she cried again, and quickly grew alarmed. She had no time for guesswork or speculation. She knew nothing about the history between Edwardson and Mary Lee, but if the two of them were determined to engage, she knew that she had to stand with her former captain. But she could not open fire, not with Stavard on board the Northwind. She turned her spyglass back to the nearest ship and, with a sense of growing dread, she observed, looking desperately for any signs of Mr. Stavard. OOC Flat Notice roll below.
  14. Meaning, it's very messy in an interesting way. if in doubt, the sea is large, and I reckon Stavard knows how to swim... Just sayin'...
  15. Damn, that's the Odyssey. Now that's quite the dilemma. And with different PCs on different ships, and no access to information between them, things are gonna get... interesting. Nicely done! I'll try to have a post up tomorrow, but no guarantees...
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