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  1. Round Event Interrupt! The Brotherhood of Black Banners has successfully convinced the Easterling Hoard to not invade region 412! The battle for Region 412 has been cancelled! The Brotherhood of Black is in further negotiations with the Easterling Hoard!  
  2. It still happens to me too Only way to remove it is press the clear formatting button.   Edit: Hems that was odd - it totally did it but then when I posted it didn't
  3. Jack emboldened attacks at the remaining spearman, but it pulls its shield up just in time to block his axe! Kalagos attempts to grab the shield and land a hit with his club but the skeleton manages to just pull out of reach! An arrow from Akua flies by the melee striking one of the skeletal archers, it staggers mid shot and falls off the bridge into the chasm! Snobi's crossbow bolt's reckless aim missed the melee entirely and sailed into the expanse after the falling archer. A Shout from the other side of the skeletons seems to pull the remaining skeleton archer around toward the new comer. Cassandra curses under her breath before setting loose another arrow, now targeted at the remaining archer with the melee too busy, her shot flies true hitting loose a bone from the skeleton archer as it fires on the dwarf, it was not enough to sully its aim. The last skeletal archer fires at the approaching dwarf in attempt to keep him at bay. The skeletal spearman outnumbered switches targets and tries to jab at the man swinging an axe. Mechanics Cassandra Cass, Fires at the Archer AC12 Cass, DMG if hit     Skeletal Archer 1 SA, To Hit Dumirk SA, DMG if Hit   Skeleton Spearman SS, To Hit Jack SS, DMG if Hit     Dumirk (~120 ft) Skeletal Archer 1 (~80 ft) Skeletal Archer 2 (in the chasm) Skeletal Spearman 2 (~80 ft) Skeletal Spearman 1 (~40 ft) Kalagos (~40 ft) Jack (~40 ft) Snobi & Cassandra & Akua (0 ft) Party's Initiative.  
  4. Akakzi Sriro Akakzi had been too focused on keeping everything fine to notice everyone's hurry and the abnormal morning. She hardly noticed Oli 'sneaking' up on her, and the fright kept her off balance in the conversation Oli's last words not sinking in immediately. "Uh, Yes the.. nose tapping thing is a good sign... I think.. Hopefully proving yourself doesn't involve some of the more... intense rites her family knows of." "Sorry you said Joe's mother was missing? I've got to help him! Come on Oli what are we waiting for lets go!" Akazi quickly packs up the small 'stall' she had been operating out of and gets herself ready. "Where did you see him last?"  
  5.   Jlyora was taking a new measure of the man reunited with him after such a time that he didn't first notice the perfumed note brought to them. Folding his copy neatly into a pocket he listened to Demascus read it aloud before mildly grumbling about having to hitch his llama to the back of the carriage and some notes about him being old but he could still walk just fine. Having left through the stables entrance of the guild hall Jlyora came in sight of the carriage with his llama in tow - a well worn umber travel cloak hung over his features covering the majority of what clothes he worn underneath while a desert scarf was wrapped around his neck ready to be pulled up at a moments notice should it be needed. Hints of gold and aqua-marine embordering on the cloak beneath the dirt and mud showed the cloak was well made, but equally well used. Glimpses of a blue and sea-foam colored robe with a waves patterned into it shown beneath the cloak as Jylora shifted and moved. A travel satchel sat across his shoulders resting on his hips, cinched tight to his side with a second strap on his belt. Tips of scrolls poked out of the edges of the satchel as Jylora rummaged inside for something to hold the llama to the carriage. Getting into the carriage with the assorted group Jylora pulled out a worn journal and attempted to read as they travelled, content to get to know his companions in less confined a space. Once at the table with Lord Price, Jylora had prodded one of the spinning novelty chairs before electing to stand and not risk nausea or bodily harm. Picking some likely greasy tavern food off the menu and something that he recalled Demascus liking he waved down a server. Keeping half an ear to the conversation with Lord Price, Jylora tries to gleans information about the food and its construction from the server to gauge his expectations.    
  6. Round 9   Announcements & Rule Updates Tables will be edited tonight / tomorrow. With their region subdued and their claimed lands captured by the Crrroa Crrroa Confederacy the Tribes of Abada-Mer slip back into the forests of Altarin After a long time of slumber the Vaires awake! The fairies of Irrblossens Härd led by Lilja the first of the fairies rise out of the sands of Dammrök (Region 140) in Yon Vaire! Welcome @Torv to the game! The rats of the Skudal Imperium claw from obscurity led by Rat King Cuairt I in Aite Salach (Region 244) in Vaire Ven! Welcome @MappyPK to the game! The moldy humans of the Akaẓeg Iconoclasts led by Exarch Gwafa of The 2nd Vault rise from the isles of the Bulbancha archipelago (Region 245) in Vaire Ven! Welcome @Lleban to the game! A fourth realm in Yon Vaire slumbers still. (If Xanxost joins, region 138 or 139 will awaken with their realm) The new nations start with 9 (5+4 bonus) total actions and two technologies to reflect the late start! The Vaire Nations! Give me a Color to add to the map for your realm! Ringworld of Ayr The West Wind Blows Sending a Chill Across the Ayr Shadows Lengthen and Stretch On Moonless Nights They Play Something Awakes in the West It Scratches and It Howls It Prowls and It Cries Caressed by Darkness It Knows Naught But Hunger Should hunger be truly its Name, Then forget not when you take Aim To strike true in the fleeing Light Else you Herald the Shadow's Blight Why my child must you now Sleep? It is for your Dreams to Keep! Why my child does the Moon Grow? It is for the Night to Show! When my child will you be free? It is when you come to me! When my child will daybreak rise? It is when your last hope dies. Discovery Altarin Nothing New Explored Altarin R9 Map Taer Mojr Nothing New Explored Taer Mojr R9 Map   Brenn Tyr The Witches of Tir Buwch explore along the waters to the west, finding their way to Region 431! It has a Great Supply of Bees, a Holy Site devoted to Ancestry and 5 units of Bees Knees Defending Units! Brenn Tyr R9 Map The Vaires New realms emerge from slumber with coastlines tormented and tortured by pirates for decades. The heat of the Vaires presses on the new realms, but they stand ready as the heat is their home. Yon Vaire R9 Map Vaire Ven R9 Map   Growth! Altarin The Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy train zabka warriors in their fort bolstering their numbers! (+2 Units) The Nanx Throng raise more fighting Nanx! (+1 Unit) Taer Mojr The Zavestra raise up once again a hero of a prior age, Sylara, the Umbral Sentinel, re-renters active duty! (8) The Zavestra raise up more naval forces (+1 Navy Unit) The Zavestra recruit fresh blood into the ground forces (+1 Unit) The Voile Domain adds forces from the newly added clans to their growing navy (+1 Navy Unit) The Voile Domain recruits trains more Valkyries to fill ranks! (+1 Unit) The Omega spurred on by the losses taken at the hands of the vandals raise more units to fill ranks (+2 Units) The Omega raise navies to more easily cross the coast (+1 Navy) The Goblins of Slardar raise more fighting goblins! (+1 Unit) The Goblins of Slardar create more boats to fight from! (+1 Navy) Brenn Tyr The Brotherhood of Black Banners raise a unit of Banner Militia (+1 Unit)   Claim! Altarin Toteharu Settlers set out east to the newly found realms and start nurturing and planting in Region 127! Region 127 is colonized by Toteharu! Region 127 requires its write-up completed [5 rounds remaining] Nanx settlers set out into the newly found mountains and make burrows in the caves! Some of the settlers say they see odd looking snakes in the caves that quickly skitter away when they get close. The Nanx Throng successfully colonizes region 118! Region 118 requires its write-up completed [5 rounds remaining] The Nanx Throng send Nanx-iplomats to region 110 telling them the wonderful ness of Nanx. Mostly confused the people nod along and seem interested in further discussions of Nanxification! The Nanx Throng must continue pressing the claim next round to finish the integration or lose the claim! Taer Mojr The Voile Domain continue their integration with region 213 and with the arrival of their clan leaders formalize the agreements! The Voile Domain gain region 213 and a unit of troops in the process! Region 213 requires its write-up to be completed [5 rounds remaining] The Voile Domain send diplomats to the Ana Kai lands and find nothing but unrest and chaos as the once leader of the Ana Kai is publicly mocked. Her consort, the hero Ashzara makes every effort to defend Shiobyn but public outcry over the Vandals and the Tempest Runner run high. The Voile Domain diplomats are ignored by anyone as the internal conflict continues. The Goblins of Slardar convince the people of region 208 that they are truely goblins! Region 208 is integrated into the Goblins of Slardar and they gain a unit of troops in the process! Region 208 requires its write-up completed [5 rounds remaining] Brenn Tyr Diplomats from Tir Buwch successfully bridge the final gap and agreements making the last push! The Witches of Tir Buwch successfully integrate region 427, gaining a unit of troops in the process! Region 427 requires its write-up to be completed [5 rounds remaining]. Katia of Rhinnar's finds herself bethrothed and wed to Lord Tiarna Teige Mac Diarmata of region 412! The claim was perfectly pressed and the Brotherhood of Black Banners gains Region 412 and a unit of forces form the local militia! Region 412 requires its write-up to be completed [5 rounds remaining] Merlyn Zan Cuddlu's lineage is cemeted into region 429 and the people fully integrate with Ruin's Ancient Warriors! Ruin's Ancient Warriors successfully integrate region 429. gaining a unit of troops in the process! Region 429 requires its write-up to be completed [5 rounds remaining] Tancourt throws what treasures they have at the people living in Region 013 (its mud) and somehow convince them that joining the Tabloid masters is a good idea! The people would like to hear more from Tancourt before committing. Region 013 requires Tancourt to continue pressing the claim next round to finish it or lose the claim   Trade! Altarin The Nanx Throng and Toteharu trade technologies during the festival event! Nanx Throng gain Irrigation and the Toteharu gain Alpine Animal Assistants and Brick & Mortar! Taer Mojr The Omega having successfully regrown the rare whispering wood spend time investing in them and gathering what they can from the trees. The Omega successfully acquire TP1 of Region 206 obtaining a supply of Whispering Wood! The Rikathi attempt to buyout more dyes but run into a shortfall when the pirates arrive and their purchasing and carousing disrupts the market! Brenn Tyr The Storytellers of Sypressa await teaching from Tancourt on the novel discovery on training animals to deliver news and propaganda. Something the Storytellers are quite interesting in being able to use. It seems that the mud peasants forgot to send word of the technology and the Storytellers almost give up when an empty shell crab appears one day among the Storytellers carrying leaflets and instructions. Tancourt gives the Storytellers of Sypressa the technology Tabloid Dispatchers! Merlyn Mal Dread leaves the Greywood coast following his training by the storytellers returning to Ruins Ancient Warriors!   Conversions! Altarin The Sister's Embrace minister to the people they have provided aid to in years prior, telling them of the Sister's Mercies and her Healing arts. Regions 113 and 107 convert to the Sister's Embrace! The Sisters help the Toteharu combat the growing root rot in region 101, some of those cured curious of the Sister's Embrace are turned back by their fellows. Region 101 passive conversion from the work of the Sisters is successfully resisted. Taer Mojr The Seekers of the Spheres at the Rikathi's request reach out to the peoples of region 214 and successfully convert them to The Oath! Brenn Tyr No Conversions in Brenn Tyr   Heroes! Active Quests Taer Mojr: [Region 204: Epic Quest Cleanse the Depth!] These kinds of Ruins are dangerous, and best explored by heroes. Who knows what may lie in the depths? The Grounded Sky Tower can be revisited with a TN 14 Hero Roll. The danger of the Veiled Dark can be dispersed with a TN 16 Hero Roll. There is no time limit to this Quest] Altarin: [Epic Quest - The White Leviathan!] Heroes may be dispatched to deal with the White Leviathan (TN 16). All Heroes sent will contest with other Heroes on this quest as only one can be successful in their hunt. Heroes may support each other in the endeavours if they want to combine hunts. Three successes by multiple parties are required to determine the outcome. There is no time limit to this Quest. Three Successes have been marked. Hero Register Te-Raupea the Arbor Bear (8) of the Toteharu Eilonwy of Velentin (10) of the Seekers of the Spheres Ashzara (10) of the Ana Kai Soline, Champion of the Wolf Maidens (7) of the Voile Domain Kremit of Zeilony (9) of the Mrrrumkaro Kor, the burning Simurgh (10) of the Omega Sir Rulman l'Ours (9) of the Brotherhood of Black Banners Artemisia Sagebrush (10) of the Storytellers of Sypressa Hero Olivier of Velentin (9) of the Seekers of the Spheres Meryln Mal Dread (10) of Ruin's Ancient Warriors Petal Rose (8) of No Realm Mist Keggie (7) of the Mist Tribe Sylara the Umbral Sentinel (8) of Zavestra   The White Leviathan - Finale Te-Raupea, The Arbor Bear and Eilonwy of Velentin meet up on the shores of Altarin Lake to end the threat of the white leviathan. Eilonwy was at first hesitant to end the creature but had been unable to sort out a way to converse. With the knowledge of its nest's location Te-Raupea went into the depths with Eilonwy's support and some Seeker concoctions that let them dive deep and still breathe. Retracing half remembered landmarks Te-Raupea dove down into a cave system deep in Lake Altarin. Biolumenecent fungus and plants all along the walls dimly lit a large cavern. The deep water made way into a shallow swamp like cavern with large eggs shells scattered in the sauna like environment. A large scaly head rose from the depths of the cavern, its sinewy form uncoiling from where it was resting to stare at Te-Raupea and Eilonwy of Velentin. The Pure White coloration of the large creature was marred with scars and cuts on its scales with a few harpoons and spear heads barely visible in some of the gaps - it opened its large maw towards Te-Raupea and Eilonwy before collapsing, coiling tightly around an egg in the swampy water. Its deep intelligent eyes bored into the Arbor Bear and Eilonwy from its location, daring them to approach. [Te-Raupea may Make a Choice] Rescue of Populus Aspen Artemisia Sagebrush kept his head low as he scoped out Aspen's abandoned cabin from a nearby bush: Four men inside, rolling bones to pass the time. This Bertille had demanded Sypressa show up here with the ransom, but neither Bertille nor Aspen was here - which meant either the whole thing was a trap or - more likely - they were setup somewhere more hidden nearby, and this group was simply the most exposed. To ensure no counterplay. No matter - bandit rabble like this were rarely the most disciplined or trained, and a competent commander wouldn't leave their best here. This was bait - no doubt she had her own watcher placed somewhere nearby to see if this exposed group was violently set upon and report. Looking around, he indeed spotted the real lookout, a lanky elf lurking in a nearby treetop.  The ensuing scuffle was short and one-sided, and with their life on the line and bow shattered over his knee, they agreed to surrender the location of Bertille's lair - in a cave an hour's hike away. The approach to the lair was child's play for a master of the swanfeather arts, flitting from shadow to shadow and slipping an arrow between the eyes of any sentry who came too close - until he found his way to a dingy dead-end where Populus Aspen breathed roughly, hands tied, clothes ragged, and worse for wear, but alive. This was, of course, when the alarm sounded; shouting filled the tunnels as he moved to escort the prisoner to safety! Fighting his way out while guiding a wounded older man was a terrible challenge, but somehow he managed, hacking through bandit after bandit to make his escape. No sign of Bertille herself, but maybe that was for the best. These bandits would scatter, no doubt, and it'd be some time before they presented such an organized threat again. He hoped. [Populus Aspen has been successfully rescued! Bertille the Blackheart and her 2 units of Bandit Gangs have disappeared, presumably lying low! Sypressa's Claim to Region 416 is restored!]   Investigations! COW - Eclipsed Sun Cultists The Witches of Tir Buwch dig deeper into this strange cult with weird tattoos and markings. The cultists all travel in cells of five members, usually each a different race. There is always one elderly leader among them that the rest call a prophet. The cultists are eager to talk about their faith in the Dark One and his coming and knowledge. The Witches confer among themselves and ask some of the prophets a few questions. Witches: "What is bringing the reckoning?" Prophet: "My child, the Dark One comes - and with him comes the reckoning - it is inevitable to arrive when he does" Witches: "What makes you so sure of it?" Prophet: "My child, I have seen it with my own eyes. I once hailed from continents still west of here - yet I journeyed many years even further west across the great expanse. It was there we were called by the Dark One, By His Shine. He called us faithful and we gathered and went. Many of us perished on the waves, even more were taken by the creatures that roam them. So few of us who made the other shore witnessed the Dark's Shine in person and caressed the icey ground of his darkness! He whispered to us secrets of the dark to us. So we return to proclaim his coming and share in his knowledge and make way for the Dark's Shine to fall on these lands. It it yours to respond to his coming!" RIK - Eclipsed Sun Cultists The Rikathi investigators follow the strange cultists with their tattoos and odd speech to a square where they gathered among other Rikathi to preach. The talk eagerly about their faith in the Dark One and refer to his Shine with reverance and awe. The elder among the cells of five is referred to as the prophet and it is he who speaks the most. The investigators unable to get him alone from a crowd shout out a question from the back Rikathi: "Who is your Patron?" Prophet: "My child, The Dark One is my Patron, my faith is in his Shine and his wisdom. I travelled across the western ocean bordering the lands of the Omega and crossed it to follow his call! I saw the icey ground made by his darkness and revelled in the reflections of his light on the ice. We've returned to preach of his power and proclaim the way for the Dark's Shine to fall on these lands!" TOT - Rayjo Operation Tete-kāno has his researchers gather the required materials the Myrkran specifications call for, even then some of the more sensitive materials are rare and have to be provided by the Myrkran themselves. After months of speculation and experimentation and some gentle nudging by some friendly Myrkran the researchers bring the functioning prototype to Tete-kāno. Gingerly operating the strange device Tete-kāno attempts to make contact. A curt voice replies over the odd semi-telepathic link. This is a secure Herald of Nightfall line. Authenticate. [The Toteharu have successfully recreated a single Rayjo device! The Myrkran will reach out to provide the required authentication, standby] RAW - Dragon Egg As the Pirate Queen reads to the egg at night and blasts the heat on the egg for a time it seems nothing is happening to the captured egg. A careful inspection of the egg shows its surface dry and some edges of the shell flaking - touching the heated egg reveals the temperature to be comfortable, despite the heat being poured onto it. Something is missing in its incubation requirements, but the egg isn't damaged, scorched or marked by its treatment, in fact it seems to have grown larger if one could put a finger on anything changing. RIK - Pirates Though they lack mastery of sailing to risk a direct survey of the Vaires, a Rikathi whispering campaign attempts to extract information from members of Albatross' group when a party of them come ashore to trade and resupply, since they didn't do the raid they'd previously planned. Most of the information they get is surface-level, though they do glean a few juicy details about the Tempest-Runner's ambition for revenge and Albatross' utter disdain for someone named "Meathook". GOS - Pirates Most outsider Goblins know little, but temptations of shinies are able to coax forth, with some effort, a small group of Goblins who claim to have escaped from Crying Cove. Their story begins with tragedy, as they were once people of Yon Vaire, taken by slavers striking from the deeper desert and dragged for many miles, only to be sold to cruel masters on the faraway islands - many of them did not make it. One, missing two limbs, speaks of having been a house servant in Dreadlove's palatial ship, the Thirteenth Sword, for many years, and lost their limbs to one of Dreadlove's fits of rage. They say, in a trembling tone, that they later saw those very same goblin limbs peeking out from underneath the cloth exterior, sewn to the horrid captain's body to join an eight-foot-tall horror of meat and hair loosely-garbed in a naval coat, yet still grasping at surrounding things as if alive. [Captain Dreadlove has become better-known! He controls Region 220 and has a personal levy of 6 units and 3 naval units, stronger than the other Vandal Leaders. While the Mist Eaters operate out of Crying Cove, they are not included in his personal Levy. He is the most violent of the Vandal Leaders and considered the most skilled Admiral in the Vaires, but is by all accounts a wretched brute with little time for matters beyond slaking his desires and violence. The City of Crying Cove is his. The results of this investigation please the Myrkran looking for information.] GOS - Disciples of Silicon A group of goblins approaches the place marked as a Forbidden Vault in Region 204, avoiding several spiderlike mechanical horrors in the process! What they're less successful in avoiding is a group of black armor-clad individuals bearing strange weapons that spit bursts of bright light and heat at them with repeated demands to leave! The trade party is quickly scattered by energy weapons fire, with several injuries but thankfully no fatalities. Most of the starblood is lost in the process. It's not clear what was learned here, beyond that they don't seem very interested in mundane trade. Perhaps the Disciples have their own internal supplies of goods? DOS - Southwoods The Disciples' efforts to contain the southwest forest or further narrow down the affected area are thoroughly stymied by miscommunication, faulty equipment, and extensive sabotage by the Witches to the northeast. Worse yet, they're stuck in an extended guerrilla campaign resulting in dozens of skirmishes with Sypressan archers - these engagements generally result in more casualties to the Sypressans than to the heavily armored and well-equipped Disciples, but the constant distractions prove deeply injurious to morale and overall effectiveness. Strategists estimate only 0.1% successful containment, an appalling number. RAW - Southwoods Operation: Conqueror meets with much greater success than the Disciples' own containment efforts - several fully rubberized trees are discovered in the northwest portion of the forest, thanks to the Isle of Ruin's rapport with the locals, and the focus of the infestation is narrowed down to that region - it has thankfully yet to spread to the Rosewood or Sypressa proper, by their estimation. One particularly noteworthy engagement occurs - one Crescent finds a dozen unidentified individuals attempting to harvest latex from an active infestation site with apparent knowledge of what they're doing and successfully counterattacks, wounding three members of the group and killing two! The remainder retreated with only a small amount of latex in tow, but the slain members are identified as Witches from Tir Buwch! SPH - Spark-Flare Wands Turning over their stash of pirate wreckage to the Seekers, the Omega request a detailed investigation into VVV's military technology - specifically, their deadly greenfire bolt-throwers! Initially supposed to be magic by the seekers, the reconstruction of these weapons proves difficult since most examples destroyed themselves in the process of firing, and they had only a few intact examples to work with. What they eventually put together and present to the Omega is a reverse-engineered weapon reliant on igniting a volatile mixture of copper dust and charcoal along with accelerants packed into the weapon to propel a wooden dart with a bronze tip! [The Omega have discovered Spark-Flare Wands! Ranged Weapons Slot Military Technology; Required Resource: Copper; Effect: +1 to Combat Rolls] SPH - Investigate the Ana Kai The Rikathi hire the Seekers of the Spheres to investigate the Ana Kai's collapse, and the seekers send various investigators to inquire in the chaotic realm. There is controversy circling around the Vandals and a proposition from VVV to the Ana Kai leaders and common folk. Rumors that the gods had abbandoned the current leadership ran amuck and that the Vandals offer was better than the Ruler's responses and actions. Much criticism was being laid on Shiobyn for forsaking the gods and running the realm into the ground.   Wonder! The Brotherhood of Black Banners have codified their tenants of Chivalry into an organized structure and present the Code of Stars to the world at large! [Chivalry has organized into Code of Stars! The 5 Holy Site Bonus is a +1 to Investigations!] The Brotherhood of Black Banners, Tancourt, the Storytellers of Sypressa and the Myrkran contribute to the Y'licis translation efforts! [4/5] The Storytellers of Sypressa instill a Cultural Identity of theft protection! The Hidden Hollows!The woods are labyrinthine to those who do not know their hidden trails. A Sypressan who wishes to hide a technological tool, magical relic, or precious gemstone has the choice of a myriad of obscure hiding locations to squirrel it away. The Storytellers of Sypressa create the Fidelity FluteItems made from greywood pine wood are rare, for the trees have long lives and great cultural significance. But death comes for every living being, and sometimes a tree will fall. What non-rotten wood remains in such windfalls is carefully divvied up and used in objects of great import. The Fidelity Flute is one such creation. Its notes are sweet and clear, said to be able to soothe even the most unruly hearts. Its music reaches across cultural and linguistic barriers, bringing peace to all that hear it.! An Artifact to aid stabilizations through embassies! Tancourt has established a Cultural Identity of Loose Lips!Increased die roll for slander As if that wasn't expected from the tabloids publishers. Terror! Altarin: The Root Rot taking form in Taw-puia is combated and quarantined by the Sisters Embrace quickly by their skills and seeming magic ability, but the festival that took place before the Sister's arrival has mutated strains of the Root Rot infecting attending dignitaries and many Zabka, Nanx, Myrkran and plantpeople are infected with the disease. The Sisters Offer their aid en-mass to help quell the disease before it gets out of hand, rumours of people attacking and biting other residents start spreading in Brrrekeke (Region 100) and New Kaldyr (Region 115). [Realms that accept the Sister's aid get a +2 to quell unrest rolls and have the Sisters start quarantine procedures at the cost of the Sister's attempting to spread their faith.] Taer Mojr: Silence as the Vandals seem to regroup. Brenn Tyr: Members of the Eclipsed Sun Cultists disappear off the mud-streets of Tancourt, some of the other groups of the Eclipsed Sun Cultists show up to complete some cursory investigations but find no trace of the missing group.   Organizations! Mykran: The Omega, Toteharu, Rikathi, and Witches of Tir Buwch lend support to their creditor in need, reducing favor debt by 1! The Isle of Ruin lends dramatic assistance, reducing favor debt by 2 instead! The Zavestra, Tancourt, and Sypressa refuse to assist when their debt is called upon! Each loses 1 Myrkran Reputation! The Crrroa-Crrroa Confederation is currently unable to pay their debts, but manages to negotiate a delay! No net change! The Voilese call in an old favor to improve their standing with the Myrkran, gaining 1 reputation and losing 1 favor! The Goblins of Slardar are able to provide novel information to the Myrkran regarding the pirate threat in the Vaires, and gain 1 favor! Disciples of Silicon: The Crrroa-Crrroa Confederation's diplomatic appeasements to the Disciples fall on largely deaf ears, but the reminder that they're owed one does grease some wheels. CCC spends 1 favor to gain 1 Disciples of Silicon Reputation! Tancourt loses 1 reputation with the Disciples of Silicon for their rabblerousing, though the apparent collapse of Spinster Hissfell's "regime" causes a stay of an execution order - Tancourt's reputation stabilizes at -2! Tir Buwch's sustained campaign of obstruction pushes the Disciples to label them as enemies, and place a Death Mark on High Witch Bryn! Tir Buwch reaches reputation -3 with the Disciples of Silicon! Sypressa's Guerrilla resistance to containment efforts in Brenn Tyr draws significant negative attention, though the degree of it is ameliorated in memory of past assistance. Sypressa's reputation is reduced to -1! The Anomalous Materials gathering campaign concludes! The turnout proves fairly meager as only the Isle of Ruin contributes anything of value. Still, the Disciples recognize the valuable assistance of the best allies they have, and Ruin's Ancient Warriors rise to Reputation 4! Seekers of the Spheres: The Omega spend 1 favor to make use of the Seekers' investigative services! See Investigations! The Rikathi spend 1 favor to make use of the Seekers' investigative services! See Investigations! The Rikathi spend 1 favor to request the Seekers spread The Oath to Region 214! War! Ruler of Altarin - Region 115 The host of Altarin realms gathered in New Kaldyr in preparation of the 'Ruler' of Altarin's return unsure of when it would strike. Kremit kept a zabka who had heard the Ruler's proclamation close in case it announced its arrival. The Nanx force crossed the river coming down the mountain and through Maenos thought they had seen shadows moving in the river, but found nothing but fish and eels. The arriving plantpeople grew fortifications out of the trees and plants while dousing everything in water to hopefully quell the fires. It was midday when the Ruler of Altarin sprung from Lake Altarin on the massed defenders. An emmense coiled mass of scales and claws rushed forward tearing the forces apart before unleashing fire and chaos. The serpentine dragon chomped on Nanx, Zabka and plantpeople alike as it swallowed some whole or took parts off others. Reacting to the suprise attack Kremit rallied the coalition, pulling back to defensible formations against the wyrm's writhing and snatching. Spears and arrows found marks on the Ruler, some falling harmlessly away while few struck chinks in the scaled armor.  "THIS IS MY LAND YOU DARE DEFY ME" The mental reverberations echoed through the heads of the assembled peoples, stunning most as they stumbled back the dragon coiled in on itself. "YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY" Before anyone could react the creature uncoiled with such speed and flung into the air sailing into the skies before disappearing behind clouds. [The Ruler of Altarin has been Driven off! The Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy loses two units, Toteharu loses one unit, the Nanx Collective lose one unit.   Hours after the repulsion of the Ruler of Altarin another mental message broke through to those sensitive to the Ruler's words. A long blood curling scream and roar of pain Brotherhood of Black Banners - Region 428 Sir Rulman looked out on the field of battle with the small force arrayed before him. It almost seemed like a guaranteed victory with three times the number of knights of the banner with him. Sir Rulman was wary however, he had heard of Pierre d'Roc. A skilled tactician and cunning leader of men he lead his forces with a religious ferver an ardent believer of the Heralds of Cycle. He had deployed his forces on a small rise and waited for Sir Rulman to advance. As soon as Sir Rulman sent the orders for a skirmishing advance, archers to fire and fall behind the shields as they mounted the rise Pierre d'Roc signalled his forces to charge head first down the hill with a detachment of horse to spear straight for Sir Rulman in a desperate attempt to cut the commander out of the battle. Soon the two forces were locked in a tight melee, the archers unable to press forward or gain an advantage while the swords and spears seemed evenly matched. At last Sir Rulman and Pierre d'Roc locked blades, a fury of strikes and counter strikes as both leaders felt the other out. It was a stray rock flung from a horse that distracted d'Roc for just long enough to give the advantage to Sir Rulman. Knocking the d'Roc to the ground Sir Rulman took in the battle around him, seeing a stalemate and nothing but needless bloodshed he called a retreat as the vanguard of the defenders retrieved Pierre d'Roc. [The Battle is a Stalemate! The Brotherhood of Black Banners gains a foothold and receives a +2 to a battle roll in round 10. The Brotherhood of Black Banners loses 1 unit] Zavestra & Defenders - Region 204 Unit013 understood its mission. Protect. Defend. Expand. Exploit. The defenders of region 204 were in its way, an inconvenience, a pestilence, a menace. They were to be eradicated, the plague was to be removed. There was an organization to it, an order, a purpose. Nyxara rallied her forces merged with the defenders of the region in a newly formed coalition. Treaties and agreements were put to the wayside as the killbots eradicated people. The Disciples of Silicon had done something to hinder the killbot's approach but Nyxara had to end the incursion. Her forces clashed with the killbots and discovered a vulnerability. The killbots did not attack unless first attacked for most of the military units, preferring to instead head to settlements and population centers. The fighting was brutal finding each of the killbots as one left on its own could clear a village without much effort. At last it was done and Nyxara signed agreements to integrate the populace into the Zavestra, it was then that the death tallies trickled in. 80% of the dead were Myrkran. [The Killbots have been driven out of region 204! The Zavestra lose a unit in the conflict! Region 204 swears fealty to the Zavestra and all forces are disbanded to help repopulate. Region 204 requires its write-up to be completed 5 rounds remaining] Voile Domain - Region 218 As if an aftershock of the great quake of battle that had ravaged the isle before, one of the lesser captains of the Mist Eaters crossed the sea intent on securing glory by succeeding where his predecessor had failed. War Fatigue and other concerns had prevented such a great host from rising in its defense this time, but still Voile was there, the Warrior Queen Sabine at the helm of the Valkyries. Once more the keening rode out, and a bit more prepared this time in spite of the regional chaos, they had a party ready at the granaries when the first raiders struck, and those advance scouts hoping for easy plunder were no match for the Valkyries. Once more the Rangers and the great galleys of the Vandals sparred at sea - green fire erupting from ship to ship, and when Sabine met Captain Meathook in battle, she did not retreat as Soline had. Sabine and the berserker clashed for a day and a night as the battle raged around them, mastery of the spear meeting brute strength behind a boarding hook and rope. The wild-eyed man's weapon twirled and parried with surprising skill, but it was clear from the outset that Sabine was the superior duelist...so Meathook fought dirty in return. Mud to the eyes, flinging still-lit spark-fire bolts at her face, whatever he could get his hands on. It was enough to stave off inevitable defeat long enough to maintain morale while the rest of the battle played out. The fighting dragged on, and as both sides grew exhausted, the Vandals eventually decided they'd had enough and retreated without plunder. Meathook had enough presence of mind to eventually disengage from the duel, and Sabine couldn't land a decisive blow in the time it took for him to back off. So be it. The day was won, however narrowly. [VVV Has been pushed back! Captain Meathook has lost one Unit! Queen Sabine has lost two Units!] Easterlings - Region 411 The aftermath was gruesome. These last few battles to seize villages had not been things of glory, but a desperate scrabbling struggle by people with nowhere else to go, for food, for provisions, for land. They'd outnumbered the resistance four to one and still nearly failed, and the bodies of the conscripts were piled to the heavens, leaving countless widows among the camp followers. But they lived another day, and the Highborn were still in fighting shape for now. The Dark One smiled upon their resilience today. Mormaer Gwaithor dismounted from his Caribou, doffing his tartan coat as he entered the war tent with his advisors. "We must keep moving West.", he said, simply. "Burn the bodies. If you see any sprouts, burn those too. Send runners to round up anyone from the villages who looks like they can fight, and tell their families to pack what they need and no more." He ran his fingers through his long red beard. These people had been terribly cruel to his own when the first of them had fled west as refugees. Now that they had come with force, did he truly owe it to them to be the bigger man? No. Of course not. But he'd still try. "Warn as many as you can. We'll make room for the able-bodied to come with us. Those who wish to remain here...well. If that is their fate." He retired from the war room to his tent for the night. He'd need whatever sleep he could get for the days ahead. He was not ready for the muddy leather bag to descend over his head. The Easterling camp would wake up leaderless in the morning. Region 411 has been 'conquered' the surviving defending units join the hoard and the population moves on! Easterlings lose two units in the conflict, but bolster their forces with one unit from the local populous! The Easterling Horde Presses Westward! Leaderless they press onward fleeing from Region 411 into Region 412! The baggage train trails down the slope of the hills bordering the regions as the great host continues its flight westward. The ragged conscripts, camp followers and refugees blend together in the column as they rush headlong forward in a panic! [Region 412 is under attack by 3 units of Easterling Highborn and 4 units of Rabble Conscripts led by a subcommander (Mil 3!)]   Rumors & Events Which way does the wind blow now? Frozen air floats down? Hot air falls up? Ecplised Sun Cultists redouble their efforts and preach of things on the horizon!   Rules References Rules Adjustments Continents & Regions Region Approval Clarifications Game Schedule Realm Creation Organizations Quick Reference Guide Faiths   Table Summaries Region Summary Realm Summary Faith Summary Reputation Summary Technology Summary Quick Reference Guide   Past Openers & NPC Actions Round 1 Opener Round 1 NPC Actions Round 2 Opener Round 2 NPC Actions Round 3 Opener Round 3 NPC Actions Round 4 Opener & Round 4 Close Round 4 NPC Actions Round 5 Opener Round 5 NPC Actions Round 6 Opener Round 6 NPC Actions Round 7 Opener Round 7 NPC Actions Round 8 Opener Round 8 NPC Actions   ROUND 9 BEGIN  
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