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  1. Peru was in 1921 whilst the Carlyle expedition went missing in 1919, and there remain apparent;y found in 1920, Elias doesn't seem to have become interested in the expedition in 1923. I'm fine with someone knowing one of the former party professionally, Roger Carlyle was a young playboy, Sir Aubrey Penhew was a renowned Egyptologist working in London, Hypatia Masters was a society girl, linguist and photographer, Jack "Brass" Brady was a mercenary and bodyguard to Carlyle and Dr Robert Huston a fashionable psychoanalyst.
  2. You never know maybe she was an ardent collector of the (London) Times? :D But it was a well-reported expedition so you shouldn't struggle to find out what happened, will take time but no rolls. Whilst the more obscure cult will also need a roll as well.
  3. To research the Bloody Tongue will be time-consuming and somewhat difficult, but not impossible. Trying to walk that fine line between the characters knowing everything right away and making sure you know enough to follow the adventure. So far, I hope, so good but do let me know if things get a little too obtuse. Oh, and another subject worth investigating is the Caryle Expedition, it's been mentioned a few times in his notes and it's not (much) of a spoiler to say it's connected to whats going on!
  4. Sorry for the radio silence, I've had terrible writer's block for a good while, to the point that I didn't visit MW for a whole week. If it wasn't obvious you have everything you need to find from the warehouse and you have a few options of places you can visit, work out where you want to go next (I can help as needed) and we'll pick things back up.
  5. Scene 5: On the Road After three weeks on the road you arrive at the town of Klausenburg, the journey has been quiet with few towns and villages along the route. Crossing the border you quickly notice a difference among the peasants, treating you as fearful lords to be avoided as unlike the nobles you meet they seem aware of your Kindred nature. Compared to others Klausenburg seems a minor problem, those servants you sent ahead to arrange lodgings had been told by the local tavern that they have no rooms, or stabling to handle your travelling group. Whilst your servants are tired you could probably easily travel for a few hours to the next village.
  6. Quick correction Arthur Emerson is the guy you've been dealing with N'Kwane is the mysterious name on the card.
  7. Sorry wasn't as good as I figured. Squished things together a little so we're not waiting on me again for a week or so, feel free to add in details as needed the guy is on the level and his intel is good. We'll see how we go, but I might have to think about streamline some of the less important events to try and pick up some momentum.
  8. My apologies the last few weeks have been a little busier than I expected, I'll push on and get things back up and rolling in a day or so.
  9. My apologies last week wiped me out more than I'd expected, word to the wise don't have a week off just before the clocks change! Give me a day of so and I'll get some up, again sorry for this!
  10. 1. Not dangerous just chilly, like a frosty morning. 2. Heating units and mission jackets as desired. 3. About 10 minutes walk from the cryo chamber. 4. You can also have the doc cook up an injection with a roll if desired.
  11. We can assume both are uniform options, so whichever works for the character and mission.
  12. Jessie Mae Whilst Jessie seemed to be relaxing in the Caboose in fact she was focused on the senses of Karl, her Raven familiar who was sitting watching the engine in case anything went wrong. Not that could mention how she was doing it, she reckoned good god-fearing folk might not be too pleased to find a witch on their train, especially with what she'd heard about the Wichita Witches. Still, everyone was nervous sensing something was wrong, something that you learned a witch was never to ignore the signs. "By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes!" she mumbled dramatically loud enough for those nearby to hear. A little drama didn't go a miss either, helping to sell the image and prevent trouble further down the line!
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