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  1. I've moved everyone who's not yet tagged to the Abyss! If you are still about let me know before I have to shift through the amazing apps to find my magical six.
  2. Correct, basically you have the weekend if you want to finish your character and to save time if I've not said no feel free to pick what you need. Everyone else please Tag your character with Done so I know you're still interested.
  3. AP Pool: 0/6 Defense: 1 HP: 11/11 Initiative: 13 Luck: 6/6 Conditions: None Here first mission off the leash and she'd managed to get herself... well not exactly lost but temporarily displaced, everything looked so different down on the ground. Still, she was confident that things were going to go great and run smoothly, even if she really didn't know quite what she was getting into right now. "Sorry, I'm..." It was quickly obvious that things were going sideways, so as was the way she looked to see who was in charge "We should be doing something about what's going on inside, right?" OOC:
  4. AP Pool: 0/6 Defense: 1 HP: 11/11 Initiative: 13 Luck: 6/6 Conditions: None OOC:
  5. Sword and Tzimisce is fine, with Background we'll play it by ear but probably useable with a suitable penalty, I'm never going to penalise you for taking anything either way!
  6. As long as you have the startings of a character before the advert closes I'll consider it for the group!
  7. Advert closes next Thursday (30th Nov) so depending on how busy I am and how easy the choice I'd say between 4-10th December.
  8. I think the idea is that caitiffs aren't very common in the Dark Ages, what with being a sign of the end times and all! But I've no problem with the concept as a whole, so submit as is.
  9. Sister Jessie Sledge Origin: Brotherhood Initiate HP: 11 Def: 1 Initiative: 13 Luck: 6 S P E C I A L 5 8 5 5 6 5 6 Skill Athletics: Barter: Big Guns: Energy Weapons: Explosives: Lockpick: Medicine: Melee Weapons: Rating 1 2* 3* 3* 1 3 0 2 Pilot: Repair: Science: Small Guns: Sneak: Speech: Survival: Throwing: Unarmed: 1 3* 2 2 3 0 1 0 2 Traits & Perks The Chain That Binds Armorer (Rank 1) Equipment Brotherhood Fatigues & Hood Combat Knife Laser Pistol w/Fusion Cell 10 +5 shots Brotherhood Holotags Flamer Fuel 4 +2 shots Fusion Cell 6 +3 shots Multi-tool Short History
  10. is probably a good start to see how the system works and the Pregens cover the basic classes. And free, which is a bonus! What kind of group are you after? Do you want all vault dwellers, or a Brotherhood teams or a mix and match of everything?
  11. Sorry for the delay, weeks has been pretty hectic. Characters will be travelling to Buda-Pest at the start of the adventure, leading to a trip to Transylvania itself. Hopefully, everything else I've added to Character Creation or Rules and Setting, please let me know if I've missed anything.
  12. Pet's, Animals and other Servants Animals, mounts and basic staff (maids, handmaidens, butler etc) come with appropriate resources, you can even ghoul them if you desire. But they have basic loyalty, and won't assist you in a fight. If you want one with an ability you can assign dots of Retainers to the required ability for that person/animal. So you could have 3 dots of Retainers to give your Warhorse Melee 3, or two Soldiers Melee 1.
  13. Road of Set Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control Worship Set and uphold his memory with reverence. Help others to realise their desires, for only desire can set them free. Amass personal wealth and influence, for those are the tools of strength and seduction. Embrace only those who are worthy to serve Set, for otherwise you debase his memory. Path of Apep Virtues: Conviction, Instinct As Road of Set plus: Undermine the rule of law, by which Osiris has abused his power.
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