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  1. The Rikathi Region: 217     Round Actions: 1: Mjornduth Becomes a City (Industry 5) -   2:  (Intrigue) - Failure   3: (Diplomacy) - Auto   4: Raise a Land Unit (Military) - Auto   5: Buyout of Trading Post #2 of Dyes (Industry) -   Non-Actions: Use Favor to have the Seekers seek a new Holy Site Confirm Embassy with The Widow Queen Free Request for the Seekers to do an Investigation -   Will Receive: +1 to Industry +1 Land Unit  
  2. I don't think I have a strong opinion on which line the fire tokens hit. Maybe Archers? I don't want that right-side grouping to get any smaller.
  3. The Lions are going to be fun to watch all year because of that defense. Deshaun's downfall makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside as both a Colts fan and as a human being. But yeah, I actually drafted Pickett because I thought they were going to be a surprise AFC darkhorse pick this year and I currently look like an idiot for burning a pick on him as my back-up QB. I have Nick Chubb in both leagues I'm in and I went to replace him with Ford in both leagues... and the senile old man in my other league had picked him up at like 4 am on Tuesday morning. The same guy that made us draft for him in the later rounds with 'I don't know, just give me the best available [insert position]."  
  4. Graveyard and Long-Infirmed of Bonafide Starters   Pre-Season Casualties: Jonathan Taylor, Jerry Jeudy, Cooper Kupp 1st Week - Aaron Rodgers (RIP), Austin Ekeler, JK Dobbins, Diontae Johnson 2nd Week - Nick Chubb, Sauce Gardner-Johnson, Cam Akers(?)
  5. With the older elf deciding to stand, Demascus seemed a bit out of sorts. His body language suggested he felt torn between joining him in standing and finding the chair in which he sat to be comfortable. Eventually, he simply turned his body slightly away from Jlyora and the entire discomfort subsided. He turned his attention fully to the host. None too soon, either. Demascus couldn't hide his dismay at the arrangement. Holding a blind eye to his own personal choices these past few decades, there was something concerning about a man who hadn't a friend in the world to call his traveling companion. Someone wealthy enough for such expeditions, doubly so. The elf moved to ask more questions but was interrupted by servers and food. Demascus looked over the offering and it's wide-spread coverage of the table. It was a feast. "You're too kind." He uttered, a default response to the surprisingly lavish display. A moment later, a second server brought a mug out and placed it in front of the elf. It was spiced tea with green cloves resting on the top layer. The smell triggered his memories in an almost violent way. He leaned his face into the steam and then looked to the host with a confused look on his brow before continuing his search toward Jlyora and realizing what had been done. The distressed wiped away. His body sunk into the chair another inch further and he went about delicately and politely making a plate. While he worked, he kept the conversation with their host going, "Most noblemen do not hire caravan guards and expect quality conversations and comradery. I cannot fathom the two things overlap so often that you have found luck with such postings before." He could feel his tone shifting back and he paused long enough to cut some of the pork steak to collect himself. "So, which do you seek, Lord Price? Companions or watchmen? It's best we settle it now so that we are not confused later when under less amenable degrees."        
  6. The name of this NPC makes me rather suspicious. Is there only like 5 names in all of Krynn for human boys? Rhys was a main character in the later trilogies, and I believe he was thought of rather fondly. At least by the people that I know that read them.
  7.     In all of the chaos of the evening, Quim suddenly felt the great guilt of forgetting his responsibilities. The warg pup was likely still in the room at the inn. He'd left it there in his quick escape earlier in the evening and now he felt leagues away both mentally and physically. He knew he was only a few city blocks, but he wasn't sure how easily it would be to get back there unnoticed or without some kind of altercation with the incoming local law. But it felt like the only thing he could focus on in the moment. His limbs felt little pins were pressing in all over his skin and he was having a tough time gathering enough of his wits to formulate anything resembling a reasonable plan. After a few seconds, he simply blurted out, "I gotta get back to the inn! But, like, I'll see you guys after? I'll catch up on the road?" His feet were already dancing in the stirrups and he had a hard time waiting to see if anyone was even paying him any attention. "Get outta here already!" He yelled, unclear if to himself or the others.        
  8. The sound of the water running meant there were more people here. Charlie suddenly felt like there were multiple things that had been undersold about this so-called Boarding House. He'd envisioned a bigger-than-average house where someone who called themselves a relative let folks couch hop for a few weeks while they platooned through jobs. After walking down that hallway and into this lavish room, Charlie knew it felt like something else entirely. It made him feel like he was back in college. Dorm rooms, alternating schedules, people coming and going. Charlie sat down at the edge of the bed and thought about how he'd somehow time-warped back 5 years. The thought was a little humiliating and he didn't want to dwell on it very long. He shot back to his feet and took a step toward the door to close it. Once closed, he knelt down and let the cat out of her prison. "Don't tear this place up, you." His warning was as much to the cat as it was to himself. Seven stretched out like she'd seen too many bad cop movies where the prisoners feel required to rub their wrists after getting handcuffs taken off, before she started sniffing about. Regardless of what his needs were, he knew he had at least ten minutes before someone got out of the shower and he could get a chance to rinse off.      
  9. Graveyard and Long-Infirmed of Bonafide Starters   Pre-Season Casualties: Jonathan Taylor, Jerry Jeudy, Cooper Kupp 1st Week - Aaron Rodgers (RIP), Austin Ekeler, JK Dobbins, Diontae Johnson
  10.     As the mental fog lifted, it did so slowly. Quim climbed atop his horse and was already digging heels into it before he realized he didn't exactly know where to point the beast. He pulled on the reins and the conflicting orders made the horse buck once. He settled it down, but only after clearing his own cobwebs. The young man looked around at the growing crowd. The realization that things were about to get worse sobered him up real quick from whatever he'd been dealt. "We need to not be here." He growled at those still standing around the wagon. "Like, now."        
  11. I may have misread the Mercs Ability Base the first time through, but I'm not opposed to an unfair fight.  
  12. My understanding is that you only put down tokens/actions for things in your tile. If I'm correct, then you'd be the one that would need to decide where to focus your efforts. If you went to the Glade and were successful in taking down the Vile Champion, then you'd have 2(?) actions left. I don't know if movement from the Glade is free, so you might need to use another action to leave that tile with the flag. Or maybe not use your action to grab the flag and instead have one action left in Right Flank (but not have a Respite Phase). *There's a chance you don't get to move at all because you don't have the cards or actions to do it, so you're stuck in the Glade a turn*. If you went that route, we (as a group) would only have one round without your INT-based tactics in Right Flank. That might be alright. OR You join Right Flank and prepare for all-out battle. We then deal with the consequences of that Vile Champion being left alone (unless someone else goes that direction).   I think you're in a position to not really have a bad choice here. Or both choices are bad. Either way, I don't think anyone is going to blame you for not being in two places at once.
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