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  1. Each person needs two full waterskins a day in your location. Foraging has not been an issue as of yet as you are on the edge of the waste. But it might become an issue.
  2. Traveling back is up to the group. You need the inks, so you can adjust your equipment if needed. Plenty early.
  3. You'll be able to post it as soon as the bad guys go. I just need to know what Amelia is doing if she isn't casting the spell yet so i can process the round.
  4. The problem is he climbed the ladder which requires 20 feet of movement to climb 10 ft. Then used his action so doesn't have the movement left to clear the space. The ceiling is only 10 feet high and the room only 15 or so feet in diameter. So 10 foot radius in every direction from the trap door is basically most of the room. As a 10 foot radius is 20 feet across total. Just trying to keep the action economy right.
  5. I didn't move us forward because only a couple players posted, so wasn't sure if we were done with the scene.
  6. With Yaldiled spending her turn to climb the ladder and try the door, you guys are aware she will be within the range of the Shatter spell this round, correct? Just wanted to make sure you guys are aware before I process the turn. It is a 10-foot radius sphere, so that is 10 feet out from the trapdoor in all directions, so will reach from ceiling to floor likely shattering the ladder, hurting Yaldiled, and probably killing the unconscious farmhand. Also leaves just about everyone in the chamber within its bubble as well.
  7. Dungeons & Dragons 5e with DM BWatford Thodin's torch cast a much-needed glow in the surrounding passage as the ratfolk expressed gratitude to those who had saved him from the creature. In gratitude, the rogue drew a blade and prodded the creature's flesh until a solid clink was heard. He then sliced into the mass to extract the still-lit lantern. The ordeal was exceedingly repulsive, and Riffraff couldn't tell if he had reached its stomach or merely layers of flesh. The creature's anatomy was unfamiliar, lacking any recognizable organs or structures. After Allatia got the ornate lantern back, she tried her best to clean off any residue, but it seemed futile. So, she ensured at least the handle was clean, held the lantern aloft once more, and proceeded to the corner to discover what awaited her to the east and west. To the west, Allatia observed a chamber, its ceiling bathed in what seemed to be natural sunlight, casting light upon a spinning wheel adjacent to a short red metal pedestal. Atop the pedestal was what appeared to be a jet-black stone egg, roughly the size of a small boulder, adorned with a gold glyph, its details indiscernible from this distance. However, the presence of a large patch of yellowish-brownish mold growing on the floor was of greater concern. To the east lay a larger expanse, yet she could discern nothing noteworthy there, save for the smooth stone flooring. THE WHISPERING CAIRN The Cairn HillsThe Cairn Hills refers to the rolling hills and valleys surrounding Diamond Lake, and they are rife with hundreds of burial sites and ruins, the remnants of a civilization long forgotten. Local youth like to dare each other to explore various cairns as a rite of passage, though they have to evade the roving patrols of soldiers from the Garrison and The Bronzewood Lodge to do it. Every decade or so, someone comes across an undisturbed cairn and lives to tell the tale. (Two hours E of ) 8:12 pm MoondayMonday the 9th of ReapingJuly, 595 CY Lingering Poison Effects: Everyone except for Thodin and Allatia has -2 on strength-based attacks, damage, saves, and ability checks. Allatia has disadvantage on strength-based attacks, damage, saves, and ability checks. Map Information: Please use directions (N,S,E,W,NE,SE, etc) when moving. (i.e. I move 2 squares N and 4 E). Active Maps WHISPERING CAIRN Bookkeeping PASSIVE PERCEPTION Alatia 18 | Riffraff 15 | Armando 13 | Sunny 12 | Thodin 12 | Allera 11 INITIATIVE Not in Use!! MECHANICS Not in Use!! CONDITIONS ALATIA Has disadvantage on strength-based attacks, damage, checks, and saves. Has a Everburnign Yellow Lantern. ALLERA Has -2 on strength-based attacks, damage, checks, and saves. ARMANDO Has -2 on strength-based attacks, damage, checks, and saves. RIFFRAFF Has -2 on strength-based attacks, damage, checks, and saves. SUNNY Has -2 on strength-based attacks, damage, checks, and saves. THODIN Has a torch lit (60 minutes remaining) DESCRIPTIONS Not in Use!! ALATIA CARNWHEAT Hit Points: 10/10 Hit Dice: 1/1 Warding Flare: 3/3 *L Spell Slots: (+5, DC 13) *L 1st Level: 0/2 DM Inspiration: 1/1 ALLERA LORABELIS Hit Points: 8/8 Hit Dice: 1/1 Arcane Recovery: 1/1 *L Spell Slots: (+6, DC 14) *L 1st Level: 1/2 DM Inspiration: 1/1 ARMANDO RAILWALKER Hit Points: 9/9 (gnome cunning) Hit Dice: 1/1 Pact Magic: (+4, DC 12) *L 1st Level: 1/1 DM Inspiration: 1/1 RIFFRAFF Hit Points: 5/9 Hit Dice: 1/1 DM Inspiration: 1/1 SUNNY Hit Points: 15/15 Hit Dice: 1/1 Rage: 1/2 *L DM Inspiration: 1/1 THODIN EVERSHARP Hit Points: 13/13 (RESIST: poison SAVADV: poisoned) Hit Dice: 1/1 Divine Sense: 3/3 *L Lay on Hands: 5/5 *L DM Inspiration: 1/1
  8. Dungeons & Dragons 5e with DM BWatford "So, if we're gone for a week or more, will that get us in trouble with the powers that be here in the city? I mean, they know where we live and I get the impression our cover story doesn't include disappearing for days or weeks at a time." Copper asked. "We are working on that, new orders, for your group to root out wayward AAO's and rebels that may be hiding in the mines. Should cover you with the goblins at least. As you will be exiting the city beneath it, hopefully the Clockwork King can give you some advice as well. However, use caution, we need that gemstone he is carrying. That is the first priority." Racine added. MIRABAR On the 4th Day of ChessMarch in the 5th Year of Vecna's Reign 11:50 am Day 2 Scene Information: Active Maps Not in Use!!! Bookkeeping PASSIVE PERCEPTION Mara 15 | Cassandra 14 | Copper 13 | Hachilah 13 | Andraste 9 INITIATIVE Not in Use!! MECHANICS Not in Use!! CONDITIONS Not in Use!! DESCRIPTIONS Not in Use!! ANDRASTE Hit Points: 21/23 (fey ancestry) Hit Dice: 3/3 Sorcery Points: 3/3 *L Spell Slots (+5, DC 13) *L 1st Level: 4/4 2nd Level: 0/2 DM Inspiration: 1/1 Experience Points: 900 / 2,700 CASSANDRA Hit Points: 25/25 (divine health) Hit Dice: 3/3 Channel Divinity: 1/1 *S/L Divine Sense: 2/3 *L Lay on Hands: 15/15 *L Lucky: 3/6 *L (6 times a day while in Mirabar.) Spell Slots (+4, DC 12) *L 1st Level: 3/3 DM Inspiration: 1/1 Experience Points: 900 / 2,700 COPPER Hit Points: 24/24 Hit Dice: 3/3 Spell Slots (+3, DC 11) *L 1st Level: 1/2 Attuned Magic Items: 1/3 DM Inspiration: 0/1 Experience Points: 900 / 2,700 CHARACTER #4 Not in Use!!! HACHILAH Hit Points: 30/35 (danger sense, resist: fire) Hit Dice: 3/3 Rage: 2/2 *L Reach the Blaze: 1/1 *L DM Inspiration: 1/1 Experience Points: 900 / 2,700 MARA Hit Points: 24/24 Hit Dice: 3/3 Ki Points: 1/3 *S/L DM Inspiration: 1/1 Experience Points: 900 / 2,700
  9. Ok, removing 250 gp for 3 viscous potions of healing and 1 viscous potion of greater healing. Removing 2 ice diamonds, and 5 trade bars for payment.
  10. Just dropping this here as a request from ROLLS AND WHEN TO MAKE THEM I prefer that you describe your actions in the post itself instead of including die rolls unless I request them. In play-by-post, I use a passive system for most checks. For instance, Question would automatically know details about an object related to Arcana, History, or Investigation with a Difficulty Class (DC) of 17 or lower if she were investigating it in the post. When I require a check for any reason, I typically conduct it off-screen, and occasionally, I'll include a skill check request within a post, hidden behind spoilers for those who succeed. In combat scenarios, I often post creature knowledge DCs under a spoiler as well. This system allows for a smoother gameplay experience and enables players with high scores and specific proficiencies to stand out for their extensive knowledge, rather than relying solely on dice rolls. You could consider including proficiencies and modifiers within your mechanics spoiler. This would streamline the process, eliminating the need to search elsewhere while reading your post. It's beneficial to regularly update it alongside your post, as it informs decisions during interactions, such as determining attitude and posture based on what you're holding. Additionally, it's useful in scenarios like triggering traps or other events that could impact the items you're carrying, such as the increased danger of falling into a pit while holding a sword, or the risk of a lit lantern shattering. Many of these minor checks occur offscreen and are utilized to enhance the description and depth of an unfolding scene. Additionally, include any potential reactions your character may have and their triggers in the mechanical spoiler section. i.e. of a Mechanical Spoiler Main Hand: - Off Hand: - Proficiencies: +7 Arcana, History, Investigation, Cartographer's Tools / +3 Survival Action: - Bonus Action: - Move: - Manipulate: - Possible Reaction: Cast Shield (If die roll is higher than 13)
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