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  1. So true! πŸ˜‚ But this time I'm not behind the GM screen trying to herd the kittens... I can manage being in two threads if needed, but hopefully we can kinda merge the flow together into one extended convo.
  2. Those are amazing hand-sculpts! Custom minis for a game will definitely make it special. Closest I ever had was a 3D-printed set commissioned for our Weaving Myths online group, so they never saw play on a real table.
  3. This sounds like fun! I've put up a community announcement about it. Hopefully Weavers will post their characters here, of course! πŸ˜€ Wondering if it's worth making a game to collect them in one place where everyone can have their own topic, or even their own forum...
  4. Giving this topic a bit of a signal boost since it sounds like fun: Thanks to for bringing this to our attention!
  5. - Please heed the in-thread warning posted directly above your post not more than 2 hours ago. @Everyone Else - Any further discussion of "right" or "wrong" with respect to stat selection methods will earn a formal warning.
  6. What are you, some kind of sentient thesaurus?
  7. Golan's pole gently pushes open the lid. The log doesn't move. Nothing springs out of the chest, either. Torchlight reveals the glitter of coins and gems inside! ⏲️ TURN 8 πŸ”¦ Torches 3/10 remaining
  8. I've been trying to keep it on an even keel πŸ˜† Actana has put it more bluntly than I would, but the point stands: there's more than enough room in the hobby for all of us to have fun with whatever is fun for us. Please try to approach the conversation with an open mind, focus on the positives of your experiences, and embrace our differences. If the conversation goes the other way then I'll have to put my staff hat on--which, to be quite honest, is not fun for me.
  9. 1 lb (500g) butternut squash, cut into 3/4" (2cm) pieces 2 links (150g) pork-sage or mild italian sausage, casing removed 1/2 cup (60g) chopped walnuts 6 leaves fresh sage, thinly sliced Pre-heat the oven to 350F (175C). In an oven-safe saute pan, brown the sausage. Add the squash and walnuts; toss until coated with sausage drippings. Transfer the pan to the oven and roast until the squash is caramelized and the walnuts are fragrant, about 25-30 minutes. Carefully remove pan from oven; toss with fresh sage and serve warm. While an excellent side dish on its own, this can be served as a main over pasta. If you're really ambitious (or crazy like us), you can also mash the squash after roasting and use it as a filling for ravioli.
  10. Ernstyr of Rhosgobel Ernstyr inclined his head to the Beorning and his companion. "Would I that the opportunity to repay that debt never comes. Yet I have placed myself in the service of the Brown Wizard, and dark tidings beckon me to the Gladden where the river-folk are troubled. If your path leads south, I would gladly travel the wilds with a stout-hearted warrior such as yourself." OOC Ernstyr was on watch and so will remain awake until around dawn, then take a brief nap before being ready to resume.
  11. Golan creeps forward cautiously, looking at the log from all angles. Advancing a torch to support him, Thorkell sees another closed wooden door in the middle of the east wall.
  12. I am aware of my age πŸ˜† Though there are a lot of retro-clones that try to evoke the same feel. I did, once, go with the alternate method from AD&D 1e: Let the players pick whatever values they think best represent the character. It was an interesting data set, to be sure, but most of the players ended up picking not-too-outlandish scores, and even a penalty in some cases. Ultimately, the whole point is to have fun, so making people play something they don't find fun is... well, not fun!
  13. With the more modern systems, the increased importance of mechanical numbers also drives the need for β€œequal”/β€œfair” score distribution. Player creativity often trumped mechanics in the older editions.
  14. Put me down for "it depends". Rolling for stats came from the thought process that the characters start from nothing and become something, and while not always true, a certain degree of "A died, time for B!" was part of the story. That's great if you are going to have a long-running game with frequent sessions around a table and the advancement can be felt, but often in PbP something is going to derail that. For PbP, customizable arrays, a set of arrays, or point buy makes sense to get everyone to a more heroic point at the start of the "adventure". (That said, if I'm running an OSR-type game on the Weave, it's going to be rolled stats, since the players will expect it. πŸ˜€)
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