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  1. On the primary Pathfinder sheet type, I've noticed that CMD and FCMD do not update automatically if STR value changes. It DOES change if DEX changes. In fact, if STR actually changes (permanent or temporary), and in DEX you put the same exact value in temporary as DEX has in permanent, then yes, the CMD and FCMD update properly. Also, it looks that it won't update automatically if Size changes, but if Size changes and THEN DEX ... or dodge bonus values change, which does update ... then the DEX and Size changes update properly, but again ... not if Size or STR only change.
  2. It has been yet another month and a half .... and I still have issues where I cannot purposefully indent on Pathfinder 1E sheets on p 3.
  3. Okay, it's been a long time, and it was piggybacked on other things, so re-annotating for the bug-hunters. Pathfinder (1E) sheets ... p 3 (spells/ consumables page) ... I used to be able to indent in "Spell/ Power Name," which helped a lot in quick visual organization. I haven't been able to do that with the new set. Once it is saved, dropped, and brought back up, the indentations are gone. Current Work File:
  4. Thanks. Everything else seems to be following smartly, so this item is closed for now.
  5. Okay, I found an odd one, ha! This file active: So, the CMD is right BUT the FCMD isn't. This character has a DEX penalty, so instead of including a penalty to DEX, it used the -1 DEX mod value and added it back into FCMD from CMD. Makes me wonder if it does that if "Misc" box from AC were a negative (like what I do with barbarian's or certain rare curses and drawbacks, for example).
  6. Okay, so I cleared my cache two hours ago. So this "clear your cache" bit is starting to get a bit onerous. Next, YES, it auto-calcs 14, but that is WRONG. It should calculate 16, not 14.
  7. I'm on this file, and it isn't. It calculates a base of 14, but I calculate a value of 16. +5 (BAB) -1 (STR) + 2 (DEX) -1 (size penalty) + 1 (deflection bonus)
  8. Problem in situ/being resolved, aye. Sounds good. Will separate issues.
  9. Eric, Just so you know, I have unfollowed all other topics I am on. Do you want me to write a trouble report for each one, or just have this as a running dialogue of various issues? Anyway, so I know you worked it previously, but CMD calculations still aren't right (Pathfinder sheet). Current Sheet: So, the auto-calc has a value of 20, and the FCMD of 16. Formula for CMB = 10 + BAB (5) + STR (4) + DEX (4) + special size mod (none in this case). So, base CMB would be 23, per above. In addition, Dodge + DEX + Misc should go to CMB ... and in this case there is a +1 for deflection to bring it to 24. So, why does it read only 20? For FCMD, same thing, but 23 (real CMD) - DEX (4) - Dodge (none) = 19. It DOES seem like the proper reduction of four, but the base CMD is still off. EDIT: Yes, cache was cleared. That will be my standard ... a cache clear followed by a drop/re-assign of the Web page ... prior to trouble calls.
  10. Ahhh, see, I put lots of things in there that either ARE skills (but 3pp), or are put there to automatically update if the primary modifier changes for ease-of-reference: Skills: Autohypnosis, Knowledge (Martial), Knowledge (Psionics) Other: Binding Check, Concentration, Wild Empathy (and various)
  11. I'm still receiving it (I'm on a different file now).
  12. (Eric,) you remember I mentioned those funny little error messages that pop up randomly when updating armor or shield blocks? Here you go...
  13. I just cleared the cache, still the same issue. I still can't re-sort skills as desired. I do get error messages sometimes .... usually when I am updating the Weapon or Shield blocks. I still enter information as desired and it still does auto-calcs, but those are strange, random little messages.
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