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  1. Go for it. I feel that Barin has somewhat monopolised things in this scene so far…
  2. Dumbledore's Died ... 😢 RIP Sir Michael Gambon. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-66949848  
  3. Barin Greycloak "I think he was only looking to seal the mine because he did not consider that he may have any other options. We've suggested a few possibilities to him, and he's open to letting us try. After all, no-one profits if the mine is sealed, and the goblins would likely tunnel through to the settlement eventually anyway." Barin paused momentarily before continuing. "So, take us to Fundor, let us look at the problem with fresh eyes and see what sort of solution we can come up with. With Mahal's blessing we can rid the settlement and mine of the goblins and still keep the mine productive with hopefully little or no loss of Dwarven or Human life."
  4. Ooohh ... good point, I forgot about that ... although you'll need to remind me how the mechanic for blessings works - I've tried to find it in my source books, but it's somewhat unclear how it works.
  5. Barin Greycloak "I know stone. I'm no stonespeaker, but I can listen, I can hear. And my companions and I have dealt with the likes of these Goblins before." "We seek to put an end to them. Perhaps, with Fundor's maps of the mine and the knowledge of the area from the menfolk above, we can find a solution that rids the area of them. If they remain, you will all eventually perish, dwarf and man alike for their numbers are ever increasing and they breed like the animals they are. Only by cooperating can we look to all survive and profit." "We also seek the Dwimmerhorn at the behest of the Brown Wizard. Perhaps Fundor may have tell of the fortress, maybe even knowledge of where it truly lies and how it may be entered?" "Let us help you - we are not just the three you see before you. My other companions are in the settlement making other enquiries. Whatever - issues - you have with Hartfast, put them aside. Do not let your pride get in the way of doing what is right."
  6. The entire post is inside a fieldset. Here's a link to the post as-is: https://www.myth-weavers.com/index.php?/topic/10195-the-mines-of-firienseld/&do=findComment&comment=126859
  7. I missed the buttons so was adding <sup></sup> tags to an in-game post via the source editor. When I clicked the OK button to close the editor and return to the post, the text wasn’t showing in superscript and reopening the source editor showed that these had been stripped.
  8. Liking that. I get where you're coming from with the desire for more control, but as a starting point for running through the ship generation process given in High Guard it's a great starting point. Great if you also just need to rustle up a quick random deckplan for any unforeseen encounters.
  9. Welcome to the weave Brone86. You'll find plenty of games to whet your appetite here. There's plenty of 5e games advertising, and we still have a relatively active 3.5e contingent here too so I'm sure you'll find something. Plenty of other, more niche, systems also about on here, and most GMs are friendly to those wanting to learn different systems.
  10. I've just noticed that the html sanitizer is stripping superscript tags from the HTML when I try to add them in source mode. Any chance we can have support for the <sub> and <sup> tags please? Don't necessarily need a toolbar button for them as they're not likely to be used that often, but it's a royal PITA to have to use: <span style="vertical-height: super; font-size: 75%;"> every time.
  11. Barin Greycloak Barin began by greeting the dwarf in his native tongue. "Shamukh, ra galikh ai-mâ. Zûr astu? Kâ'gilizu ajal?"* He began. Lapsing back into the common Westron tongue as not to alienate his companions any further, he continued, "The chieftain does not want to speak with Fundor, but I do." "Hartfast has told us about the problem you're facing with the Goblins infesting this mine - whilst we are passing through on another errand, we thought to offer our help in clearing up this infestation ... if we can. Is he around? May we speak with him?"   * Translation: Hail, and well met. How are you? Can I talk to you a moment?
  12. I'm still on Act 1 ... must find time to get back to it, but it's hard with both work and university starting up again.  
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