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  1. It is dark, you are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  2. Do i really have time for another game...? Hmm... Maybe, maybe...
  3. That sounds like the one. That's the goal here: to make companies shut down a game properly and responsibly, not to force them to provide endless support.
  4. Turns out i speak a fair amount of languages! Common Elf Dwarf Gnome Goblin Halfling Orc
  5. Yeah let's get this loot back home.
  6. I'm good. I'm afraid to go exploring without a full team. But they might need our help in order to get out. I lost all my momentum from the deaths, I admit.
  7. The Viceroy nodded to Nina and made for the kitchen, ducking behind an edge of the bar. The bar tender looked from the beggar to Nina, Shade and Jal as they stood. Outside Kessra waited, leaned against her sideways bike with a blaster rifle held lazily in her arms. Two of the Vipers were doing donuts and howling through the noise. The other three were driving back and forth across the street behind their leader. All of the bikes looked cobbled together from the wreckage of a dozen other speeders. No weapons were mounted on them but each gang member had a pistol on their leg or around their neck and a vibroblade in a boot or on their waist. "Hey! HEY! SHUT UP!" the woman barked at the Vipers doing donuts and tricks, who immediately stopped. "Bout time you showed up. I was about three seconds from shooting everyone through the windows!" Kessra taunted with a cackle. "Listen up and listen good. You're trespassin' here without a proper landing permit. Now I was nice and didn't ambush you and shoot ya dead." She mockingly shot at Shade, mouthing a noise like a toy gun firing. She again laughed with a kind of mania. "You three--and all your scaredy-Blurrg friends in there--owe me a thousand creds. Each." The woman's tone was serious and yet casual enough to suggest she had been doing this for long enough that a thousand credits seemed reasonable.
  8. Seconded to both. I'm sorry everyone. I'm the kind of GM that cares too much; I don't want to cut scenes short. So, yes, I tend to lose momentum. I'm always afraid to just say "Okay, let's wrap it up, here's the next scene."
  9. Bunnie HP 4/4 | AC 8 | Luck 10/10 | Art. +0 | A.I. -4 | S-1 A-2 S+0 P-2 I-1 L+0 | Speed 30 | Mutated Gibbon Ape (white fur) | Occ. Hunter | Children of the Glow Spitting goo from her mouth, a gibbon ape-woman looked up at Ygg with confusion and fear. "No, don't!" she begged, recoiling from him. Her back pressed into the strange tube she'd been taken from. Coming to her senses more, she continued to wipe goo out of her fur but she would need a proper bath. As it was, she looked a mess with her fur either stuck to her frame or sticking out at odd angles she couldn't see. "You not gonna hurt me?" she asked, large deep-brown eyes staring up at Ygg. An astute eye would see she had too many fingers on both hands--one extra on each side. A strange thing for a Seeker Manimal. Gruza HP 3/3 | AC 14 | Ammo 11/12 | Luck 17/17 | Art. +0 | A.I. +2 | S-1 A+0 S+0 P+1 I-2 L+2 | Speed 30 | Pure-Strain Human | Occ. Gatherer | The Clan of Cog Gruza find nothing but smelly slime and dumb metal. Gruza look for arrow and dart. Myycky HP 4/4 | AC 15 | Ammo 11/12 | Luck 10/10 | Art. +0 | A.I. +2 | S+0 A+0 S+1 P+0 I+1 L+0 | Speed 30 | Pure-Strain Human | Occ. Hunter | The Clan of Cog Myycky's stone axe slashed ineffectively through the air as she reached the melee late, whiffing the air fiercely. "Well, dang it!!" she said as she kicked at the dirt. "At least we found our stuff...We should get going..." Myycky started walking back to the bridge area. []
  10. Agreed, we need all the strengths we can get, and that ain't much right now. You two should get some rest. Let's check that passage and see if we can secure it or something.
  11. HP 24/24 | AC 16 | R+1 F+2 W+1 | Luck 11/13 (+1) | Init. +0 | Speed 15' | CombatDeed Die +d5 (affects both to hit and damage) Crit: 1d14 on Table III Sword and Board: Free shield bash at d14 (d3 dmg) Doørfin grunted and cleared his throat as he mulled over Flickwit's reply. "Ah agree we seem t' be toyed with. Makes me blood boil, it does!" He growled but caught himself from making too much noise. "If'n ya c'n stay upright uh bit longa' then we c'n find a right decent place fer uh rest. But not 'ere. This room be wicked," he said, eyeing the graves in succession to make sure nothing was crawling out. To further his mental goals, Doørfin walked up to Malice's place and knelt down, running his axe along the dirt. He looked for what might be telltale signs of someone digging out. "Ah've uh truly poor idea what involves diggin' up this 'ere grave t' see if'n there's a clue..."
  12. Val is for ambushing them. She's bloodthirsty. I, however, am for talking to them or at least trying to parley first before we let loose an ambush (like 3 of us hide and our most silver-tongued go out in front or something?). It really seems like someone didn't want the treaty to happen. Killing these ones may not mean much to us now, but it could mean something to someone else later. ("Our scouts never returned--they had to be been attacked! This is war!!")
  13. HP 6/6 | AC 13 | To Hit +1 | StatsStr 14 Dex 17 Con 14 Int 9 Wis 13 Cha 12 | SavesDeath/Poison.....12 Wands................13 Paralyze/Stone...14 Dragon Breath....15 Spells.................17 | Arrows x25 "I dunno," Cyrus said with a shrug to Zaivie's questioning. It seemed more like a mad rant to him, but then everyone joined in with it. "If I end up doing something great, I want buried with my weapons. I'm gonna need 'em in the next life, methinks. I think that's kinda what all of these people thought, too. Doesn't seem that crazy." He scratched at his chin beard as he mused on what constituted honor.
  14. Gruza HP 3/3 | AC 14 | Ammo 11/12 | Luck 17/17 | Art. +0 | A.I. +2 | S-1 A+0 S+0 P+1 I-2 L+2 | Speed 30 | Pure-Strain Human | Occ. Gatherer | The Clan of Cog Gruza blink and blink and blink. "What!" Gruza shout. Shake head. "Too many in way!" Gruza dig in trash again. Myycky HP 4/4 | AC 15 | Ammo 5/6 | Luck 10/10 | Art. +0 | A.I. +2 | S+0 A+0 S+1 P+0 I+1 L+0 | Speed 30 | Pure-Strain Human | Occ. Hunter | The Clan of Cog "Ah, dang it!" Myycky said as her dart missed. Seeing the swarm of tribe people go at the ants, she dropped the blow tube. Her hands went to a leather shield and a stone axe from her dead companions. "Fine, let's do this up-close! HIIIIIIIYAAAAA!!!" Myycky shouted as her war cry, charging into the melee. OOC: If that's too many actions, I'll just stick with equipping myself. []
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