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  1. "Yes! An old-fashioned!" Luciana said, raising her glass as a cheer, then downing the rest of it. She sat down and with a huge smile plastered on her face said, "Another!" The paladin listened in to Zalvan's and Magnus' words before sweeping her hand to the table. She nodded along, "Yes, please, sit. If even half of what you say is true, you would be welcome. Prodigious sized rats? Did I hear that right?" She laughed a little. "You hear that, Iodás? Perhaps they'll challenge that axe of yours finally!" Luci paused to ask Morrull, "I can't remember, are rats on your list?" Her eyes were alit mischievously. Turning back to the wizard, Luciana replied, "I'm sure we can offer our services to the task and if not, I will at least join you in the venture before rejoining my companions. However, if this is not...eh...how do you say...time sensitive...we do have one task to handle first." Her eyes flit to and from Iodás quickly. "Unless you can detect curses or know of someone that does?" Stats Human Paladin Lawful Good Reaction/Loyalty +2 Immune to natural diseases and fear Sense Evil HP 11/11 AC 3 (2 vs. Evil) DR 1 Saves 16 (vs. all +2) Speed 30 ft Healing Hands 2/2 Cure Disease 0/1 (2 days to recharge) Fighting Ability +1 Thorn, +1 Broadsword +3 @3/2 1d8+4 (d10+4) Footman's Mace +0 @1/1 1d8+2 (d10+2) *STR 17 DEX 12 CON 15 INT 8 WIS 8 *CHA 17
  2. The creature--a heap of flesh without a true sense of life--lumbered back from whence it came. Trickles of orange energy fell upward from the stone slab carving on the floor. More soon joined until a full circle of bright light filled the room. The circle beckoned the monster and with one final step, it was subsumed by energy--becoming one. There were none to witness its passing or mourn the loss. Only the vaults. And the Dragons.
  3. OOC If you're wondering why you can see so far, it's due to how Visibility works. Right nowThere are ways to reduce Visibility. a torch gives Visibility 3; your current Tile + 2 Tiles in every direction you can see beyond your Tile (which has clear line of sight). To confirm, "right" means exploring toward that dead-end? Tizian shrugged with disinterest. "Anywhere but standing still is fine," he said like his throat was full of gravel. "Plungin' to the Deeps! The intrepid adventurerrrrrs! Plungin' for that Knowledge! The greedy adventure-ture-ture-ture-ture-turerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!" Poltroon sang as Urm suggested exploring more of the current level. His flute was nowhere to be seen.
  4. It's been many months since I watched the videos. I completely forgot about this. What if an opponent lists their parry/block/feint/etc. modifier and on the PC turn it's assumed a foe will be trying to not be hit and thus have the player just include a roll they must overcome as part of their turn? Just thinking outloud. I'm a fan of player-facing mechanics where PCs roll most or all of the rolls, including opposing ones.
  5. "I can't let you do that," said one of the stormtroopers as he stepped into Vou's path, rifle raised and aimed in one smooth motion. "That's the Lieutenant's call to make or not." The other trooper eyed the bounty puck's information then craned his neck to look up at Kardassk. "That's an Imperial bounty--look at the first three serial codesor something lol." He stepped back and raised his rifle. "Don't move." Slowly he pulled his left hand off the weapon to tap his helmet. "Sir, the Ithorian is trying to leave and the Trandoshan has an Imperial bounty. What do you want us to do? Over." The red saber illuminated the dim hall eerily before Jeela shut it off and ducked out of sight. A few turrets were still online, searching for targets slowly. Their mechanical noise mixing with the Jedi's breaths. After a moment the now-smaller squad of stormtroopers and the officer all stopped. The officer seemed to be talking before the group took their charge back up. "Understood. Over," said the stormtrooper in front of Kardassk. "He said to wait. So we all wait right here, got it?" OOC So, in order to advance you'll need to roll for something. You decide what. What's your strategy? How do Vou and Kardassk handle some peons? Does Jeela just wait for the squad to arrive or does she advance? Is she being stealthy or not? I think after this roll you can make it to the shipyard and get in the ship. Probably one more roll to pilot the thing into space and maybe a jump calculation roll and we can call this one-shot done!
  6. So I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing with this scene lol. I'll muddle my way through it. If you want a roll at some point let me know!
  7. Nautolan Jedi Wildcat Menace +2 | Daring +1 | Guile 0 | Acuity 0 | Presence 0 | Spirit +1 Vitality 14/14 | Hero Points 0/12 | Level 1 [1/12] Amphibious | Pheromones | Awareness Che listened to the arguments patiently. It seemed like it wasn't exactly an issue of legality but more of opinions and supposedlies. "Okay so you're selling the same stuff as each other but one is dipping into the product of the other. It seems like the terms are actually being upheld though... Perhaps refrain from letting on that the ships being sold would be a perfect fit for war." She took a breath to listen to any replies whilst also thinking how to cut into the more narrow Confederate issues.
  8. Nautolan Jedi Wildcat AR: 1 | Breath Underwater | Low-Light Vision Willpower 5/5 | Dark Side Points 0/0 Dual-blade Lightsaber (Width+3, Penetration 5, Initiative +1) 10 Head [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 9 Vitals [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 7-8 Chest [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 5-6 Left Arm [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 3-4 Right Arm [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 2 Left Leg [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 1 Right Leg [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Blinking rapidly and taken off-guard, Che tried to recover. "Uh, wait, you, uh..." was all she could sputter out. The white-pink in her face turned a little more red. "No, okay, let's start again. I crashed here. The lieutenant said to come check in or whatever. I'm not here to, uh...yeah." The thought raced through her mind of Raenor pushing her up against the wall. She imagined what he kissed like...
  9. Sorry to hear! But it'll be over soon, yes? The end of my week is a bit crappy; bad sinus pressure.
  10. Luciana's eyes lit up upon tasting her drink, expression melting into pure enjoyment. "Sir, I'm... not certain of your troubles, only that you have them. I have come a long way and dealt with the ground trying to... to..." she said, motioning with her hands--drink still grasped in one hand, "...kill itself? I don't know, but it was great and terrible. I have a hunger to match, and duty demands I ask you of your woes--" she got a little louder and slowly stood up from her chair with glass raising up, "--but first you must tell me what this drink is called! By the Gods!" Luciana didn't get out much. Stats Human Paladin Lawful Good Reaction/Loyalty +2 Immune to natural diseases and fear Sense Evil HP 11/11 AC 3 (2 vs. Evil) DR 1 Saves 16 (vs. all +2) Speed 30 ft Healing Hands 2/2 Cure Disease 0/1 (2 days to recharge) Fighting Ability +1 Thorn, +1 Broadsword +3 @3/2 1d8+4 (d10+4) Footman's Mace +0 @1/1 1d8+2 (d10+2) *STR 17 DEX 12 CON 15 INT 8 WIS 8 *CHA 17
  11. The group took pause to look about the alcoves behind each flayed statue. Closer inspection revealed them to be carved from marble in exquisite, lifelike detail. They would likely howl and scream if not made of stone. Everyone was reminded of the six-armed demon woman statue in what was colloquially known as Limbo. Behind the middle statue a small bow made of wood and a leather quiver was found. The wood hadn't been smoothed or carved, ending up more like a gnarled branch with a string. Despite its strange form, testing the string proved it would function. The quiver held eight lonely arrows, most of which were straight. Behind the statue furthest from the stairs was a money pouch with a decent few coins inside. From behind the group came a noise. An unmistakable boom. Me ... Looking at each other, everyone decided it was best to keep moving. The door opened without resistance into a turn to the right. The torchlight flickered and caught all the worked edges of the stone walls, floor, and ceiling, making their shadows dance. It was the same construction of dark stone as the previous level--seemingly built at random by crazed cultists. As the light spilled around the corner a long tunnel was revealed. After several steps there was another long hall just to their right, ending in an oddly shaped dead-end. Satisfied for the moment, the group advanced to the end of the current hallway. "You've done it! You've done it!" sang Poltroon, pausing every few seconds to play a tune on a flute he suddenly had. He danced in a crouch, looking quite stupid. Katla got red in the face and her lips drew tight but she said nothing. "You've fouuuuuuuuuuuuund--the stairs!" he sang(?), dropping to his knees to play a flute solo. It was of...middling quality. Katla seemed like she was fighting off a heart attack due to embarrassment, hand completely covering her face. Indeed, this room held two sets of stairs; one on either side of it, both heading down. In the center of the wall betwixt them was a large placard made of thin stone. It was similar to marble but with an array of light browns instead. Carved into its surface was some kind of picture but it was next to impossible to make it out due to a lack of paint within the shaped recesses. There had to be a way to see it. While pausing to look at the stone plinth, Urm caught sight of something behind it. Pulling it out from a small hole in the wall he found a small bag with three unlit and unused torches as well as firesteel. What do you do now? OOC The bow is ranged, dealing d6 damage. You have 8 arrows and a leather quiver of scrutable quality. The pouch holds 22 silver coins. The plinth is made of limestone, if you were curious. The bag holds 3 items (currently the torches). The firesteel is likely a paired piece of steel and a flint striker on a leather cord or something. Let's go with that. I don't see anything like flint on the item list.
  12. Yeah, see, I was just gonna burn it lol. It's heresy 😎
  13. As I myself am an artist of multiple mediums, i highly approve of the use of painting among the characters, especially as a point of contention. Normally I'd want to create a character from scratch, even for a one-shot, but in this case with as little as the character will be appearing in the story I'm happy to just have her use as much of the premade stuff as possible.
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