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  1. It's ability from Bloodstorm Blade, 2nd lvl I think. It basically treats thrown attacks as melee ones. With using melee attack and damage bonuses, the whole 10 yards. even if you throw the weapon with 2 hands you can use extra Str as mod same as with Melle instead of +Str Mod, it's + 1.5 Str Mod. It is really odd PRC but for a thrower is kinda of perfect, at the same level you even have ability to initiate Iron Heart Melee maneuvers with thrown weapons, as long as they are strikes that take standard action. And if I remember correctly Complete Adventurer has few throwing feats so since I'd get this for free I'd likely save it for something else. The largest issue was finding the right weapon, but Spear with already decent range and 1d8 is perfect. I think I can prolong its range to at least 30-40 ft. with feats and items.
  2. I did some research and found gloves that add +1 thrown attack, with Bloodstorm Blade and suitable Feats (Rapid Shot, Precise Shot, Far Shot, Point Blank (as a prerequisite) and I'd have one more if I go the Human route (More if I take Fighter as a second class). Taking a Spear as a weapon (1d8, 20 ft without feats) If I did not misunderstand I could have 3 attacks per round. If throwing weapons add Str Mod in 3.5 that would not be bad damage.
  3. Third Week: Samuel lays down but before closing his eyes remembers something and opens the comlink. Familiar and unsatisfied with the life voice of Retired General Lionel Voss (C:2, L:6) answers. "Sam! It's been too long." Sam collects energy for the last charm offensive. Lionel was one of the best Computer guys on the island, in SiM they worked together but while Sam made bioweapons, Lionel was working on Cyber Warfare and was damn good at it. The fact that he barely landed the job as an Inventory Management guy, didn't sit well with him, especially unlike Sam who had an impeccable reputation. "Come on Lionel it's been barely 4 weeks and one was in SiM. I had to situate myself, not all of us left with a perfect record with corpos." The dark tone shows that his pride is seriously shaken "A lot of good did that to me, Inventory Management, such a dull damn job. Making sure everything is in order, at the beginning it was interesting counting all the advanced crap we have, but unless you're in a special branch regular grunts see zilch from it." Samuel chuckles "Well good then I'm about to make your evening a lot more interesting." There is a brief pause "What do you have in mind?" Samuel pretends to look for the designation "Warehouse 103/C/ Gamma clearance." he hears Lionel checking it and his voice sounds disappointed "These are all mothballed items, still deemed too valuable to recycle but too old for active service." Sam's voice gets a conspirator-like tone. "Come on, Lionel over 50k pieces of armor, sure, they are last seen in battle at 10 years war and the oldest models are about 30 years old. The only reason they keep it is because they don't have nearly enough new stuff, and even if they did cost of fielding the army in it would be astronomical. New stuff will see parade duties and be dealt to low danger sectors in the case of the full scale of war, so what they are keeping 50k pieces of perfectly adequate armor, who can fill such a large group?" There is a dark undertone in Lionel's voice now, things were going as planned "Infantry, our boys will get shafted again." Samuel's voice is reassuring "Not necessarily, they are old frames, and no way they can go toe to toe with new Power and Mechanical Armor but they are adequate in large numbers. Few armies in the world have over 10k latest in armor tech, 50k of good enough, with good soldiers will always win that arithmetic." "So why are you interested in these fossils?" This was the touchy part "I had some smoke with extra Navy." "Those wankers." "Getting out of SiM did not help their attitude much, I called some of my boys and have a Half Squad, but I need untraceable hardware. 6 pieces of mothballed armor and I'll send you the list of weapons. I'm returning stuff within a week, I just need for you to overlook that discrepancy for 7 days, Can you do that for me." There is a brief pause "Sure Sam, sure. I'll see about armor tomorrow, depending on the weapons you want it might need a few more days." Sam allowed his smile to beam through Comlink "That sounds perfect. I'm too busy these days for bar runs but get to my Ambulance (he gives him address) after closing hours and I have an unopened bottle of that Bourbon you like so much, you can tell me your woes then, maybe I can do to help." Lionel sounds hopeful like he's not the one doing the favor "You think? What am I saying you were always better than me at kissing ass. I'll see to get on Friday." "Sounds perfect, see you soon, as for equipment remember Bry, my Adjutatnt, he'll come for it." "No problem, see you on Friday." "See ya!" Comlink goes quiet and Samuel's cheery mask slips, he checks all traps for his sanctum are still Live, and then he makes himself more comfortable on the sleeping bag and closes his eyes.
  4. If Amoren is right do we roll Initiative or just post as we get there, also if it's not possible to throw anyone off the ledge he'd use that fire maneuver. Assumedly Fire and wood don't mix well unless you're trying to start the campfire. I need to decide which Stance to use, one help the group but at least some have to be near Malus, and one help the Malus straightforwardly. Teleport from the tree near one of our fighters that hasn't attacked, and use standard action to activate Burning Blade (or fists in this case) adding +2 to attack himself and the party member next to him with Island of Blades
  5. Since Booth planned to sleep next to the ravine. Malus decided to sleep on the closest tree, due to proximity and the rope, as how he planned to fling one of them it's with that throw maneuver he has. It flings the opponent 10 feet if it works.
  6. And about distance? As an opener Malus (who don't forget, is on the tree) plans to try and chuk one over the ledge and push the odds in their favor a bit.
  7. I see everything. Well, I guess since if there is something I can't see I wouldn't know it 😆 But Pic and attacks and syntax errors are all visible. Also how many of these are there and how far from the ledge they are?
  8. And he can puppet Sammy like a marionette, he'd probably throw him in the front line for a laugh.
  9. That was kinda my plan, but knowing myself I might start the war instead 😆 Akhm, while untested (for obvious reasons) it is believed Vampires that are created by one that dies croak too, sooo Sam might not be enthusiastic about that test just yet. 😂
  10. I believe kind of vines go into the entangled spell, in the end, they are just like a bunch of plan ropes for the enemy to get...well entangled into, so if DM allows he could try to use a strand of those vines to go around big guys wrist. I doubt there is a precise spell that allows what Malus is asking, I just figured it would be kinda flavourful if he used vines or some nature stuff. Simple rope or twine would do the stuff just as well. Booth using nature to help him out would just be kind of in tune with his theme so far. If DM rules against it we can use a piece of rope, one side tied around Booths ankle other to Maluses so it would be impossible to move the little guy without waking up the big guy. We just rub the rope into the soot of old fires so it's harder to spot (Darkvision is Black and White) so soot black rope and dark green vine might look close enough. Twine might be better but I doubt anyone brought that with them.
  11. I know, that's must take for when I'm playing Crusader, an awesome tool for a tank IMO.
  12. I know he can't attack her immediately but he has to attack her next if I understood correctly be it in one round or three. Anyway, that last attack hurt so I'll wait to see how the geography will change before deciding. Since if he eats another attack that strong he is going to sleep, so breaking from grapple and moving away to bump his AC at least and see if is there anyone with some healing before jumping into the fray might be prudent since even he's in a dominant position for Thug for Captain he is just sitting duck. So I'll wait for those four to go to see free spaces before committing to anything. Ironically if this was the grappling character I plan to make in the future this wouldn't be worst position to be. But then again that character would likely beat Tumble check and have Improved Grapple so if wishes were... etc. 😛 He'd likely knock unconscious Thug under him if he was certain he's not a lucky recipient of another Bastard Sword over the back.
  13. If Booth can manipulate his appendages, or Nature since he plans to stay near the ravine and shift after Maluses, would it be possible for him to extend the plant or part of his body as the vine so it goes around Maluse's wrist or the ankle? So as soon as Both is aware he can yank on it and Malus can act to back him up before others arrive. There should not be more than a 10-15 feet difference but considering it's ravine and just a good yank could be enough to draw Booth, a few seconds bought could mean a lot especially if you are certain reinforcement is just the seconds away.
  14. OOC Well, all be honest now Sam did try to be diplomatic, and all (with a pretty insane roll if I remember correctly) but out beloved GM decided to turn so far reasonable, albeit on edge scientist into Orc from Warhammer 40k and how that roll fail that is between God and the one that he plays 😂
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