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  1. Comments: overall, this is well done. And, a fun character too! please click on ‘generate statblock’ what’s your factotum spell? can you fill out the spell DC section? what’s the other flaw do? I can see the reflex modifier. Can you add it to the sheet? 10’ ft poles are often trouble to carry around.
  2. comments: character sheet still says 3000gp. So, either get rid of ALL your stuff, or adjust the amount. grapple check on the sheet is off. please label the sheet with the coatl you’re using; this isn’t a race I expect GMs to be familiar with. please put the bite under attacks. please select sorcerer spells, and add them to the character sheet. Thanks, you’re almost done!
  3. Shang tilted his head.“Take care then, not to cross the line between ally and enemy.” Link to sheet:
  4. Jessica flitters over toward the halfling, and lands nearby. They’re usually decent folk. “It’s been ridiculous today. I don’t suppose you’re a wizard? One would be helpful to have around now. Even if you’re not, I’d be happy to buy you a drink. What looks good?”
  5. Sorry, I -just- saw this. i’ll have to grab you for the next game, we’re well underway.
  6. Personal 2cp: Schwarz is ‘black’ in German. If you want blue mage, it’s something like ‘Zauberblau’. You’re not being asked to change anything, this is just an informative post. I can review tomorrow when I’m awake.
  7. Offical mod comments: Which coatl are you using? There are several. Which familiar? Skill points should be a multiple of 6, what happened? How much gold do you have now? You have some arithmetic to do. personal 2cp: From time to time, it will be incredibly inconvenient not to have hands. Are you ready for that?
  8. I’ve approved this in the past Monk’s attacks are NOT secondary attacks. We would need to discuss that on the moderator thread, that change has a lot of repercussions.
  9. Ok, this is complex, but it all checks out. Thanks for being patient. If you want something with manacles, check out the Justicar PrC. Approved!
  10. Official comments: Can you list what your flaws do on your sheet? I’ve not memorized them yet. You seem to be short 3hp, which could be related to bullet #1. I count 6x4 + 4+ 6 = 34 skill points, +6 from INT = 40 + 3 from Nymph’s kiss, = 43. Where do the bonuses to bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate come from? I see +6 from beguiling influence, +2 from nymph’s kiss, and +2 to intimidate from infernal mien…that leaves us with +8 bluff, +8 diplomacy, and +10 intimidate? How far do synergy bonuses take you? Unoffical 2cp: No weapons at all? That could be tough. Got a plan for DR? Why enforcer? Can you even do non-lethal damage? Concept-wise, a lost soul is a flavorful idea. Mechanically, this character has the potential to be super annoying. Ultra-powerful charisma skills can either break mods, which irritates some GMs. Or the effects can simply be hand-waved away, which can irritate the player. Just be careful here.
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