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  1. Yeah, I know what you meant. I just think it's nonsensical to say that a handheld object occupies your face slot. It doesn't matter for my specific character: I don't plan to use his face slot for anything, or to stack any other magic-item bonuses to Search checks. It's just that that's not how body slots are supposed to work, and I don't think body-slot restrictions would be a very effective way to prevent bonus-stacking anyway.
  2. Thaar: RFT Career Log Completed Missions 1. - XP Log Starting XP: 3000 - Total earned XP: - Ending XP: - Loot Log - Companions -
  3. Character Biography Backstory ...incoming... Personality ...incoming... Physical Description ...incoming... Portrait ...incoming... Build Notes Build Notes Build Ettercap 5 / Combat Trapsmith 2 / Yathchol Webrider 1 || Scout 4 / LA +1 / Ranger 2 / Barbarian 1 Sources Ettercap (SRD) -> RLA Progression by Blue Jay) Scout class (Complete Adventurer) Ranger class (SRD) -> Natural Weapon Combat Style (Champions of Valor) -> Solitary Hunter ACF (Dragon #347) Barbarian class (SRD) -> Whirling Frenzy rage (Unearthed Arcana) -> Lion Spirit Totem ACF (Complete Champion) Combat Trapsmith prestige class (Complete Scoundrel) Yathchol Webrider prestige class (Underdark) Improved Web feat (Savage Species) Deadly Agility feat (Pathfinder SRD-ish) Ability Scores 32-Point Buy: 16-14-14-12-12-10 Str 1612 (point buy) +4 racial, Dex 2014 (point buy) +6 racial, Con 1614 (point buy) +2 racial, Int 1616 (point buy) -4 racial +2 enhancement (headband of intellect) +2 (4th, 8th level), Wis 1612 (point buy) +4 racial, Cha 810 (point buy) -2 racial Statblock Level Progression Level Class 1 Class 2 BAB Fort Ref Will 1 Ettercap 1 Scout 1 +0.75 +0.33 +2.50 +2.50 2 Ettercap 2 Aberrant Limbs LA +1 +0.75 +0.33 +0.33 +0.50 3 Ettercap 3 Ranger 1 +1.00 +2.50 +0.33 +0.50 4 Ettercap 4 Ranger 2 +1.00 +0.50 +0.50 +0.50 5 Ettercap 5 Scout 1 +0.75 +0.33 +0.50 +0.50 6 Combat Trapsmith 1 Scout 3 +0.75 +0.50 +0.50 +0.33 7 Combat Trapsmith 2 Scout 4 +0.75 +0.50 +0.50 +0.33 8 Yathchol Webrider 1 Barbarian 1 +0.75 +0.50 +0.50 +0.33 - - - - - - - Total - - +6.50 +5.50 +5.66 +5.50 Finances Starting Wealth (8th level): 27,000 gp Purchases: Purchases Item Gold necklace of natural weapons+1 bite (2600 gp) +1 claws (2600 gp) 5200 gp headband of intellect (+2) 4000 gp rod of ropes --- (Complete Scoundrel) 4000 gp lens of detection 3500 gp spider box --- (Drow of the Underdark) 3200 gp handy haversack 2000 gp +1 leather armorleather armor - 10 gp masterwork - 150 gp +1 bonus - 2000 gp 1160 gp replenishing waterskin 1000 gp vest of resistance (+1) 1000 gp everlasting rations 350 gp everburning torch 110 gp mwk thieves' tools 100 gp combat trapsmith's kit --- (Complete Scoundrel) 100 gp mwk trapmaker's tools 55 gp antitoxin 50 gp bandolier (12 items) 50 gp duck call --- (A&EG) 20 gp smokestick 20 gp acid (x2) 20 gp tricorne hat --- (Stormwrack) 15 gp butterfly net --- (A&EG) 10 gp float bladder --- (Stormwrack) 10 gp oilskin suit --- (Stormwrack) 10 gp beekeeper's outfit --- (A&EG) 9 gp rubber ball (x3) --- (A&EG) 9 gp winter outfit 8 gp instrument (pan flute) 5 gp empty vials (x3) 3 gp bag of caltrops (x2) 2 gp shovel 2 gp game board 2 gp soap 0.5 gp bag of marbles (x2) --- (A&EG) 0.4 gp Total Spent 25,988.9 gp Gold Remaining 1011.1 gp Speech Text Color: Green
  4. I don't think it's fair for it to take up both a hand and the face slot. But you're right about stacking: I think the lens of detection's bonus should be a competence bonus, not an untyped bonus. An untyped bonus should probably cost more. And since you brought up eyes of the eagle... in the text in the DMG, eyes of the eagle gives a bonus to Spot checks; but the table in MIC lists it as a bonus to Search checks. In the general rules hierarchy, text trumps tables, so I think it should be a bonus to Spot checks. So, it won't stack with the lens of detection anyway.
  5. Approval Request The lens of detection was originally published in the DMG, which described it as a magnifying glass: "The lens is about 6 inches in diameter and set in a frame with a handle". However, the Magic Item Compendium lists it as a face-slot item (so, presumably, a pair of glasses); without changing the price. Can I still buy the handheld version, instead of a face-slot version? I just don't want my character to be wearing glasses.
  6. I think it's just class features, unfortunately.
  7. I posted a couple skill checks about Callyndia looking for a message item in Sigil. Am I allowed to assume she found the item I wanted? I also rolled Diplomacy along with it to see if she could find any new friends in Sigil. Using Diplomacy for mission objectives can spoil the fun for people, but I was hoping I could get something from a non-mission-relevant roll here? Maybe she made friends with a shopkeeper or fellow fashionista or something?
  8. Kronin and Xixok ((I rolled the rogue's dice in the previous post.)) Kronin levitates up to the rooftops and looks down at the sights below. He's able to recognize Xixok, and sees that his teammate has taken on a noticeable limp. He surmises that this is probably an affectation of some sort. Kronin spots a figure darting between some buildings, and guesses that this is the person Xixok has taken to pursuing. Just before the rogue cuts around a corner and out of Kronin's line of sight, the rogue looks back casually over his shoulder. He looks in Xixok's general direction, but there's indication that he's picked Xixok out of the crowd. Xixok begins casting a spell, but before he can complete, the target has vanished around a corner. Kronin steps over for a better vantage point, but the rogue seems to have vanished entirely. Xixok rounds the corner, hoping for a second try at casting his prestidigitation, but the rogue is nowhere to be seen. Oscar The young man pauses and instinctively turns to bolt in the other direction, but the flash of gold catches his eye, causing him to pause. He looks back and forth conspiratorially, and licks his lips. "Alright," he says, "How much you got? What I gotta do?" Malger and Ogryn Alastair blinks in confusion for a moment. "I see," he says, "Of course: I am no traitor to my King. And I'm no diabolist, either. Our little show is just to please the crowds. You know, as much as they love to vilify me for 'trafficking with demons', they do love our shows. But, it's not real. None of it is. Well, except for my tongue: that's quite real, unfortunately. And perhaps it is a real curse on my family, for all I know. But the rest..." He hesitates for a second, then gestures to the witch. "Lissandra, show him." The witch nods and gestures to one of the demons. "Take it off," she says. The indicated demon reaches up and plucks something from its head. There's a weird glitching effect, and the demon becomes a goblin holding a magical hat in his hands. "I'm an illusionist," she explains, "And a bit of a seamstress, in fact. I weave magic into these hats to make ordinary goblins look like demons. Well, they're not entirely ordinary: they're quite extraordinary actors. And we pay them a fair wage." "Three gold coins each!" the goblin agrees excitedly. Lissandra gestures for the goblin to replace his disguise, and he obliges. "I hope you don't find our little antics to be in poor taste," Alastair said, "Given your... personal circumstances. It's merely a show, and the crowds do enjoy it."
  9. Kronin and Xixok ((For our two skill challengers, I'll roll Hide and Spot for the rogue, and I'll resolve it in a follow-up post.)) Rogue Hide Rogue Spot
  10. Malger and Ogryn Ogryn can sense a strange chill in the air between Alastair and Malger, but they're talking in strange subtleties that the ogre can't quite understand. Malger sees the looks on Alastair's and Lissandra's faces go very pale, and they exchange a meaningful look. "I... 'compact'? No," Alastair says, stammering in a way that's clearly uncharacteristic for him, "I meant only that your heritage seems to have impacted your appearance more than mine has, and it must make your life difficult in some ways. Mine is quite subtle, you see." He glances back and forth warily before opening his mouth and partially extending his tongue. You can see that his tongue is very slightly forked. "I'm not even sure where I got this, to be honest: my father always told me it was a curse I had to bear on behalf of the family. A mistake made be an undisclosed ancestor. "But if you're under some sort of... terms. Well, I'm afraid I haven't the influence nor the stomach for that degree of involvement with matters of the Hells. I try to stay above board. And very few know of my 'curse', so I'd appreciate you keeping it under wraps." Oscar (( , I'm going to use some fairly simplified mechanics here, just to speed up this split-party segment a little bit.)) Oscar is able to surreptitiously keep his eye on the young thief while maintaining a distance and casualness that avoids arousing suspicion. Eventually, the young thief ducks behind some stalls to have a quick look at his prizes. As he looks, Oscar wanders by, and his apparently fat purse catches the young thief's eye. There's a moment of indecision while greed battles with discretion across the boy's face, but eventually greed wins out. The boy begins a circuitous approach, unaware that Oscar has been tracking his movements the whole time. Eventually, the boy is within striking distance, and is about to make his move... ((For simplicity's sake, we don't need any more mechanics here. Go ahead and post how you want this interaction to go, and I'll decide if any rolls will be needed to resolve it.)) Kronin The baker and the customer exchange a look and shuffle their feet nervously. "Well, that's just the nature of it, isn't it?" the woman asks, "They always go bigger every year. And it's not just Alastair's witch: most of the knights have mages nowadays. They're competing with one another, you know." "Aye," the baker adds, "Sir Tancival can put on a good show, and Sir Alastair as well. Sir Gainwyth tries his best, but he's not really the showman they are. And his mage is inexperienced, to the say the least. I sincerely hope he won't try to repeat what he did last year: just as dangerous as a demon on a chain, I'd say. I hope he leaves the pyrotechnics to a real alchemist this year, like Malathax." "Oh, but you heard that Malathax was sacked this year!" the woman says, "Something about the way he was extracting alchemy from some beast or fairy. Indecent, it was!" "I heard it was black market dealings what got him sacked," someone else chimes in, "Selling secrets and alchemy to the Byndamians." "At least he's not under some witch's spell, like Alastair is," the woman says, "And my daughter." "If she were my daughter, I'd---" "She's not your daughter, and that's all there is to it, understand?" The conversation seems to start spiraling at this point as everyone wants to express an opinion. It seems that nobody has a flattering thing to say about any of the parade participants, and yet all of them are still excited to see the show. ((At this point, Kronin can also notice, out the window, that Xixok is walking away towards an ally. You don't know what he's seen or where he's going, nor did you see his subtle shapeshifting.)) Xixok Xixok begins to pursue a target who's fleeing through some alleyways. (( , let's get some skill checks to see how well you can follow this person. To keep it quick, let's just have you roll 3 checks. I want one to be a Spot check to keep your eyes on the man. For the second one, I want you to roll something to oppose your quarry's attempts to Spot you (Bluff, Hide, or whatever else you can justify to my satisfaction). The third one can be any other skill that you want to use (don't use the same skill as the other two checks). Just describe how you want to use it, roll it, and I'll decide whether it needs an opposed check from your quarry. I'll wait to roll his dice until after you've rolled yours, so I can roll them all at once. , feel free to have Kronin jump in on this pursuit, if you want; but you'll have the disadvantage of not knowing who or what Xixok is pursuing, so your DCs will be higher (or the quarry will have a circumstance bonus for opposed checks). Or, you can remain in the bakery to hear more gossip, if you'd prefer.))
  11. I build my characters in a custom Excel sheet, and only transfer them to the MW sheet when I'm good and ready. At OGMW, I used to do my bookkeeping in a post on my character application thread, instead of on the sheets, because I don't really like the character sheets. But here, the posts are too unwieldy to do that.
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