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  1. What was that! Looking around, Trey crosses the bridge. He catches a glimpse of something across the cavern by the other stone pillar. The light catches it, suggesting an eye and a strange shape. As he gets to the other side the column once again obscures what he saw.
  2. Still in your head? Whilst Lizzie moves ahead the voice continues in response to Tham; No gold? No meat? Perhaps you have business with the Spider and he will send you with gifts afterwards? Do not pass this way again without a gift, I will not be so hospitable next time! Another Corridor?! Lizzie rounds the corner and sees a short corridor with two doors at the end.
  3. That sounds more like flavour than mechanics then? Whilst it is odd that the Healer's Kit can't actually be used to restore HP during the adventuring day, that is probably a symptom (no pun intended) of the approximation/abstraction of health and harm through HP rather than a simulation. Sometimes those big, tough adventurers just have to cope with that blister on their heel, the paper cuts from the scrolls, and the sun-burn for being put too long on the first sunny day of the year. 😀
  4. Chiming in late, but those early elf-pirate pictures seemed to be leaning heavily in to Xmas elf with the red and green? 😀
  5. I suppose that would mean that the crystal only worked for the duration of the spell each time it was cast, but would still be full price. That seems reasonable given the investment of resources to be able to cast the spell enough times for it to be worthwhile.
  6. I can see why they removed the Dex mod, the weapon is basically immobile. I can also see why they added an Int mod to those weapons that hurl things on a parabolic arc and why, given their description, they removed this from the direct fire (point and shoot) ballista. As your PC is the ballista, Dex would make most sense.
  7. - the best roll would likely be Knowledge (Dungeoneering) please.
  8. Seems reasonable. Approved! That seems a bit harsh on yourself given that you have a harder time accessing healing. I'm a big softy and so would let you have them all at once, but perhaps spread it over 5 levels if you want to slow it down? Seems reasonable. Again, seems reasonable; especially for a siege engineer turned weapon.
  9. Tanu Greenskin As the young woman and her skeletal companion arrive Tanu opens one eye to see who has arrived. Recognising them she lifts to her feet, as she does so returning to a more normal size for a dog, albeit still rather larger than one might expect. As she crosses the room her muscles ripple under her short fur and her breastplate glints in the light from the fire. She approaches Oksana calmly from the side and gently leans her head against the young woman's leg in greeting.
  10. All in your head? As the party chatter amongst themselves the voice in your heads continues; So many visitors at once, they must have some gold for me? If there's no gold perhaps they are bringing more meat? Perhaps they are the meat? Has the Spider sent you to bring me gifts, or are you gifts yourselves?
  11. Cufwell Greenskin Cufwell watches the Goliath first at the board and then heading out; That's the third replacement on that mission, I wonder what is churning through the rookies so quickly? Still unsure as to how his place within the Tavern affects those around him, and the structure of the place itself, he can but sit back and maintain his presence in the room.
  12. This. PrC might progress a Class Feature 'as if ...' and Devote Performer etc combine 'is ...' In the example given by Sohala, the 'Stacks with Paladin Smiting' PrC is actually doing very little for Smite damage after the first level of it as Paladin 6||Bard 6 with Devoted Perfomer, taken on to Paladin 6/Whatever 6||Bard 6/WhateverElse 6 would Smite as a L12 Paladin and Perform as a L12 Bard (but not be a L12 Paladin or Bard for other aspects). Paladin 6/Whatever 6/'Stacks ...' 1||Bard 6/WhateverElse 7 gives Smite as L13 Paladin (6 levels from P, 1 from stacks, up to 6 from DP) Paladin 6/Whatever 6/'Stacks with Smite' 1||Bard 6/WhateverElse 6/'Stacks with Bardic Performance' 1 gives Smite and Perform as L13.
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