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  1. In the end, there were nine applications.  As I mentioned, I drew the line at 8.  It was not an easy choice.  There were really good concepts.  The participants will be: @BobtheWizard @Tachu @KingGoblin @Zen Gypsy @crazncanuck @Ryfte @The Foiler @PineTreeQ   I'm sorry, @LDDragon, but Jake did not make the cut this time.   I'll be making the first in-game post tomorrow.  Looking forward to adventuring with you all!
  2. I’m used to that size group from playing DD Adventurer’s League. 
  3. I'll be reviewing applications tonight and tomorrow (in case of any last-minute entries) and will post here the eight for the campaign.   
  4. Sure. Strikes can be made with the flat of a sword, arrows to the knee, etc…you just need to let me know it’s meant to be non-fatal when you post the attack. 
  5. A reasonable assumption.  Not sure how pay works, I’ll have to double check, but the rest is 100%
  6. I don’t see why not. A club can be flavored as a nightstick. It wouldn’t be given for free as provided equipment. 
  7. If the sheet linking doesn’t work, links to the character sheets can be posted here. 
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