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Game Expectations

I expect a posting rate of about 5 times per player per week of IC material, with GM posts interspersed when necessary to keep the game moving and answer questions.  There will always be days where there are more posts than at other times, and there will be times where real life will get in the way and delay posts by a day or so.  This is all normal and expected, and while I do not want to force a set pace, this specific game was created to be fast-paced.  My own personal situation may cause delays with updates, etc. and so I am an understanding soul.  I reserve the right to either NPC a character or eject a player from the game should multiple, extended absences occur without notification.  Also, see The Agency Rule below and understand that I consider running someone’s character as an NPC distasteful.

I do not expect everyone to be a literary master, but I do expect more than a one-line response of spoken text in each post.  Every post, even a simple “yes” answer should be accompanied by more describing stance, expression, emotion, or even something of the thought behind it.  In short, there are few pictures here, you need to show what is being done and said with words.  In addition, please proof-read before posting as a courtesy to your fellows and use a spell-checker and proper grammar.  On the other side of the spectrum, we are all busy and if every post is a novella the principle of “the longer it is, the less I will read” will start to kick in.  Keep it to the point and entertaining.

I expect from the players and their characters a certain level of interested involvement.  That means not simply reacting to events as they unfold, but actively investigating leads, clues, and hints: your character should be motivated to act, and to act as part of a group.  Discussion in-character of such leads, of possible options, and plans of action are important for character development and to move the story along.  I encourage scenes where the characters are merely interacting with each other and NPCs to give opportunity to dig into their personalities.  There will also be action scenes, in some cases initiated or avoided by the characters based on their decisions.  Many of my games have creeping horror elements, adult situations and moral quandaries.  But foremost, the campaign is about player-heroes; neither I nor the campaign deals with hostile loners, apathetic brooders, or other characters that must be coaxed into engaging with the world and cooperating with the rest of the group.

Other Notes:

- Expect your actions to have consequences.  Don't be stupid.  Play smart.  If I give you lots of hints that opening the Red Box will be bad, don't open the box and expect to live.

- I'm a storyteller and would like to reward good role-playing and collaborative expansion of the setting. If something you create or want to do is cool, cinematic and epic, screw the rules - I'll probably allow it.  If you disagree with me, I expect a respectful appeal, preferably in private text or message.

- The Agency Rule and proper etiquette: it is bad form to remove another player’s agency from their own character; to perform an action on/against another player's character without that player having a chance to react. For example, Red’s player can't simply write that he picks up Mary and carries her into the building over his shoulder. Mary’s player would have to agree or have a chance to avoid Red's grasp. Likewise, with NPCs; they have agency in matters that affect them.



- We acknowledge that there are often considerable differences between player knowledge and character knowledge, extending not only into awareness of the immediate scene or situation, but also into real-world versus in-game skills, other character thoughts and feelings, and motivations.  However, reasonable assumptions and allowance will be made by both GM and PC to account for such knowledge, permit out-of-character discussions regarding such knowledge, and generally assume characters are people of an intelligence and wisdom commensurate with their characteristics, background, and experience. 




- There will be no PvP in this game.  Don’t argue with me that it would be in-character for your character to attack another PC.  If that is the case, you and your character were selected for the game in error.  Arm wrestling does not count as PvP.

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