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System: Scion - Heroes 2E Setting: The 1920s Players: 4-6

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"But stories are like people, Atticus. Loving them doesn’t make them perfect. You try to cherish their virtues and overlook their flaws. The flaws are still there, though." - Lovecraft County

H. P. Lovecraattachment.php?attachmentid=107260&d=1665453779ft is a Jerk!
Or avoiding all the -isms

Let’s start by getting the obvious out of the way. Even for the time, Lovecraft was a massive racist and antisemitic, and the 1920s wasn’t exactly a bastion of progressive values. Thankfully over the last century others have taken what he created and reinvented it to better reflect the more progressive world we have today.

The aim is not to accurately model the worse parts of the ‘20s but rather to try to capture the feel of the spirit of the age, a theme park version of the Jazz era if you will! Think of it as how such things are handled in an Action movie set in the era.



Jazz Age Scion heroes facing down the threat from the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu mythos! We'll be following the plot of the classic Mask of Nyarlathotep, at least the prologue we'll see how we'll go from there. For anyone that already ventured into the behemoth that is Mask obviously things will be a little different as we're dealing with characters will massively different power levels, plus they'll know more about the way the world works. Basically, the characters will be trying to stop Scion of Nyarlathotep from summoning a Titan that could destroy the world.

To keep things a little more grounded, but not too much, the super and preternatural are an open secret, people know such things exist but you won't find a centaur hanging out in the big city. People go to church and pay their proper respects, but they also leave gifts so as not to upset the brownies and other old ways. Think of the television forms of American God and Sandman for a general feel of how the supernatural exists alongside the mundane more or less trouble-free.


Character Creation

You'll be creating characters as per the standard rules for Scion Heroes, with all the Pantheons from the official books. The only ones not allowed are those not yet officially published, Dragon and, ironically, Masks of the Mythos. No fan works or the such like please, we're just sticking to the basics.

As well as the character history, pre and post-visitation, you'll need to explain how and why the character ends up in Peru at the start of 1921. About a paragraph for each will be more than enough to get a general feel for the character.

Finally no lone wolves or such, I want characters that will happily work with each other and can complement each other.

Any question you have about the process can be asked here, I'm not an expert by a long shot but I'm sure that I, or someone else, can provide you with an answer to the question.


Post Rates and everything else!

In general, I try to at least post once a week, and if something happens then I will try and let people know. Especially with something like this the players really need to be proactive, especially if we get to the adventure proper when the character will have choices as to where they can go at any time in the story.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Concept - a freelance mobster who specializes in smuggling and making moonshine, fights against those who think they can control or bend other people to their will - be they cops, politicians, or eldritch deities and their scions Quick backstory - Buck is the son of Diyonisus and a mortal fashion model named Narcisa Ricci. The Ricci family has had a long history of connection to the theoi, which helped them preserve their power as a noble family throughout the generations - and more recently, as a crime family. Narcisa didnt want her son to grow up in the mob, so she travelled around the US and tried to raise him alone, while doing her best to avoid her past - that is, until it came back in the form of 8 bullets to the chest from an old family rival. Buck was taken care of by his many cousins, who took him under their wind and taught him the family business, hoping to one day harness his unique skills in service to the Boss. After a couple of years, Buck realised that he liked the mobster lifestyle - but on his terms only, as a way to fight those who looked down on him and his kind his whole life. So he submitted his resignation in the form of a hand grenade and jumped out of the window, striking out on his own, ready to go wherever the wind and the wine will take him.  
  3. Juan Diego Alvarez https://64.media.tumblr.com/3c9dabc9e2ed67e60c5e7907fc9b88e6/96f4e7d0b1da77b7-75/s540x810/6a47ed795cbc8e80966335a68b64496b8700f70f.jpg   Legendary Title: Delver Of The Deeps Origin: Mining Heir Role: Preserver Of History Pantheon: Supay's Intercessor   Attributes Approach/Arena Physical Mental Social Force Might: 1 Intellect: 5 Presence: 2 Finesse Dexterity: 5 Cunning: 4 Manipulation: 5 Resilience Stamina: 2 Resolve: 2 Composure: 2   Skills Academics: 3 (Mythology) Athletics: 3 (Sprinting) Culture: 5 (Peruvian History) Integrity: 2 Leadership: 2 Occult: 4 (Mythological Creatures) Persuasion: 3 (Deception) Science: 1   Callings/Knacks Liminal: ** Fatebinding Roles: Canary, Jinx, Unrequited Paramour Divine Mediator: As an outsider you are able to see both sides of even the bitterest feuds. When you enter an antagonistic conversation even beings who have made war since the beginning of Creation start to see the other's point of view. When you do this, Imbue For Scale to bring the conflict to a peaceful resolution. Sage: ** Fatebinding Roles: Apprentice, Jinx, Traitor Omniglot Translation: When you converse in or read a foreign language, your communication is flawless, without a trace of an accent. You can turn out translations in your native language in a matter of minutes without needing to roll. If you are translating mystical runes or the handwriting of Gods, you still do so swiftly, but must make a Knack Skill roll. Presence Of Magic: You always know when you are near an object or place of true magical or sacred power. How this manifests is up to you. Ask the Storyguide if an object is magical or sacred, and she must tell you honestly “yes” or “no.” This bypasses the need to make any kind of Occult roll to identify a place or object of magical or sacred power. Trickster: * Fatebinding Roles: Boon Companion, Nemesis, Traitor Rumor Miller: Your lies catch on like wildfire, and you need only make the smallest post on social media to get a wild rumor circulating. Make a Knack Skill roll — any successes delivers the rumor about the target to those who should hear it — his boss, his husband, his best friends, etc.   Birthrights   Blood Ruby Silver Necklace Type: Relic (**) Motif: Where wealth goes, minds follow Purviews: Earth, Prosperity Flaw: Once per arc, Supay requires a favor, gaining the Paying Tribute Condition Quipu Type: Relic (**) Knack: Gain access to the Overworld Knowledge Knack, as long as you have at least a few minutes to read the quipu Knack: You can dismiss the quipu into thin air as a simple action, and summon it back again the same way Flaw: If the user’s Intellect is less than 5, he suffers a Complication on all rolls using the quipu with a rank equal to (5 − his Intellect). If not bought off, the Storyguide provides one extra piece of information that you didn’t ask for, but one of the answers is false and the Storyguide doesn’t tell you which one. This Complication doesn’t apply to characters with at least one dot in the Sage Calling. Ancestor Mummy Type: Guide (****) Asset Skills: Culture, Leadership Guide Stunt (1-3s): The Storyguide assigns your character a task that’s doable within the current scene. If you succeed at the task, gain Momentum equal to successes spent; if you try but fail, gain one extra Momentum. If you don’t try at all by the end of the scene, the Storyguide adds Tension to the pool equal to successes spent. Calling: Sage Unique Knack: You may safely invoke this guide one additional time per session for its access connection. Sling Of Illapa Type: Relic (***) Motif: The flash and fury of a thunderstorm Purviews: Sky Enhancement: +1 to Combat rolls Flaw: If the user’s Dexterity is less than 5, he suffers a Complication on all rolls using the sling with a rank equal to (5 − his Dexterity).   Purviews/Boons Darkness (Innate) Innate: You can see in total darkness, even magical darkness. You can also see into someone's dreams by watching them sleep Night's Caress (Cost: Imbue 1 Legend; Duration: One Scene; Subject: One character or multiple trivial characters; Range: Short; Action: Simple) You can lull a character to sleep over the course of a few seconds, as long as they are not in combat or a similarly high stakes situation. They remain asleep until at least the end of the scene unless attacked by enemies or magically awakened. You can put multiple trivial targets to sleep as long as they are in this Boon’s range, and can do so even in combat. Earth Innate: As long as you are standing on the ground (the bottom floor of a building counts) or an earthen surface, you cannot be forcibly moved from your location by any amount of physical force, and gain Enhancement 1 on Might and Stamina rolls. Pachakutic (Innate) Innate: You may sense huacas, or sacred sites, within (Legend) miles. These sites include Touchstones, sacred spaces of another pantheon or shrines to other Scions or Gods, but also a general awareness situational Sanctums and an understanding of the conditions necessary to generate those Sanctums. You may also sense the flow of energies through the earth and sky, allowing you to perfectly determine the weather. When in the presence of the sacred and making an appropriate sacrifice (Hero pg 188, this Purview grants you intuitive knowledge of what an appropriate sacrifice entails), you may benefit from minor sacrifices once per short-term Deed rather than once per story arc. This innate power will not reveal gates or axes mundi. Prosperity Innate: Whenever you exploit your wealth or financial status to influence someone, treat their Attitude towards you as one point higher. This does not stack with other magical Attitude bonuses. Sky Innate: You have perfect foreknowledge of the weather and climate around you up to at least a day in advance, and may ignore any Complications imposed by rain, wind, or other hazardous weather. Bolt From The Blue (Cost: Spend One Legend; Duration: Instant; Subject: All enemies in one range band; Range: Medium; Action: Simple) You call down a bolt of lightning, rolling an attack with (highest Power Attribute) + Occult. It has the Aggravated, Ranged, and Shockwave tags. You can use this Boon to attack enemies inside a building, but it provides a Defense bonus: from +1 for a one-story building with a light wooden roof to +5 for a skyscraper with a lightning rod affixed to it.
  4. I have been playing on the site for a while. I might try reformatting everything tp the new site. Just need a few hours to get this working. But that tool is nice if I can't get some things to work properly.  
  5. So, I got Venni done a couple days ago, brainstorming connections. I can see him as someone who has talked with anyone in the Band who has dealt with the lower classes fairly, he's a bit of a living urban legend and known for "You got weird problems? Call up Sokolov Bakery, they can help."
  6. Concept: Forest witch who became a political agitator in college.   Origin: Heir to Witchcraft The Zubikhas are an old clan for whom Sorcery is their business - diviners, mostly, but to be frank they've become so intertwined with the hidden world that they understand the public one largely academically. Which they are good at, but one always gets a sense of talking with a curious stranger when meeting someone raised among them, even if they've been in town their whole life. Venni is a bit more down to earth than his family, but he still see things in terms of politics and economics...which also means he's one the least racist and sexist persons you could ever meet, he's aloof enough and experienced in the dead to know that at their core, we're all human. Just don't ask him about nobility and inherited wealth.   Skills: Empathy, Persuasion, Survival (Tertiary) Connections: Extended Family, Eastern European Emigrants, Scholars Who Recognize His Clan   Society: Well-Educated Union Rep and Revolutionary (Related to Saint) Veniamin is something of a black sheep in his family due to his practical, massively pragmatic nature, but it wasn't bad - they just realized he wasn't one who would enjoy being the cunning man in the woods you go to for advice and solving the curses of other sorcerers. No, he was an urban creature, one of the middle classes, and desired the Scholomance for the education. To help him, his family pulled on some strings for him to attend a university in a local lord's last name, where he met a few early Communists who promptly enthralled him - and he became aware of just how much of a terrible leader Nicolas II was, along with the stupidity of divine right. He jumped into socialism with both feet, but unlike too many of his contemporaries, Venni is willing to accept movement and partial victory - he quickly became something of a union representative even as he settled into his mother's "specialty shop", quietly advising strikers and workers on the best ways to resist and get rights - and since cracking the art of Summoning, also helping with security.   Skills: Academics, Culture, Leadership (Primary) Connections: Old Classmates and Professors, Leftist Political Movements, Labour Unionists   Role (Pantheon): Necromantic Family Business There has always been a cynical edge to the Zubikhas' role in their community, and its transferred to their branch families; they're good at what they do, and they expect to paid for it, or at least respected. They aren't heartless, they're prone to charity when genuinely touched or faced with someone who needs their expertise but can't pay, but a la fairy tales, rudeness and entitlement is a good way to have a curse laid on your head. They're artisans of magic, and they expect to be treated as such - quite literally, as zagovory is a craft that relies somewhat on poetry and singing, prayer is simply an aspect of that. Now that several branches are in the United States, they've opted to not change what ain't broke and opened "curiosity shops" that are entirely deliberately unsubtle places for the occult-interested to look into magic, and potential blessings. As far as his official job goes, Venni is a cashier, accountant, and translator for his mother, the official owner of their new backery business (under her long-dead husband's name of course - it's so convenient when you can seance a signature if needed), and his primary teacher in sorcery, with the younger of his two sisters (his twin, actually) being the cook (and no, she doesn't do gingerbread houses - they're not that cliche).   Skills: Integrity, Occult, Subterfuge (Secondary) Connections: Customers, Antiquarians, Local Supernatural Community   Short-Term Deed: Find a full grimoire so as to not have to rely on cribbed notes and oral lore from his mom.   Long-Term Deed: Start a sorcerer's apprenticeship with someone part of the labor unions he assists (Society)   Skills   Academics 3 (Mathematics), Culture 3 (Political Literature), Leadership 3 (Inspiring Rhetoric)   Integrity 2, Occult 3 (Eastern European Occultism), Subterfuge 2   Empathy 2, Persuasion 3 (The Voice of Reason), Survival 1   Technology 1   Attributes:   Favored Approach: Power   Mental (Primary): Intellect 5, Cunning 3, Resolve 4   Social (Secondary): Presence 4, Manipulation 2, Composure 3   Physical (Tertiary): Might 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 1   Workings   Motif: Zagovory (Through prayer, poem, song, and faith, I may shape the sound of the world's being into enchantments.), Necromancy (By wielding pieces of corpses and the remains of those passed on, I can command dead spirits to perform magic.)   Source of Power: Prohibition (Cannot break the letter of a promise, of any kind, and must make it clear he is refusing a promise when he doesn't want one.)   Divination: Read the Signs, Synchronicity, Pronouncement   Summoning: Familiar Spirit, Evocation, Forces of Nature   Callings (Sainted Sorcerer)   Leader, Saint, Sage   (All one dot due to him being a full Sorcerer)   Virtues   Found [ ] [ ] [*] [ ] [ ] Wayward   Knacks:   Leader: Captain of Industry   Saint: It Is Not In Heaven   Sage: Office Hours   Paraphernalia (Birthrights)   Tooth-Knife (Relic ***): It's said that any practitioner of zagovory needs a full set of teeth to fully embody the life force and voice that is needed for their magic, but if a few are missing, a knife can substitute. This knife has a tooth knocked out from an ancestor who died with all of his, infused with his knowledge, although Venni still has all his teeth, and has his ancestral knowledge of how to speak to everything in it. (+1 Enhancement to Sorcery rolls, Boon: Dvoeverie Innate Power)   Dockworkers Union (Followers ***): By this point, a lot of the local work unions are aware the strange, spirited Russian has a bit of power beyond mere charisma - and they want that on their side. It helps that what spread the rumors initially were a group of Pinkertons who were amassing for a massive break suddenly vanishing for a few days and then reappearing with no clothes but soiled underwear, pale as sheets, and suddenly very sympathetic to the plight of immigrants (after they were coaxed out of a church). So they help him out, especially when he needs heavy lifting for larger rituals and schmoozing out potential "acquisitions" he needs. (Heavy, Tags; Entourage Archetype, Group, Helpful)   Mama (Guide *): Aglaya Sokolov is far more of a mystic than her son, and recognized his suddenly burgeoning talent as a connection to the Gods and their natures, as well as a growing sense of his own connection to Rod. So if anything she's become more involved with him, and is surprisingly hard to avoid for an old woman who is notoriously bad with English (or given how she is a skilled diviner, maybe not that surprising). (Asset Skill: Culture, Guide Stunt (1-3 successes): Gain an Enhancement equal to successes spent to the next roll you make in the current session while taking an action that slides you away from the center of your Virtue track.)
  7. That's so nice, thanks a lot for pointing that out !
  8. Okay, got Venni's backstory up. I realized that someone who is that much of a spirited Communist is probably also a Saint, with his Found Virtue advocating direct action, Wayward compromise and accepting frustration. I do not plan on him being political all the time, he's more than willing to hear out anyone who has a premise of "protect innocents"; that indicates they aren't completely heartless. It's just that he sees capitalism as feeding a very dark strain of magic as well as a brutal system, so for him, it ties into his magical style as "emissaries of the workers willing to serve their class beyond death." EDIT: He's heavily based on an indie game called The Hammer And Stake, for the record - Communist Idealists Versus Dracula, essentially.
  9. Image Spoiled For Size: Show this Illustration by deWitteillustration Name: Veniamin Sokolov Yulinovich (goes by "Venni" for short) Pantheon: Bogvoi God: None directly, though he invokes Veles a lot. Is a Saint and a Sorcerer. (Working, crunch on the sheet later) The Sokolov clan of Konotop, besides being (by their own admittance) Russians that do an adequate Ukrainian pantomime, are a branch of the Zubikhas, a family long associated with the occult. They like to say the first real Zubikha was in the second graduating class of the Scholomance, the academy of dark magic and natural sciences said to have trained Dracula and run by the Devil, and every generation has had one member at least scouted. They like to imagine they are the reason Konotop is known for its witches in a rather famous satirical short story, with the Sokolovs just a branch that became more associated with Moscovites and the "big brothers" until they were mostly ethnic Russians. The business didn't change; the Zubikha have a talent for zagovory, Slavic prayer magic, in particular the necromantic aspects. Prayer magic in general, mind - they assimilated Orthodox Christianity as well, though the main part is the bones and the ancestors. They have long been the professional conjurers and curse-breakers of their communities, and engines of fairness against the boyars and noblemen. Veniamin was looking forward to inheriting the business - and expanding it to more political ends, as unlike his apolitical and mostly salt-of-the-Earth family, Venni was an adventurous and bookish lad who turned his growing magic to forcing his way into a full education, where he met several dissidents against the idea of the Tsar, won over by Marx's promise of a classless society without the alienation he felt as a minor black sheep of a feared family. He feels sorcerers and Saints are emissaries of a New Man that exists as equals and peers to the divine rather than servants, and sees education in magic as the most sure and ethical way of "equalization of the mystical" - unlike more stereotypical Communists, Veniamin is no atheist, though he is someone who sees the divine as something that should be comrades, not kings. (It helps he's met the divine.) That's part of why he and the entire Zubilkha clan left when they took one look into the future, and saw Lenin. And what would come after him. And realized they were but a single extended family, and some of their allies. So the vast majority, including Venni himself, emigrated and joined other Eastern European communities shortly after the end of WWI, forcing Venni to turn down a term at the Scholomance and become a true man-of-many-talents in favor of helping the evacuation and starting up the new business in America. And he is bitter - not just for the denial of what would be the apogee of his mundane and supernatural learning, but because it was for legitimate reason. He loathes what is happening for his homeland and the betrayal of the ideal in favor of rage and imperial ego. He especially loathes the growing anti-Semitism, which he views as a cancer in and of itself as well as personally cruel - the Anticapitalism of Fools, as he puts it. Which is why he catalyzed from a mere conjuror to a wizard capable of standing shoulders with true chosen of Heaven. This idealistic rage focused him, drove him, sharpened him, until he understood not just how to speak to the dead for the sake of divination and curse breaking, but call them into new flesh, and to commune with other, less human comrades And how to speak to people in a way that always was listened to - and to neutralize the power of the unjust and unfair systems of Fate. Realizing what happened to him, he's since gone from "the keeper of that creepy shop" to "union agitator" - because he's realized that there are horrors who want the horrific status quo of the depression to remain without change or social safety nets. Literal ones. Ones that are far more literal predators on the proletariat. And ones that need his magic to break the hold they have on not just the means of production, but the soul.
  10. Name: Amelia Cadwalader Born: April 1st, 1897 Nationality: British Empire Heritage: Welsh Pantheon: Tuatha Dé Danann Patron: Incarnation of Lugh Concept: Modern Day Arthur Legendary Title: The Once and Future King   Origin: Child of Industry and Progress Amelia comes from a Welsh family of moderately successful industrialists. Growing up around her uncle's aeronautics factory she became fascinated with flying machines and how they operated. No dainty flower Amelia loves to get her hands dirty and see how modern mechanical marvels operate.   Skills: Academics, Pilot, Technology (Secondary) Connections: A Good Supplier, Entrepreneurs, Mechanics   Role: The Ace in the Hole When the Great War broke out Amelia disguised herself as a "Emil Mallory" and joined the Royal Flying Corps. Proving herself one of the best pilots to ever take to the air, her gender was overlooked by her comrades and she scored many a victory as knight of the air. To better keep the open secret though her records were glossed over by her CO, until she proved too great a hero in Operation Badon. Revealed in the press to some scandal, public opinion leaned sympathetic and she was officially forgiven her deception. Since the war she has kept flying and become a widely traveled advocate for expanding aviation.   Skills: Firearms, Leadership, Pilot (Primary) Connections: My Old CO, Aviation Enthusiasts, Veterans   Pantheon: Returned From Avalon       Attributes Intellect •••○○ Might ••••○ Presence ••••○ Cunning ••○○ Dexterity •••○○ Manipulation ••○○ Resolve ••○○○ Stamina ••••• Composure •••○○○   Skills Academics ••○○○ Empathy ○○○○○ Medicine ○○○○○ Science ○○○○○ Athletics ••○○○ Firearms •••○○ Occult ○○○○○ Subterfuge ○○○○○ Close Combat •••○○ Integrity •○○○○ Persuasion •○○○○ Survival ○○○○○ Culture •○○○○ Leadership •••○○ Pilot ••••• Technology ••○○○               Specialties: Swords, Long Distance Shooting, In Command, Planes,   Paths -- Ace in the Hole: Firearms, Leadership, Pilot [Role] -- Child of Industry and Progress: Athletics, Pilot, Technology [Origin] -- The Once and Future King: Close Combat, Culture, Integrity [Pantheon] Birthrights -- Relic: Excalibur (•••••) -- Guide: Morgan Le Fay (•••) -- Guide: Sir Bedivere (••) -- Followers: Veteran Pilots (•) Purviews -- Signature: Geasa -- Innate: War -- Excalibur: Sun Boon: Penetrating Glare -- Morgan: Sky Boon: Flight -- Bedivere: Journeys Knacks -- Leader •• Knacks: Good Listener, Lighthouse of Society -- Liminal • Knacks: Flatlander -- Warrior •• Knacks: The Biggest Threat, Master of Weapons ... Notes: Marie Marvingt, Flora Sandes
  11. One thing I found handy is if you use this button you can post bbcode straight from the old site. Sometimes it does need a little touchup, especially with older code, but it should more or less transfer okay.
  12. Paths Cursed to Live Ilse was never a sickly child, despite the number of illnesses. At 8, she and much of her class contracted small pox; 12 died, but she recovered not without some marks. Then came the summer when her whole family contracted polio. She recovered quickly, but it left her brother crippled and her mother dead. Her father died of Typhoid Fever, and Ilse was bed-ridden for nearly six months. By her later teen years, she had moved to live with her unmarried aunt in Bavaria, where she survived measles, several bouts of influenza, and finally cholera which felled her aunt, leaving her as a young lady with fortune, but no family. The only person that lived through it as well was her doctor, Freiderich Hochfelder; meanwhile hundreds remembered their friend whole didn't join them in Helheim. Aerial Photographer With her family wealth, she purchased an aeroplane and learned to fly. By the time the Great War broke out, she was a good pilot. She joined the Austrian Air Service, buying 7 planes to earn her place. While she was never allowed to fly combat missions, she earned respect by flying reinforcement airplanes to the front lines, and photographing military formations of the Italian army and navy. She is credited with shooting down 2 airplanes with a handgun by shooting the pilots. Another plane crashed after her landing gear tore off the top wing of a biplane which spiraled out of control. She never managed to claim the title of Ace Pilot, but she came very close.  Storm over Elvinder Early March 1917, Ilse was flying a new Lohner B to the airfield, when a storm developed in the alps. She pointed the plane due north and flew for many long hours, buffeted by high winds and cold weather. She found a lone manor in a flat plain, and took the biplane down to the ground. She surrendered to the shades and skeletons that surrounded her plane, before she was brought before Hel. Since Hel couldn't leave her home, she brought Ilse to her. Hel complimented her on surviving all the diseases sent her way. She would have kept her in Elvinder forever, had the shades of several friends and family members not spoken and demanded her release, as Ilse was neither elderly nor sick. Returning to the plane, she flew out again, back into the storm before breaking out of the clouds into a winter landscape where she could safely land and refuel.
  13. Image Credit: Finnish Penguin @ DeviantArt Name: Ilse Lorenz (Hel's Chosen Daughter) Legendary Title: Origin: Cursed to Live Connections:   Skills: Culture, Integrity, Subterfuge Role: Aerial Photographer Connections:   Skills: Firearms, Pilot, Technology Pantheon: Storm over Elvinder Connections:   Skills: Close Combat, Occult, Survival Short-term Deeds: Buy a new Aéroplane Long-term Deeds: Establish an Aéroport Band Deeds: Undetermined Deed Audacity ○○•○○ Fatalism   Attributes Approach/Arena Physical Mental Social Force Might ••○○○ Intellect ••○○○ Presence •○○○○ Finesse Dexterity •••○○ Cunning ••••○ Manipulation ••○○○ Resilience Stamina ••••• Resolve ••••• Composure ••••○   Skills Academics •○○○○ Athletics ○○○○○ Culture •○○○○ Close Combat ••○○○ Empathy •○○○○ Firearms •••○○ Integrity ••○○○ Leadership ○○○○○ Medicine •○○○○ Occult ••○○○ Persuasion •○○○○ Pilot •••○○ Science ○○○○○ Subterfuge •○○○○ Survival ••○○○ Technology •••○○   Callings & Knacks Creator •• Fatebinding Roles: Apprentice, Jinx, Rival Failure Deeds: Design something with an intentional flaw that sees it fail in its purpose at a crucial time, allow your own creation to be used against you, accept an impossible commission knowing you’ll fail. Reverse Engineer (Heroic) - When you take apart an object, you instantly gain an understanding of how to rebuild it, or create new versions. Judge • Fatebinding Roles: Balm, Worshipper, Traitor Failure Deeds: Pronounce a deliberate injustice, break the rules you uphold, abandon your beliefs. Indisputable Analysis (Heroic) - You spend a moment ob- serving the scene you wish to analyze and the player makes a Knack Skill roll. You then apply the successes on this roll as Enhancement to all rolls made to analyze and investigate the incident for the rest of the scene. These successes apply before you roll. Liminal •• Fatebinding Roles: Canary, Jinx, Unrequited Paramour Failure Deeds: Arrive too late to save them, refuse the call of adventure, cling to the safety of home. Experienced Traveler (Heroic) - When you travel to a new place, no matter how remote, you quickly pick up the social mores and behaviors, along with enough of the language to get by. Add +1 Enhancement to any applicable rolls to blend into the culture, if the Storyguide feels a need to call for a roll at all. This bonus applies before you roll. Additionally, when you attend a social ritual (such as a wedding or a funeral or a birthday party) you always know exactly the right social mores to follow, and how to appro- priately dress. Even if you were not invited, you will not read as out of place. The Long Road to Anywhere (Immortal) - You make an extended journey without stopping but must rest upon arrival. When you arrive, you can ask hospitality of anyone of a lower Tier than you, and if they refuse you have the option to make the target suffer +2 Difficulty to all actions until you choose to remove the penalty. Purviews Death (From Guide) Innate Power: You can see and communicate with ghosts, shades, and other forms of the undead that are normally imperceptible or incomprehensible (the Storyguide should feel free to send plot hooks your way in the form of the dead seeking favors or aid). In addition, you can perceive entryways to the Underworld.  Unquiet Dead Cost: Imbue 1 Legend  Duration: Indefinite  Subject: One corpse or ghost  Action: Simple You can cause a corpse to speak, or summon a person’s ghost, shade, or other culturally appropriate remnant from the site of their grave for one scene. The corpse or shade cannot act except to speak, but you can try to influence it just like anyone else. It starts with Attitude 3 towards you. The undead retains all memories it had in life, except for a blank space of about five minutes leading up to the time of their death. As long as you imbue Legend in this boon, the undead’s answers provide Enhancement 3 on any applicable rolls, such as tracking down the person who killed them. You can only use this Boon on the same undead once per session. Forge Innate Power: Your handiwork is infallible. Whenever one of your craft projects would suffer Flaws due to the Complications of delicate work or any other source, subtract one point from the total amount of Flaws, down to a minimum of 0. While the Iron is Hot Cost: Imbue 1 Legend  Duration: Instant  Subject: Self Action: Reflexive Where others see a box of scraps, you see potential. Add Enhancement 3 on a roll to jury-rig a craft project. You can roll to rig together contraptions that a mortal would normally be unable to attempt due to feasibility constraints. As long as it is notionally possible that you could complete the project with (Legend) days of ordinary work, you can roll to attempt it.[/indent] Wyrd Innate Power: You have a personal fate that you know you are destined to meet. This might be a death whose circumstances mirror those of your divine parent’s fated doom in Ragnarok, a betrayal by those closest to you, the failure of an ambition, or some similar dramatic downfall. Whenever you encounter narrative difficulties that advance your fate or echo its circumstances, or because you are trying to avoid your fate, add 1 Momentum to the pool. Spin the Thread Cost: Imbue 1 Legend  Duration: Condition  Range: Infinite  Action: Complex You use the art of seiðr to lay a blessing or curse on another character, entering into a ritual trance that lasts one scene and envisioning their future. You predict a specific triumph or downfall the character will face, and impose a Condition that represents this destiny on them. If an action is likely to bring about the foretold fate, the Condition provides Enhancement 2. Actions that struggle against this destiny have their Difficulty increased by 1, or by 2 if they would make it outright impossible for it to come to fruition. These effects cut both ways — a blessing might make it more difficult for a warrior to undertake a plan if it would lead to his defeat, while a curse might give a foe an Enhancement on actions that lead to their downfall. This Condition resolves once the outcome you have predicted comes to pass, the Storyguide deems that it is no longer capable of being fulfilled, or you reclaim the Legend imbued in this Boon. It can also be lifted by magic capable of altering destiny, such as marvels of this Purview or the Fortune Purview.[/indent] Birthrights The Shade of Thorolfr Lame-foot Type: Guide (undead) ••• Asset Skills: Occult, Subterfuge Purviews: Death Boon: Unquiet Dead   Mist-piercing Aviator Goggles Type: Relic •• Motif: Vision that pierces the mist Purviews: Sky Flaw: Obvious fragility Crafted by the elves of Niflheim, they employ the thinnest slivers of ice. They allow the wearer to see through all forms of mist (including magical), including fog, steam, and clouds. The ice is cold enough to persist for hundreds of years in common weather in Midgard, but will melt if burnt in hot fires for 1 hour.  
  14. I'll try to bring Ilse Lorenze over to the site. Formatting may be crazy as I am still getting used to this.
  15. Start your own thread in Investigators and we'll take a look at what you've all got!
  16. Scion's been on my list of "Games I Need to Try Sometime" so I wanna throw a hat in. Concept: Amelia Cadwalader, pilot extraordinaire and scion of {probably Irish since nobody put a Welsh option out?} who actually IS King Arthur's reincarnation come back to save England in her darkest hour... aka WWII. So ya know still sometime off but you don't just start out the greatest and that's where this story comes in...
  17. Up for a player? I'm interested in an idea for a Sorcerer - a Russian scholar who's actually a sorcerous disciple of the Bogvoi who fled the growing chaos of revolution along with a bunch of his coven - they're people who were nearly part of the Scholomance, but the Cultural Revolution was too chaotic even for them, especially when they checked the future and saw the USSR, deciding their friends and families did not deserve to suffer the constant paranoia. Ironically he's a full self-admitted Communist; he sees true sorcery as "seizing the means of mythological production" and thus, teaching it is a socialist obligation to unlock full ability of a wonder-worker - he just doesn't think what will happen back in the motherland is true Communism, and besides he can do more good in the States given the ominous economic catastrophe; people are going to need his magic to survive the Depression. When it comes to the Nyarlathotep cultists, he's going to see a menace produced by the elite and offer his services.
  18. [fieldset=William Farantoir, Scion of Manannan Mac Lir][FLOATLEFT][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/OKHDflQ.png[/IMG] [URL="https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?p=16152266#post16152266"]William Farantoir[/URL][/FLOATLEFT] [COLOR="DarkGreen"][B]"Thou shall not pass !"[/B][/COLOR] the man said, his stern gaze bearing heavily on the spirit that was lurking beyond the portal. And pass it did not. [/fieldset] William Farantoir, Scion of Manannan Mac Lir William Farantoir "Thou shall not pass !" the man said, his stern gaze bearing heavily on the spirit that was lurking beyond the portal. And pass it did not.    
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