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Greetings! I’m Dash!

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Hello! Have you ever been in the dungeon, nearing death, and wondered why you hadn’t just forked over that last copper for the potion that could have saved you? Do you remember that time you could have used someone versed in poultices, potions, and tinctures on your journey through that last encounter? Why make that mistake again! My name isn’t s Rappadashpotionmakerwolffrienderwagonowner, but you can call me Dash. My life has been spent traveling with my uncle and apprenticing in his apothecary, which was nothing more than a wagon towed by a mule. Once I was old enough I set out on my own and am eager for a quick jaunt or two into the dungeons and haunted woods of the world. I travel light, can not only brew a quick spot of tea or coffee but can literally pull your behind out of many scraps with my concoctions. Do you need a quick shot of healing to help you recover from that fireball trap you tripped? I can do that!! Do you need someone small and nimble that can help you avoid that trap in the first place? I can do that too! Do you need a hard hitting ankle biter that can dish out some damage while you set up the killing blow? Ask me about my mutagens! So you need little man make go boom? Yup, my main weapon (other than my obvious charm and pitch-selling) is a special bomb I concoct. Let me show you what I can do! All I ask is that I get to hide behind the big ones on my side. Because I’m small, you see. You get it. Anyways, I have ambitions of my own of course, but that’s later. In the meantime, should you need my assistance, please contact me at your earliest convenience. If not convenient, contact me anyways! I like to talk. Until then, good luck travelers!



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