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Realmspace Sortie (Part 3)


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After some irrational suspicions, Yahs is forced to admit to herself that all 3 are telling the truth and their stories match up perfectly. There was at least no deception here. Then again, perhaps the suspect wasn't even present when the explosion happened...traps were a thing after all, even magical traps.

The plasmoid's idea that only a spellcaster could cast spells makes a lot of sense the more everyone thinks about it, carrying the weight of a kindori. But at the moment none seem too keen to point the finger.

The Captain mentioned finding a nearby port, which would mean a gamble with the mind flayers and nautiloid armada of planet Glyth. There might be some other considerations:

  • After resupplying, turn back or continue the mission?
  • What to do with Ryeback's body and belongings?
  • Contact the Fleet?

OOC: To voice an accusation against a crewmate, roll a Charisma skill.

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spacer.pngCelsior Loriniscil, Prince of Alfheim

Inspiration Yes | HP 8/20 | HD 2/2 | Step 2/2 | Shield 1/1

Bladesong 1/2 | Recovery 1/1 | 1st-level 2/4 | 2nd-level 1/2

Celsior nods at the comments, "I think the saboteur needs to be a spellcaster, so Miken is a prime suspect. But, maybe Zibbles is secretly a spellcaster, too. We'll need to keep a close eye on both of them. Maybe one of you wants to inspect their gear while they are working elsewhere on the ship?" The prince suggests quietly.

"Lou, do you have any experience handling dead crew? Should search his gear for clues, too." Celsior reverently asks the one who speaks of spelljamming experience.

Unless they have anything to add, Celsior sends the following message to the academy. "Loriniscil reporting to Academy. Mission sabotaged. Halfway to destination. Ryebeck dead. All supplies destroyed. Could port to resupply. Saboteur unidentified. Advise orders. Over."



Active effects: Familiar, Light

Move: into cargo deck

Action: Investigate

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"Lou" Louis Dufray (Goblin Ranger 3) sheetspacer.pngspacer.png

AC: 16 | HP: 32/32 | Initiative: +3 | Passive Perception: 17 | Features
Opal AC: 16 | HP: 20/20 | PP: 14 | Features

Lou drugs his shoulders and gets to work investigating Ryebeck's body, looking for any clues and also wondering how to best butcher it for food.

"Do you mean how to best prepare their meat? I can do that. What? We're getting desperate. Anyway. We don't need any supplies. I can make goodberries and Lazuli can make water. We'll be fine. But we need to restrain the possible traitors. What can we use for a jail?"



Main Hand: bow
Off Hand: none

Lou's Action: investigate
Move: none
Manipulate: none
Bonus Action: hide
Opal's Action: hangs out
Move: none
Manipulate: none
Bonus Action: none
Reaction: none

Gnarley's Knack: You have Advantage on the next roll you make regarding ship repairs or ship weaponry.



1d20+2 16
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Yahs Anirys Plasmoid Monk (Way of Mercy) 3 CG

AC: 16 | HP: 14/23 | HD: 3/3 | PP: 13 | Inspiration: Yes | Speed: 40 ft | GP: 60
Str 11 (0) Dex 16 (3) Con 12 (1) Wis 16 (3) Int 11 (0) Cha 9 (-1)
Attacks: Spear (P)1d20+5;1d6+3 | Unarmed(B) 1d20+5;1d4+3 | Sling(B)1d20+5;1d4+3 | Quarterstaff-Mop(B) 1d20+5;1d6+3
Magic: Sacred Flame (DEX vs DC13; 1d8) | Shield of Faith(Bonus; +2AC) | Ki Pool: 2/3

An initial sense of relief washes through Yahs as she realizes all three of the crew members appear to be telling the truth. This quickly turns to a shiver of fear as she realizes that means someone else is the saboteur. Someone who likely summoned the creatures from afar or through some trap triggered by Ryebeck or one of the others. She tries to remember who else among their crew had such arcane knowledge. Unfortunately, her thoughts are interrupted when Lou speaks of 'preparing' Ryebeck's body for something suspiciously like adding it to the evening stew. She made a mental note to herself to stick strictly to the vegetarian options for the next several days.

With her knowledge of the internal tunnels and tubes, Yahs volunteers to search the rest of the ship and quarters on the sly after she has a chance to recuperate.

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Lazuli Lazali Lulura, AKA SquishySlimeGirl.jpg.be6391fa65f486754161b2eadaffc135.jpg

AC 17 | HP 24/27 (4 THP) | HD 3/3 | Inspiration Yes | P.Perception 15

Saves: Str -1 | Dex +3 | Con +1 | Int +2 | Wis +5 | Cha +0

Resistances: Acid and Poison

Lazuli shrugs, unhelpfully. "Yeah, I don't know. Any saboteurs would have to be pretty stupid, to attack their own supplies, in beholder territory, on board a beholder ship. So, I guess I don't have anything to add to an investigation."



Nothing here.


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Yahs panty-raids her fellow cadets while no one is looking, snooping around where no snoop should ever go. A few items of interest are turned up, but whether or how they tie in to the lethal blast that took Ryeback's life is unclear.

Popsicle - Dynamite stick intact. A set of leatherworking tools which look creepily similar to Yahs' leatherworking tools. In fact, they are Yahs' leatherworking tools. He is also self-penning some kind of graphic novel, where the plot mostly revolves around consuming large quantities of krill in ironic circumstances.

Veena - She keeps a set of elven-style nunchaku under her pillow. Yahs reads her diary, which is easily lockpicked even without tools. There are a few light-hearted anecdotes about Ryeback that indicate nothing but love. The rest is rather inane drivel such as "...today I learned how enjoyable it is to paint paintings of my own face. I wonder if other people like to make these 'selfing's too? Maybe I can start a friend's group at the Academy where we can share selfings. Maybe then Chad will know I exist!"

Miken - Yahs finds a spellbook, but it turns out to be an illusion. Among his other personal documents are letters to his fiancé. A recurrent theme (other than very private and detailed X's and O's) is a promise he will soon have the money to have an extravagant wedding...enough to satisfy his mother-in-law to be. 

Zibbles - Opening the space clown's personal trunk earns the plasmoid a lemon meringue pie to the face. Somewhat concerning is an old journal, seemingly from his time addicted to the fiendish drug Thrill Joy. Only a few pages are read before the puns, vindictive and hateful sketchings of people slipping on banana peels, endless 'ha's written in blood, and raw visceral horrors become too much to bear.

Krik'lit - Spartan quarters including an unrecognizable tribal shrine and a few well-cared-for traditional thri-keen weapons. One document among his personal stationery are some floorplan blueprints he seems to be developing, like a fortress or small home. 

Ryeback - You find his cookbook with secret recipes written in giff. You also find an entire box full of miscellaneous gun parts, among them a halfway assembled, wigged out, zombie monster, pocket cannon. It looks like the Petty Officer was tinkering with the absurd (...or rather typical for giff) one-handed cannon in his spare time.


A day later, Celsior hears a strange toot from his pocket: Tarto's reply coming through the sending stone. The succinct command cast to the crew is to wait for backup, the Flighty Foundling isn't far off and can reach you in a few days. They wish to come aboard.

OOC: This is essentially the end of the module. Anything you guys would like to do while waiting for the Fleet? Or ignoring the Fleet and doing your own thing is always an option as well. Level up to 4 if you haven't seen the note in discussion.

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