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Character Creation Guidelines

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Application Overview:

1. Create a thread in this forum

2. Provide me with the following details:-

a. Character Name, Origin and Class. The Origin and Class must be taken from the Ruins of Symbaroum Players Guide

b. Provide a background. Either create your own or use the backgrounds presented in the Ruins of Symbaroum Players Guide for your chosen Origin.

c. Provide Bond, Ideal, Flaw and 2 x Personality Traits. Either create your own or use the options presented in the Ruins of Symbaroum Players Guide.

d. Description. Please provide a picture and 1-2 paragraphs accompanying the description

e. High Level Character Concept. Give me a couple of paragraphs detailing just a rough overview of your character concept. Who are they? What are their ambitions / fears etc. Why would they accept a contract to go into the dangerous Davokar forest? Perhaps they desire to become an explorer or perhaps there is another reason as to why they would want to put themselves in harm's way like this.

3. Character Sheets:- The site's sheet is fine. If you want to use your own sheet template and formatting that is also fine. I don't necessarily need a character sheet prior to acceptance but if you want to do one it is up to you.

4. Create a second post in your application. I'd like to know a bit about you as a player. I'd like for you to answer the following questions:-

a. What attracted you to this game? Is there anything you would like to get out of this game or anything you are looking for specifically?

b. What would an ideal PbP game look like to you?

c. What sorts of things turn you off from a PbP game? Is there anything in terms of content or story that is a hard no from you? If you like you can secret this answer to me.

d. What is your ideal posting rate?

5. Finally, create a third post in your application. This will have your posting template and stat block attached inside of it.


Character Creation specifics

1) Acceptable Sources: Ruins of Symbaroum Players Guide only. Yes, I am aware that this will likely deter a good number of applications, but the class and origin changes for the Symbaroum setting are far too vast and wide for me to even contemplate transcribing or even summarising here. You can find more details on the Ruins of Symbaroum here

2) Starting Level: Level 1

3) Ability Point Generation: Point Buy

4) Hit Point Generation: Max 1st Level

5) Starting Equipment: As per Ruins of Symbaroum Players Guide

Please note that for this game all equipment, currency, feats etc. will be drawn solely from the Ruins of Symbaroum Player's Guide.

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