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The following origin races are available for selection:-

Abducted Humans

Stolen away from their natural parents at birth by elves and replaced by changelings, abducted humans are generally raised to be ambassadors between the elven race and the humans, unless their abductions are due to more nefarious purposes. Many, if not all, abducted humans in human society are there because they have run away from their elven homes.


When elves steal human children away from their parents, they are invariably replaced by changelings in their stead. A changeling looks human during their childhood but starts to develop more elf-like features in their adolescent years, though without ever becoming an elf in the true sense of the word.


Short and wiry folk who have no interest in the history of their kind. They are a people on the move, fleeing a dark past that has given them a sense of community, but without peace or meaning.


An offshoot of a greater people, part of a holy guardian order. An elf's long life is interrupted by periods of dormancy wherein the elf grows into the next stage of their life-cycle. Most elves encountered are in their summer cycle, the second phase of their life. The majority of elves are born into the Iron Pact - tasked with preventing the evil that slumbers beneath Davokar's roots and moss from awakening and spreading across the world.


One of the more mysterious races, little is known about the origin of the goblins, but their presence in the southern outskirts of Davokar is obvious. Tribes leaving the darkness of Davokar behind have settled quite close to Thistle Hold, trying to integrate themselves with the human community.


The people of Ambria and Davokar ultimately hail from the same tribe. Whereas the Ambrians have fled the destruction of their homeland, Alberetor, in the war against the Dark Lords the Davokarian barbarians guard the perimeter of the forest as part of their respective individual tribes.


Ogres are solitary and odd creatures that come wandering out of the depths of Davokar. Fully grown, yet devoid of memories and with no sense of identity, it is often down to the humans or goblins who eventually take them in to teach them the ways of the world.


The word troll is synonymous with bloody death, yet rumours hold that in the courts of troll kingdoms, songs and ballads are sung by the mighty Troll-Singers, and although it is maintained that trolls are dangerous, there is a civility to them that belies their fearsome reputations.


Undead, as in thoroughly corrupted creatures thirsting for the life-blood of the living are nothing new, however reports persist of a new type of undead who have appeared in Ambria. People who die, rise again, and although they show clear indication of being dead -- they are cold, they do not bleed or eat or sleep -- their minds remain intact even as they very slowly decay towards their final death.


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