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Creating a character for The Walking Dead Universe RPG is a fairly simple and straight-forward process that allows for a lot of personalization. You build your PC based on decisions about their background and personality. These become the foundation of your PC. As the story progresses, you will find out more about yourself and your relationships to the other PCs.


Character Creation Steps
  1. Choose an Archetype - The available Archetypes are listed in Game Mechanics. If you don't see one you like, or would like to modify an existing Archetype for your own concept, then you have the option to do so.
  2. Create a Name - Make up a name for your PC, preferably a name which is easily remembered and that somehow stands out.
  3. Choose an Issue - Everyone who is alive in the world of the dead has an Issue – something that is problematic or challenging about their person. An Issue could be almost anything. Each archetype has suggestions on Issues. Choose one of them, or come up with something on your own.
  4. Choose your Drive - Your Drive is the thing that makes you grit your teeth and push through the fear and pain. Your Drive could be that you are looking for your daughter, or that you are afraid of dying. It is whatever keeps you going. Choose one from your Archetype or come up with something on your own.
  5. Distribute 13 points amongst your Attributes.
  6. Distribute 12 points amongst your Skills.
  7. Choose a Talent - Talents are tricks, traits, and abilities that can benefit you in various situations. They affect your dice rolls, or they let you do things you would not otherwise be able to do. Each archetype lists several talents closely associated with that particular archetype. The initial talent selected should be one of these, but subsequent talents may be selected from all available talents. The talents and their details are listed in Game Mechanics.
  8. Choose your Gear
  9. Create your Detailed Backstory - Go to your heart's content on the neat details that comprise your character. Try to incorporate some neat hooks I can play with and some sense of what your character has been up to for the last month and a half post collapse.

The following steps we will work together on once the players are selected

  • Define relationships to the other PCs.
  • Creating NPC's and Choosing Anchors.
  • Describe your starting haven.
No Archetype?

If you already have a clear idea of what your PC should be like, you can create it freely without using an archetype. In this case, you need to choose your key attribute, key skills, starting talent, and gear with the GM’s approval. You will also need to come up with your own Issue, Drive, and Relationships.


There are four attributes. You get to distribute 13 points between your attributes.

The minimum value of an Attribute is 2 and the maximum is 4, except for the key attribute of your chosen archetype, which has a maximum value of 5.


Each attribute has 3 skills associated with it.

Each skill has a level between 0 and 5. You get to distribute 12 points between your skills. At the start of the game, you cannot have more than 2 in any skill, except for the main skill of your chosen archetype, which you may spend 3 points on.

Close Combat Mobility Scout Leadership
Endure Ranged Combat Survival Manipulation
Force Stealth Tech Medicine

Roll three times on the Gear table for your archetype; reroll if you get the same result again, until you have three different items. You also gain one scavenged item decided with a 3D6.

Your ability to carry things is measured in encumbrance slots equal to your Strength plus two. 


Experience Points represent a measure of your character's progression, growth, and development throughout the course of the game. They can be used to buy new talents, skill points (to a maximum of 5), or attribute points (to a maximum of 4, except your key attribute). You may save your XP for later or use them immediately, but you can only buy skill points and talents during a time break or in your haven, not during a scene or scavenging run.

If your character dies, then you will start over with a new PC - either from your pool of NPC's or as a new survivor looking to join the group. If you create a new PC, then you will start the character creation process again, except you receive half of your previous PC's XP and one talent. They will get introduced in the campaign when dramatically appropriate.

If you choose to take over an NPC Survivor, you get some bonuses when you convert them to a PC. You begin by distributing skill points as you normally do when creating a new PC. Then you get to add one skill point in each skill the NPC was trained in, and two skill points in each skill they were expert in. As a result of this, you may exceed the starting limitations for skill points for new PCs. Master NPC's cannot be made into PC's.

10XP Skill
15XP Talent
25XP Attribute



Archetype:   PC Anchor:  
Drive:   NPC Anchor:  

Strength Agility Wits Empathy
0 0 0 0

Close Combat 0 Mobility 0 Scout 0 Medicine 0
Endure 0 Ranged Combat 0 Survival 0 Manipulation 0
Force 0 Stealth 0 Tech 0 Leadership 0

  3. Unharmed
  2. Bruised [ ]
  1. Battered [ ]
  0. Broken [ ]
  Critical Injuries

Stress Experience Encumbrance

Weapons Bonus Damage Rounds Range

Armour Protection Penalty


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Stored Items Location

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For easier copying, clone this post then remove everything that's not the Character Sheet, download the TemplateCode and put into your post source, or use your own template!



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