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Reign of Winter

Lamzi, Goblin Kineticist


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spacer.pngLamzi, Goblin Kineticist

Chaotic Neutral

HP 12 / 12 Speed 30ft Init 5 AC 18 Fort 5 Ref 7 Will 1

Kinetic Blast +6 (1d6+4, x2)

Str 8 (-1) Dex 20 (5) Con 16 (3) Wis 12 (1) Int 10 (0) 6 (-2)



Lamzi is a scrawny, nimble goblin, fidgeting and scurrying about like he owes you money.  His clothes are better maintained than most of his kin, although they are distinctly out of fashion and ill-fitting.  He sports several tattoos half-hidden beneath said clothing, but they seem to be largely abstract patterns.


Lamzi plays up his natural anxiety and adds a dose of cowardice to try and avoid drawing attention to himself, and to lead others to underestimate him if he can't lay low.  He's not unsympathetic to the suffering of others, but he isn't inclined to take unnecessary risks. 


Lamzi doesn't talk much about his past.  Born and raised amid the endless tribes living in the Caves of the Craven, he has little memory of his childhood.  He's been told that he was one of the few survivors of a drow attack, where many children were taken captive and experimented on.  He has no memory of his escape, but he's spent the better part of eight years coming to grips with his trauma. 

Lamzi believes his magic is partially derived from whatever the drow did to him, and although he's generally a bit craven, he goes out of his way to help out others against evil mages, sorcerers, and similar villains.  Rumors of an unnatural snowstorm in Taldor have drawn him to investigate amid concerns that some evil witchcraft is afoot.


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Starting Wealth
1d6*10 5
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