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Old-School Essentials Purist Character Sheet Template [WIP]

Diaz Ex Machina

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Greetings everyone.

Here's a little template I made for my solo campaign, and I thought it could be useful for other OSE players too.

This is the Descending Armour Class + Item Encumbrance version.

PC   Character name spacer.png
Class   AL   Alignment: Law, Neutrality, Chaos
Title   Level   Experience level
Ability Scores Saving Throws  
STR   Melee att./damage, Open doors D   Death, poison
INT   Languages, Literacy W   Magic wands
WIS   Saves vs magic P   Paralysis, petrification
DEX   Missile attacks, AC, Initiative B   Breath attacks
CON   Hit points S   Spells, magic rods, magic staves
CHA   Reactions, #Retainers, Loyalty ±   WIS save modifier to saves va magic
Ability check: Roll under or equal on 1d20 Saving throw: Roll over or equal on 1d20 Character portrait, symbol, description
Combat Encounters


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