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Interest Check: Pathfinder Spheres Game


Which game would you rather play?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following 4 ideas appeals most to you?

    • Skies of Tarrant
    • Blackpowder Fantasy

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Regrettably, my in-person group has disbanded recently, and I'm looking to get back into things by starting a Pathfinder Spheres game. I've got two ideas for a game, detailed below. In either case, I'd be looking for 3-5 players with a posting rate of every other day, and characters would be level 5.

1: Skies of Tarrant- A game set in a world where a magical catastrophe has left humans without magic, settled on mountainous floating islands - called skylands - while the world below has descended into darkness and terror. The setting is humans only, and we will use Spheres of Might/Guile primarily, with SoP alchemy as the only casting option. No firearms. Players will take on the role of one of five crewmembers of a skyship and will work with me within a provided framework to flesh out the setting.

2: Blackpowder Fantasy- I'd either convert an Adventure Path (or published hexcrawl) to be a bit more firearm-centric, or run a pointcrawl through various modules/one-page dungeons as your crew of magic and martial gunslingers (guns everywhere, not necessarily the class) seeks glory, profit, or death! Most Paizo races, any spheres class or archetype, guns everywhere.

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23 hours ago, OzzyKP said:

I voted for Skies of Tarrant. I'm really interested in exploring Spheres of Guile. I can't commit to a post every other day, but I'm interested nonetheless.

What's a posting rate that works for you? I could potentially run both once I got the faster-paced game going.

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