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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Yeah I'm stepping back for a bit while I plot some stuff. This was a good crash course into Remaster PF2e, so it worked out. I may run my own PFS chapter, but I would also like to revisit Miloslava. Maybe if someone ends up running Gatewalkers or something? We'll see. It was a pleasure, one and all.
  3. OK. It does show up there. I think I'm good. Plus I'm playing him with Dax again next so they can let me know if I did anything wrong.
  4. That's your "My Profile" page. What does your "My Organized Play" page look like? The Summar page should have a "Your Organized Play ID is...." at the top, and a list of characters below by #####-200#, and "Show Sessions" under each character that will expand to show this game reported.
  5. Oh, also, this particular scenario gives a Wayfinder because of the whole "confirmation" thing. But every character gets a free Wayfinder after completing their second scenario. I think the idea is that they've been confirmed as a full Pathfinder Agent after their second scenario. If you go to the boons tab in My Account/Organized Play, you can open lists of the available boons. Partway down, click "Rewards Puchaseable with Chronicle Boons" and the list will open. A little way down you can find "PFS (2ed) Intro #1: The Second Confirmation" and purchase the Second Wayfinder Boon for 0 achievement points. The free wayfinder for a character that has done 2 scenarios is toward the bottom of "Rewards purchaseable with Game Rewards". If one of your characters gets to 20 Reputation with a faction, they'll be "Liked" by that faction. When they get to 60, they'll be "Admired". This will also unlock boons.
  6. A chronicle sheet will have a little summary of the story. Helpful if (when) you run into Rain again to remember if this particular character knows them. :D It will also list things you unlocked... character options, boons, usually stuff you can buy. PFS characters are only allowed to buy common items your level or lower, unless it's on a Chronicle Sheet you've earned. You can buy items up to two levels higher than the character's current level if they are on the Chronicle sheet. Sometimes there's also a discounted price listed. The in-game idea is that everything we find we turn over to the Pathfinder Society at the end of the scenario. The society then pays us. 10 Treasure bundles for a 1st level character is 14GP earned for the scenario. Here's a link to the guide: The stuff at the top is mostly for gms on how to calculate challenge points and stuff, but if you scroll down you'll see examples of Chronicle Sheets and how TBs translate into Gold earned.
  7. I am losing my mind. I've resent the email with your chronicles and have actually included the chronicles this time.
  8. It's the Absalom Initiation run on Cayden's Keg. It is marked as having no open seats. The one I'm in that looks like it has an open seat is Lions of Katapesh. Although, technically, I'm not in that one yet. It's GM's choice, and the GM hasn't confirmed players yet. But so far there are 4 signups and the posting is looking for 5 players.
  9. Thanks! Serghei is already signed up for another session, and I think I’ve reached my limit of simultaneous games. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future Myth Weavers PFS chapter games, though!
  10. If anyone is interested in continuing with this group, I'm going to play Avik in Dax's Outpost VII game . , , ,
  11. What is a chronicle sheet? How much gold do we get total? 1.4 GP or 1.4 GP per section? I feel like I'm still missing something.
  12. The Wayfinder is specifically a boon that you get to keep. All other items that you found in the scenario are not kept. You may use your gold to purchase items, though, including the items on your chronicle sheet. Often, this allows you to purchase items sooner than the rules would allow. You still need to have the gold to purchase the items.
  13. I'm assuming characters keep what they find within the game? Like you gave us all wayfinders and someone had that stone for the shield cantrip. Or does that get converted to a bundle or such?
  14. Maybe that's the problem. It's not showing up in my Paizo account. The character number looks right. Maybe I just need to give it some time.
  15. Bundles are treasure bundles and they are shown in the gold that you received on your chronicle. You have gold to spend. Reputation is how famous you are within the Pathfinder Society. It is sometimes used to determine what boons you are able to purchase. Challenge points are used to determine how tough your opponents will be. They are figured by putting the level of each PC into a formula and tabulated thereafter. Used by DMs. If you go to Paizo.com -> My Organized Play * Summmary: you'll see a summary of your characters, the games they are credited for, and the reputation they have for each factions. * Sessions: you'll have a brief breakdown of the games you have credit for, which character received the credit, which faction was slotted as your primary one for that session, the gm that ran that session, and the number of achievement points you received for that session. * GM/Event Coordinator is for when you run games. This shows you the unreported and/or still active events you are a gm for, the number of tables of credit you have, how many achievement points you have, and how many replays you have (used for non-repeatable scenarios) * Boons: how many achievement points you have, this is where you spend your achievement points for boons, though some boons are gained by playing specific scenarios. Note that it is possible for multiple characters to have the same boon
  16. I think I need a little help. What are we supposed to do next with our characters? What are bundles, reputation and challenge points, and should I record those on my Paizo account for Avik?
  17. Thanks, for running the game! And nice to meet the rest of you and adventure along side you, , , , and !
  18. Use the link to go to RPG Chronicles. I'm using that to report the game to give your character credit. You'll need to make an account (free). Input your information and that of your character (not the entire character, just what's needed for reporting). Once everyone has done that, I send your chronicles and report the game. Your character has 4 xp toward the 12 xp needed to level, some gold to spend, and a story to tell. Do you have discord? server? I can talk you through it fairly quickly. I'm home for maybe the next hour. Then again maybe 4 hours after that. (I'm Dax Thura on discord too)
  19. This is my first PFS game. Could someone help me figure out what I'm supposed to do with the character now?
  20. With that, we come to the end of this scenario. In looking at the treasure bundles, I realize that I forgot to 'walk you through' one section, but I'll assume that you successfully completed that too. Therefore you get full reputation and full treasure bundles. I'd like to use for this (my first time) so please input your information. Thank you and thanks for playing.
  21. As Serghei approaches the pillar to dismantle it, he notices an odd fluctuation in the chamber. He doesn't know what it is, but he dodges rather clumsily anyway. Then he sees another and another. With each step forward, Serghei jerks his body to keep from being hit or perhaps seen by these fluctuations. He makes it to the pillar and deftly plucks out some of the stones to mar the glowing rune causing its glow to fade. Rain and Miloslava both say that the script is s series of pleas to ancient Azlanti deities like Acavna, Lissala, and Zura. This is undeniable proof of an ancient Azlanti settlement that survived the fall of old Azlant and made it to the shores of Taldor. This makes Rain jubilant. "We have to let Chief Thakik and the lizardfolk know about this. They're safe now, right? Then we need to return to the Grand Lodge to report in. This is A-MAZING!" When you return to Cassomir, Janira Gavix is at the Three-Legged Frog waiting for them. Janira is the Head Initiate of the Pathfinder Society, responsible for helping initiates survive and thrive during their years of training. She headed to Cassomir shortly after hearing about what happened to Rain in Cloudy Day from the masters at the Grand Lodge. She enthusiastically greets you and hears your tale before explaining that she’s already arranged for transportation back to the Grand Lodge. The vessel is already chartered and is ready to leave as soon as you are, as Kreighton Shaine promised. Following your journey back to Absalom, you quickly find yourselves (along with Rain in Cloudy Day) in front of the three masters in the same meeting room where your mission began. “Well done!” exclaims Kreighton Shaine as he finishes reviewing the various chronicles assembled about the recent adventure in Taldor. “This is truly a marvelous find, and one that could well shape the lives of many Pathfinders in the future. Well done indeed!” Sorrina Westyr gives a brief nod of her head, her circlet of floating aeon stones dipping in unison. “Though there were some stumbles early on, it appears that everything has worked out in the end. Not only did Rain complete his Confirmation, but each of you also assisted in ensuring his safety and completing the mission. One of the Society’s three main tenets is to cooperate, and I can think of no better example than the results of this mission.” Marcos Farabellus slaps a meaty arm onto Rain in Cloudy Day’s cap, producing a distinct squelching sound from the leshy’s head. “Absolutely! Now, we just need to keep this little fungal boy from getting too excited now that he’s a Pathfinder!” Both Kreighton and Sorrina immediately turn to their peer with stern expressions. Marcos chuckles and hunches slightly before continuing sheepishly, “Oh, yeah. I guess I kind of blurted it out... but congratulations, you’re all now recognized as Pathfinder field agents. Congratulations!” Kreighton Shaine presents each of you with a wayfinder for your accomplishments in the field and in recognition of your new rank within the Society. Each of the masters goes on to personally thank each of the you. Rain in Cloudy Day, overcome with excitement and pride, offers squishy hugs to all of you while providing ecstatic thanks. Janira, who has been quietly looking on with pride, laughs joyfully at Rain’s exuberance and joins in to offer handshakes and hugs. Before you depart, Sorrina Westyr casually mentions that your actions have led to the establishment of a new Pathfinder Society base camp near the newly discovered ruins of Nacar-Azen. She follows this up by explaining that the leaders of the Society’s numerous factions are interested in meeting with the you, and you have a variety of interesting missions they need the your help with. Mentions
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