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Closed Game

This is a closed game, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Game

A lonely tower, emerging from the face of a cliff, known to be the home of the local wild magic sorceress Vorcana, looks over an enchanted forest with fae and beasts populating it. Vorcana hasn’t been seen in the nearby village in quite a while and in the heart of the forest something dark lurks and is creating blights though its corruption is still limited. The locals are starting to fear for the worst. Due to the uncontrollable nature of her magic and these new threats, the townspeople are understandably afraid to investigate, can your courageous group of adventurers find find out what happened?

Game System

Pathfinder 1e

Detailed Description

Player Count: Four to Six
Style of Play: Adventure, with exploration and combat, not many puzzles

Character Creation: Make a character thread, complete with a character sheet!
Backstory: Long enough to cover the important bits, short enough to keep me interested.
Experience: 5th-level
Wealth: Standard WBL (no crafting allowed)
Ability Scores: Roll seven 4d6s, drop lowest or 20-point buy.
Hitpoints/Health: Max at 1st-level, and a choice to roll or take half at subsequent levels (no backsies)
Other Notes: 

  • I'm taking a one-page adventure from Tyler Monahan's 'One-Page Adventures' and combining it with yet another one-page adventure. Simple, easy, fun! Players will face a series of skill challenges and events on their way to the adventure's site(s), whose failure and successes will affect the final confrontations! The adventures are, admittedly, linear but can be solved in multiple ways (stealth, social or strength-of-arms!).
  • Mapping is done on roll20 and roleplay/dice rolls will be done on Myth-Weavers.
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